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    Crewing opportunities on Lake Norman NC

    Thank you Willy. Kind of you to chime in. I'll reach out to LNYC. I had looked at their site when I was reading about the hospice regatta. Have a great weekend. JOsh
  2. Nothing came up in the search but I'm assuming there are folks on here in the area. Feel free to point me in the right direction. I'm relatively inexperienced and looking for some racing opportunities locally. I know racing is what makes a good technical sailor and looking to get better. We sail our Typhoon from our home in the Lowcountry, but looking to get some experience closer to home. I'm an engineer, general contractor, pilot, gear head, and generally pretty handy...even if its just serving beer. My wife says I'm an asshole, but she's still around after 15 years and 3 kids. I figure I can get along with most anyone and enjoy some good competition. Either way, I look forward to meeting some local inmates. Regards, Josh Lester