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  1. I can't get adblock to work on this new computer.Windows 10 and Edge. I go to the site and hit the get the app button, another thing opens up and I hit launch. Then nothing happens. Looked in downloads nothing there. What am I doing wrong? These ads are driving me crazy. I also have firefox and it works with that.
  2. Melissa Bachman https://www.google.com/search?q=melissa+bachman+hunting&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwikwpjW767WAhVS3GMKHWo-CesQ_AUICygC&biw=1093&bih=494
  3. Very entertaining ad. In all seriousness you could do a coast to coast fly and ride. That would be epic. I40 at 100MPH for 2400 miles. Fukin epic dude. Do it.
  4. LAzy?? One came up from the springs and the other flew in from CA. That runway is over 8,000 feet long. Bandimere is 3,000. If all you want to do is go have some fun I'll take the extra 5,000 feet.
  5. Is it me or are her fingers freakishly long?
  6. That DC10 reference must have been a typo. The "ravines" are more like gullies beyond the fence line. A private 727 landed here several years ago when Aspen was full. That pilot got in a lot of trouble for it. We get lots of military traffic up here as well as testing of new aircraft, mostly helicopters. They fly between BV and the airport at Leadville.
  7. The trick is not finding the traps it's in setting them. First level out the old mounds, next morning or so when you see new mounds that's where you work. Take a small probe, or your finger, and poke around the mound. When you find the tunnel it will be very obvious. Dig it out a little until you see where it's going. Keep opening up the tunnel until the trap will just fit with the little opening pointing sort of up but definitely out so light can get in. They can't have that open so they start to fill it in. Snap, you got them. Bear in mind depending on how far in the trap they get they may still be wiggling. Be prepared to get medieval on them. Or do like I did and open the trap just enough to get the wire across their little chest. Plenty of videos on youtube about gopher killin.
  8. Lots of speculation about that around town, but there were skid marks near the end of the runway. Not sure what cameras you are referring to but the Colorado Grand just went through yesterday. A rally for vintage race cars "of distinction" .It was pretty cool watching them. http://co1000.com/
  9. Got another one just now, three in two days. Using one of these, a black box. It's all about how you set them.
  10. Short story: Two guys in their 70's somehow got permission to "test drive" a Dodge Hellcat on the runway at Central Colorado Airport. They wound up 650 feet beyond the end of the runway in a mangled $80,000 Mopar. I'll bet the airport ops guy is shitting his pants right now. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/09/10/friends-speed-testing-sports-car-runway-killed/
  11. Good for him, we need people like that. Probably get sued by the douchebag though.
  12. Got one at the neighbors. While there I did some recon. They have a problem. I'll do my best.
  13. Update: Heating guy is coming by in the morning to help decide what size heater to use. Roofers were here this morning and banged out 17 square in 3 hours. Would have taken me a week at least. This is one hour in. I finished up the fascia/soffit. Now to get the gables stuccoed.
  14. A couple days with no activity. I may have got them. But the neighbors place has a few mounds. I need to protect my perimeter so going after them tonight.