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  1. bmiller

    ski season 2020

    Some days just a little tour through the local woods followed by lunch with my wife is skiing enough.
  2. bmiller

    Puppy Pictures

    Not my dog, but she will have a very extended family. Like so many working dogs her life will be exciting and rewarding, but to her it's all just fun.
  3. bmiller

    Puppy Pictures

    Went for her first snowmobile ride shortly after that photo. Won't be long and she will be riding chairlifts then helicopters. Lucky dog.
  4. bmiller

    Porterville CA Loses Two

    Always tragic, we lost a FF in Summit county recently. RIP brothers
  5. bmiller

    Puppy Pictures

    This is Neve, Italian for snow. 10 weeks old, newest member of Coppers avy dog program. Sorry for the lousy flip phone photo, she really is adorable.
  6. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    At least they rolled it to starboard to dump the water that was on the aft port cockpit.
  7. bmiller

    National Something Day

    Every day of the year, at least in the US, is National Something or Another Day. Mostly made up by some trade group or the like. Today just happens to be National Drink Wine Day. Made my wife smile when we heard it on the radio. She plans on recognizing the holiday after work tonight. Tomorrow is National Chocolate mint Day and National Vet Girls RISE Day celebrating female veterans. Thursday is Cherry Pie day. Mmmmm, cherry pie. For a calendar of all National Days:
  8. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Another case af please haul my trash away and give me some money while you're at it.
  9. bmiller

    Nautical Decor

    This is all I got.
  10. bmiller

    Mountain bike anarchy...

    Awesome looking bike. What's the contraption under the seat? And thanks, I like my SS 29er. Simplicity, if it's too steep I simply walk it up. Some days it's just a very expensive hiking accessories.
  11. bmiller

    Ugly dodger collection

    Nice boat, but wtf?
  12. bmiller

    Darwin strikes again

    This woman is just one startling noise away from getting her and her house all fucked up. Moron
  13. bmiller

    ski season 2020

    Wow, I finally saw the photos and Vail's damage control response. Screw that.
  14. bmiller

    The Rant

    This could turn into the best of 2020 thread. Keep us posted. I'll add to that how to build a fire and choose a decent whisky.
  15. bmiller

    The Rant

    Take him sailing.