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  1. Turn signals would be the last of your worries here in Vancouver where they don't even lift off for stop signs.
  2. Wow.... So, cut the cockpit coamings off, traveler same place? Why the dorade thingy?
  3. So I sent that clip above to my brother who responded.... lol.....
  4. So it could float? Talk about an ostentatious fuel guzzling step in the wrong direction for the times. Nice lines though.
  5. There's none in Wyoming?
  6. In that case maybe just get the Deckvest 5D | Offshore for $ ?
  7. This thread is worthless w/o pics....
  8. Anyone know offhand if these are CCG approved I don't to be in contravention of the racing rules for SS's type events.
  9. 3% of general population, so yeah, at least.
  10. http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/346000-poll-about-half-of-republicans-would-back-postponing-2020-election-if-trump Breaking....... http://www.thedailybeast.com/nasa-denies-that-its-running-a-child-slave-colony-on-mars
  11. 'merica', man.
  12. True enough but dummies can't differentiate between what is "well vetted" or not, thus, still stupid.