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  1. MangoMan

    Solo Sailor Found Dead

    PPALU definitely my fave of all the Spronks I have seen. Lots of fun when Mr. Surprise was running her.
  2. MangoMan

    There I was minding my own business.....

    black hole vortex induced
  3. happy birthday!!!

  4. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    The Canadians have decided to scuttle ferry service between Nova Scotia and Maine aboard The Cat ferry. Please help spread the word by signing the online petition, and joining the facebook group. Rescue the Cat ferry online petition The facebook group
  5. Thanks for your comment. Have a good one.

  6. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    How could you race for USM when it is quite apparent that you went to Beal College?
  7. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Gee, driving from Portland to Bar Harbor in last night's monsoon really has me stoked for sailing! In the Grenadines.
  8. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Dont mean to hijack, but show your support for the Maine recipe for seafood stuffing by voting here: Emerils Stuffing Recipe Competition
  9. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Wow, it's twoo!! It's twoo!! Rum on the cheap There is even a link you can click on to see the quantity of jugs in each store. I am moving to NH.
  10. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Hey Jerk, Was it in the Portsmouth circle store? My pal in Concord went to the Concord store and they looked at him like he had 3 heads when he asked about the "in-store coupon" And now he is pissed at me for telling him to go get me 10 jugs at $12 per.
  11. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Please lord. let it be the real deal !!!
  12. MangoMan

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Effin A Bub!! I just called my boy in Concord and told him to hightail it to the circle. I hate paying 36 a jug, whenver I am in CT I get it at the bev warehouse for 26 a jug, and I buy 6 at a time. At 12 a jug, I should get a couple dozen... winter's a-coming !!
  13. MangoMan

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Any sightings of the little Boomerang? 65 foot Derecktor built, got a cruising interior and was renamed Cheetah III, then I think was renamed Dauntless?