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  1. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence abstinence.. Fixed it...
  2. Tom Ray's bit of plywood was the only interesting post on this thread for weeks - glad to see it's still thriving. Tom's infamous and original "old bit of plywood" post made me realise FH was likely to survive far longer than my interest in this thread
  3. What a sad fuck that woody is
  4. Coolboats to admire

    One has hull ports and lettering, one has a headstay back from the stem...... not the same boat. Easy to get confused judging from photos at different angles; but I'd trust the vendors to know what boat they're selling! Here's a photo giving an idea of the beautifully inlaid transom 'fart' (two boats 'passing wind')... https://picasaweb.google.com/adamsdonahue/VanKiPass#5100825115863149506
  5. Just love the way the front page cowboys reprinted the photo with it's botched watermark removal, but cropped it so it wasn't so obvious they were breaking copyright.
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I think all those workboats are pretty cool - I think they're exempt from 'ugly' - in fact weirder the alien aesthetic the better for me when it comes to workboats. The only one I'm not liking is the tri in the top-left of your first pic.
  7. Of course - A Shrubber - someone who arranges, designs and sells shrubberies - how could I forget?
  8. Okay, James; I'll bite.. What's a Shrubber?? A small shrubbery with rather loose morals? (Presumably one that looks nice and isn't too expensive)
  9. If you liked that picture take a look at page 2 of the thread - Bhyde posted lots of good resolution images of the internal construction - you'll love them!
  10. Meuritt, You should relocate you boat over there for a month or so. Do some on the scene reporting(spying). Having reported HR to the police for personal threats he'd be rather rash to get too close I'd think. Not that I believe there's any threat from the viking and co. but if there was a ruckus - PD might think he was being provocative
  11. One thing that keeps puzzling me is the purpose of the black 'hoardings' running alongside the cabin from aft of the steering. Are they some sort of water heating system (to complement the PV panels above the cabin windows) or just 'decorative'?
  12. Shovel? Don't you mean oar(s)? No pics posted of them using shovels in the dink. Guess they haven't the muscle to get the dink on the roof without HR.
  13. None of the images posted show any additional cable bracing. There is bracing with nice dolphin strikers to hold the bowsprit; but that was there before launch. Only a couple of shots appeared to show distortions following the launch; everything else appears to show FH holding up quite well to the rigours of the open sea marina...