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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Interesting looking design with inevitable features that can look like being borrowed from others .. I am surprised by all the negativity. JBoats charges more for a branded product that holds value longer than many others .. No different than any other "branded product" one would purchase. If one does like that, go buy a used no-name or discarded one-off, update same, or go custom. If you do not believe this post, take a look at Swan, Oyster, SC52, X-Boats, etc. Race records do prove that JBoats have dominated more PHRF events with placed finishes more than any other design in category. Yes I am a past JBoats owner. To me IRC is no different than CCA, MHS, IOR, IMS, et al. They have all come and gone. PHRF dominates the non-one-design categories of our sport. Concerning the remark that clearly was aimed at safety, no question that builder TPI was very negilgent in its engineering work on certain JBoats. History reveals they're engineering stank out the house on early J120s, some J105s, and even some J80s. Go sue them if you like. If you got the dough and feel like tilting at windmills, go ahead. It starts at $10,000 entry fee, climbs dramatically from there, and incurs notable angst. Concerning the J111 coach roof, it offers headroom. If you strictly race, you may not want a JBoat which is an asset conceived to enable couple & family getaways plus "2nd home financing credit." If you do not like headroom, forget X-Boats, SCs, Swans, et al. If you don't like compromise boats, update some other chosen racer which will give you a first-hand discovery experience you won't get your dough back -- or go one-off custom -- for which again you lose $$$$. Vintage boats are bought and sold used within their vintage. Buyers do not give you credit for the updates or "extra gear." Sorry. Concerning recessed helm wheels, seats' length, et al. -- its a matter again of design choices that suit cost-effective manufacture engineering as well as customer preferences in trading off costs. Recessing a helm wheel incurs more cost. Recessing a furling drum incurs more cost. Etc. If you want it, I bet JBopatswill let you have it -- with an extra optional charge. If you have done a custom boat, one learns these trade-offs. The number$ climb very fast.