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  1. bmiller

    Happy Birthday Stevie

    She fell off the edge of seventy.......oh wait that was seventeen
  2. bmiller

    Cat People

    Usually when the crazy cat lady dies or moves the house has to be gutted. There was one in our district that was actually completely razed.
  3. bmiller

    Happy Birthday Stevie

    Stevie Nicks is 70 today. Interview from 1977
  4. bmiller

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I think I found the ad. That pittance will become a small fortune in no time. You should do it.
  5. bmiller

    Cat People

    How many crazy cat ladies did you run on? Some of the most disgusting shit I ever saw involved crazy cat ladies.
  6. bmiller

    "National Cleavage Day"

    One of the finest photos in the history of the internet.
  7. bmiller

    Is football dying?

    This. I used to really enjoy football. Not anymore.
  8. bmiller

    Blind Faith

  9. bmiller

    Blind Faith

    It happens. That's one of my go to`s along with wish you were here.
  10. bmiller

    Blind Faith

    Timeless song.
  11. bmiller

    Motorcycle Threads

    Great late afternoon ride yesterday, a couple friends and no one else on the single track sections. No vehicles in the staging area. In fact the only evidence of other human activity was a little dust cloud off in the distance. We have miles of two track and 50" or less but not a ton of motorized single track, at least the so called "designated" routes. FS is opening up a few more miles but still not even close to what this area could support. The forest managers around here believe the best access is no access. All in all still a great place to live and recreate.
  12. bmiller

    God I Am Beginning to Hate LA News

    NPR is not much better than local news. They definitely have an agenda just like any other news source. If your commute is longer then 20 minutes or so you get to hear the same story over and over and over and......
  13. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist Trade your boat for this piece of class!!
  14. bmiller

    Box turtle fence anarchy

    And here I was thinking this was about a fence built out of turtle shells. So disappointed.