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    what am it?

    knierim mini
  2. garpgarp

    what is it?

    1: fuck ugly?
  3. garpgarp

    Commercial Sail

    what does it rate? sorry...
  4. garpgarp

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    same boat as advertised for sale in the link of see level's post above, at, for that boat, based in solomons island, maryland if you go to the advert you will see that the starboard cockpit instruments are identically, and in my opinion, unusually positioned to those in the coastguard photo the fact that the chartplotter screen seems to be functioning, on the port side of the coachroof, suggests that the batteries were still fine, and perhaps the rack of PV panels over the cockpit could be keeping it running for a while... if it is a solo skipper, could be sleeping, MOB, or medical collapse.... hope it pans out
  5. garpgarp

    Larry's AC50 Circus
  6. garpgarp

    what is it?

    look at the plan views, the helm positions up front are outside of the sunroof, you just look up, forwards + backwards, at both sails, from either leeward or windward positions
  7. garpgarp

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    "live" is live, onboard footage now
  8. garpgarp

    Clipper Does a Vestas
  9. garpgarp

    Clipper Does a Vestas

    a big moon was up, pretty clear, almost no swell, 1 hour before high tide, off the cape point nature reserve, so no land lights until cape point itself weird... autopilot glitch? cocked up the gybe out?
  10. garpgarp

    VOR 2017-18

    for some reason adblockers don't like the way the VOR page is set up, if you want the benefits of an ad-blocker you just have to put up with the occasional inconvenience on firefox, with uBlock Origin, the VOR tracker map is blocked, whichever version of the map you are logged into. minimal map only : map + standings only : normal map, standings + links : my solution is, when you get the blank map page, to click on the uBlock Origin tool bar button, and then CTRL-CLICK the on-off button in the menu, which disables the blocker for that page only. refresh the page + it should load
  11. garpgarp

    Race Replays

    thanks, rudder! initially the torrent client couldn't find any peers as described by some above, but when i added the following to the list of trackers it took off! udp:// udp:// i'll keep seeding