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    caption contest

    Gotta love the new Jerry BrownDown brand antifouling paint
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    J70, cheating and pros

    More elements of the situation: The Class is builder controlled, as opposed to measurement controlled. The Class and J Boats (as in 99% of J Boats classes) do not provide templates or measurement data. There is not true measurement. It is compliance inspection. Building/construction "standards" are a moving target. J/70 is +/- $55,000 boat, with a standardization across two primary builders that is pretty tight. A tighter standard across the builders, and within one of the builders, can be had. The casual reference to "build them better and more consistent" comes with a price. It is a relatively simple project to reduce tolerance and increase standardization. The price goes up with that change. A $100k J/70 would be easy to produce, but how many would be sold? A balance has to be achieved. No Class has ever seen the meteoric growth of the J/70. The Class management, J Boats, ISAF and the builders struggled to keep up at first, but are making substantial progress. It really is not that bad, is it? 1400+ boats and four World Championships in 5 years, with 170 today in Italy. Not a total mess....
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    J70, cheating and pros

    Greenwald was banned from the Class for 18 months, not a voluntary withdraw. The carbon rudder was not used/measured at the 2014 Worlds. The subsequent keel mods at Key West 2015 is what got him suspended from the Class.