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  1. clubbabyseals

    where is it?

    Leftover charter from '91 Worlds. Classic.
  2. clubbabyseals

    autopilot only?

    Wait, April 1st isn't for a few more days...
  3. clubbabyseals

    what is it?

    Good call... we used something just like this, complete with keel eye, to weigh in at the Worlds this year...
  4. clubbabyseals

    what is it?

    Looks like a small, offshore keelboat for 2 people, perfect for maybe 2-3 days. Is it the Finn replacement for the Olympics?
  5. clubbabyseals

    shit show (front page)

  6. clubbabyseals

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    No one's reported that this guy prevented a hit and run.