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  1. Something different for CA

    The day the Japanese attacked McCord AFB. A pretty well kept secret...
  2. One of ours. Bought used and since sold. I think he would like to have more of an "island trader" style boat if he bought another large yacht.
  3. Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend

    My family built the Western Flyer.
  4. South Puget Sound Cruising

    Regarding the Murray Morgan bridge, the bridge deck is higher on the downtown side of the span as it slopes downhill to the tide flats. It probably wouldn't have made enough of a distance in your case though. If you are a YC member and have reciprocal rights with Tacoma Yacht Club you might want to try a night there next time. It has a good restaurant and is within easy walking distance to the Point Ruston development which has several good restaurants and a movie theater. Also you can walk to Point Defiance Park when the pedestrian bridge is finished.
  5. South Puget Sound Cruising

    I am a Geoduck. It was our college mascot. Well, you had to be there...
  6. South Puget Sound Cruising

    Penrose Point is nice. Mooring buoys on the east side and buoys and floats on the west side. Mayo Cove can get pretty shallow so stay in the middle coming in. Lakebay Marina has floats as well. There are hiking trails on Penrose Point. I also like Jarrell Cove on Harstene Island. Nice little cove with floats and a few mooring buoys. When you are in Tacoma walk down the esplanade to The Fish Peddler for great seafood. Other places to try are The Harmon just across the Bridge of Glass up on Pacific Ave and Indochine for Thai food in the same row of buildings. If you want to go a little farther afield there is a bus painted up to look like a trolley which follows the Commencement Bay shoreline from downtown out to Pt. Defiance Park. There are many restaurants along the way.
  7. My newest project

    Very little is standard on a Delta.
  8. My newest project

    I'm going to guess that people around the world no longer dress in suits to go to sporting events, movies, or to travel. That being said, when my wife won two coach tickets to London via British Air at a charity auction we were told to be dressed smartly when we arrived to check in. When we did check in we were told there must be a mistake and we should not be in coach but in business class, wink wink, so we were upgraded. Nice start to a nice vacation.
  9. My newest project

    If you are going to dress up on your yacht at least have the right accessories.
  10. My newest project

    Merriam-Webster: : any of various recreational watercraft: such as a :a sailboat used for racing b :a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising. Dictionary.com: noun 1. a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercialpurposes. Cambridge: B2 a boat with sails and sometimes an engine, used for either racing or travelling on for pleasure: a luxury yacht a yacht club Wikipedia: A yacht /ˈjɒt/ is a recreational boat or ship. The term originates from the Dutch word jacht "hunt", and was originally defined as a light fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the Low Countries. After its selection by Charles II of England as the vessel to carry him to England from the Netherlands for his restoration in 1660 it came to be used to mean a vessel used to convey important persons. In modern use of the term, yachts differ from working ships mainly by their leisure purpose. There are two different classes of yachts: sailing and power boats. With the rise of the steamboat and other types of powerboat, sailing vessels in general came to be perceived as luxury, or recreational vessels. Later the term came to encompass large motor boats for primarily private pleasure purposes as well.
  11. Origami Boat Thread

    No two ways about it, Steve's metal work is professional, he has a good eye and is quite innovative.
  12. Origami Boat Thread

    What BS did was despicable. Glad that sorry little man is gone.
  13. Solar Eclipse Plans

    My son lives in Lincoln City Oregon not far from the center of the eclipse track. He says that traffic will be an unholy mess on 101 for the days up to, during and after the eclipse. He expects gridlock. A friend has booked an early flight to Bend Oregon for that day and will just make it in time for the event then will stay overnight and fly back the next day. Smart. If you are using welding goggles or helmets make sure the filter is a No. 14. A No.12 is marginal. If you use the paper glasses make damn sure they are certified. Info on solar glasses: http://money.cnn.com/2017/08/05/news/solar-eclipse-glasses/index.html
  14. Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend

    Absolutely fantastic idea. It's well worth supporting in my opinion.
  15. yacht design for bloody amateurs

    Tom, that is truly amazing work for using Paint. From what I see I think it might be time for you to step up to a dedicated program as others have said. I use Rhino with Orca3D at work but that may be cost prohibitive. Prosurf would be a good choice as Fast has said. There is a lot of bang for the buck there. If your budget won't allow that you might want to look into Delftship. They have a free version. I have never used the program but I have seen some nice looking designs developed with it. Keep up the cool work!