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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    kudos strings - smart call
  2. gregj1

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "In need of some cosmetic maintenance." This guy has a gift for understatement. One of the interior pics looks like it has a periscope?!?
  3. gregj1

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "Why did Lucas stop making TV sets?" "Because it was too hard to fix the oil leaks" FB- Doug their motto "Lucas Electrics … Home by Dark"
  4. gregj1

    First Alpha 42 Abandoned on Maiden Voyage

    I think you will find most cat cruisers leave it on the davits on passages. The cats are so wide that the dinghy fits right in there nice and neat between the hulls and part of it is forward of the actual aft end. Some of the dinghy overhangs but not all. It's different on monos because it hangs totally off the rear and because many monos already have a rear overhang then it becomes an issue. They did take the motor off the dinghy and mount it on the rail. This is common also. Putting the crew in the dinghy in those winds would just send them drifting rapidly across the waves. That cat has keels so it is not drifting so fast. Once you get in the water then you are hardly drifting at all. thanks for the info Crab. Always happy to learn - especially since I'm determined my next cruiser will be a cat.
  5. gregj1

    First Alpha 42 Abandoned on Maiden Voyage

    another thing that bugs me about this that I haven't seen mentioned is the inflatable, inflated and on the davits. Of course it didn't have anything to do with what happened it just seems to show a casual attitude about the trip.
  6. If you think this is fake, prove it. Bid $80,000 --after all it's fake, right? Prove it? is this web forum that fucking important to you? do some of you really not have lives outside of the interwebs? far more intricate jokes than this have been pulled off on this site over the years. regardless of whether it is real or fake, some of you are really pathetic. how many of you have spent hundreds of hours following reid, vann, and now this idiot? go take a damn walk with your family or do something productive. jesus... and it's always the cruising idiots. I remember when this used to be a racing website and we had people who actually raced here. now it's just a bunch of internet masturbators who can't figure out how to rig a west wight potter. And exactly what were YOU doing when you posted this?
  7. nice web site, Rod We we out for San Francisco Bay to prove, even in the middle of a recession, anybody can do it. not really supposed to 'we we' in the bay, though
  8. OK that makes sense. Lost causes, sure; what have you got to lose? The thick layer of glass supports my suggestion that they are pretty much using the original hull as a mold and building an entire new hull around it. The salvage attempts I've seen have been a couple layers of cloth over wood and the hacks proudly standing back proclaiming, "That ought-a hold!" Within a couple of years the cloth is peeling away in sheets, revealing rotting wood. Not really comparable to the Vaitses method. BYW, personally, I'd never use the Vaitses method. I looked a a wooden 40' schooner allegedly owned by a member of Crosby Stills & Nash (Not Mayan). It had been cocooned in glass 1" thick. The owner showed be two hull cores and they were about 3" thick. I can't imagine what this damn thing weighed, but I do recall the glass/wood boundary looked very good. Showed be a bunch of pictures of the "restoration" that occurred in Lihue a fair number of years ago. Very methodical and expensive restoration. The boat was in Sitka, Alaska when I looked at it. Probably should have bought the damn thing. Better than steel for sailing the pirate plagued waters of the world. After it gets shot at a couple chunks of splash zone and you are good to go. Pilot house had bullet proof surplus navy destroyer windows too. It was pretty cool. that level of paranoia says 'Stephen Stills' Was it the Southern Cross?
  9. If that is true - why is there still Catholicism?? I cannot stop laughing
  10. great article - yea, multitalented people certified in everything have a tough time getting by in this society. 'scraped together $15,000' - what happened to the $30,000 insurance settlement story? 'no garbage' - everybody who's ever been on a boat knows how easy garbage disposal is wonder what the $40 is for?
  11. how does anything stand up to that kind of punishment? yea, I'm sure the FH could handle that.
  12. This is a good example of HR's expertise. It's a carriage (not coach, lm) bolt. It's meant to be used without a washer on the head end and the square part driven into the wood to keep it from tuning when the nut is tightened. Just the wrong bolt for this application. Hardly the goofiest thing done here. 3/8 CDX - holy shit - you wouldn't use it for a shed roof. thanks a million lm.
  13. no worries there imagine trying to get 'the yacht' to go upwind with that rig
  14. Hot Rod might also consider that even if he gets the horizontal CG corrected and the tongue weight is low enough, the towing bits still have to pull all the weight that sits on the trailer and the trailer itself. They can break in the horizontal plane just like they broke in the vertical plane. It's a little anticlimactic that the trailer is the problem. Was that even one of the failure modes we were betting on?
  15. For the Titanic, using the terminal velocity through the water assuming buoyancy, is ... v = [ (4*g*d*((p-q)/p)) / (3*C) ]^0.5 where v is the terminal velocity, g gravitational accel, d is the spherical (aerodynamic diameter), p is the density of the boat, q is the density of the fluid, C is the drag coefficient. The dimensions of the boat were roughly triangular cross section, of height 53 m, beam 28 m, length 269 m. Using 1/2 b*h*l, that volume is about 200,000 m^3. If the boat were reformed into the shape of a sphere, the radius would be found by setting that volume to 4/3 pi*r^3. So doing that, r = 36 m for the equivalent sphere, diameter = 72 m. The displacement was about 47,455,000 kg. So the density of the dry boat was about 237 kg/m^3. The density of steel is about 7,500 kg/m^3. So, if the boat were solid steel with no air, the volume would have been 47,455,000/7,500 = 6,330 m^3. Using these two densities show that the Titanic was about 3% steel and 97% air. Therefore, once the water filled the ship, with density about q = 1,000 kg/m^3, the density of the water-filled ship was about, p = (0.97 * 1,000) + (0.03 * 7,500) = 1,195 kg/m^3. Using g = 9.8 m/s^2, and C about 0.7, which suggests the keel falling first, and then turbulence up near the stack, plugging everything in, that gives v about 16 meters per second, which is about 35 miles per hour. Woah, I guess it did reach its terminal velocity asymptote then. I love it when the theory seems to match the measurement! Now, lessee what the terminal sinking velocity of HotRod's condo cat would be ... given the published size and my estimate of bridge deck and hulls that's a volume of about 30,000 cubic feet, or about 880 m^3. At a displacement of say 10,000 kg fitted, that gives a dry density of 0.333 11.36 kg/m^3, obviously most of that is air. At 10,000 kg, with the average density of plywood and wood of about 600 kg/m^3, that means if it were a solid chunk of wood it would have a volume of about 16.6 m^3. So about 2% of that boat is wood and about 98% is air. (Interesting how expensive these boats are that are mostly air.) So if heaven forbid the boat filled completely with water, the average density would then be about (0.98*1,000) + (0.02*600) = 992 kg/m^3. Thus the density is just ever so slightly less than water and it would sink to about a few inches of the top of its bridge deck and then it would probably float. This adds the opportunity for a design feature! HotRod can add a gimbaled yoga platform like Reid's boat had but put it right on the top of the bridge deck. Then if the plywood hull pops open from the torsion of the bridge deck struts, everyone can relax on the yoga deck which would stay a few inches above the water, and play pinochle until help eventually arrives. He could build a circular staircase with a little hatch up to the yoga deck. WOW are all of your 17,246 posts this involved? impressive (or BS, would read pretty much the same to me)