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  1. gary

    Team NYYC

    I got to see first hand AM make two runs today in the upper bay, and these videos don't do these boats any justice. Seeing them come ripping through at 30-40kts is absolutely incredible. The noise you hear as they go by is something else. Seeing two of these beasts actually race will be worth the trip to NZL. No doubt these are exciting times.
  2. gary

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    hschutz 1309 7120.1 16d 3h 58m 27s
  3. gary

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Should be an interesting 24hrs for the eastern most group. I'm a few hours on the heels of Mom and his pack. Pressure and angle are filling in.
  4. gary

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I'm looking forward to seeing how today shakes out. I don't see any way for the lead group way to hold on much longer. The train is rolling in..
  5. gary

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Anyone on the list with the coastal crowd?
  6. gary

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    i'm with the group hugging the coast right now and looking for an exit plan to get West
  7. gary

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Can you add hschutz to the list