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  1. bmiller

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    Here's one. What is it like down below as far as headroom and creature comforts? I think it's very interesting.
  2. bmiller

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    This one got me really excited a year ago, but if you look at all the photos it's a real project. I don't know, maybe.....
  3. bmiller

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    That's a nice looking boat. Photos are dated June of 2019, I wonder if that's indicative of a problem. Here's one in not as nice condition but it has a road trailer. Hmmm, wonder if the trailer could be sold separately?
  4. bmiller

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    Yes, Dillon will be the primary place to sail. Very aware of the "unique" winds and frigid water. Got my ass kicked one day at twin lakes, sailing an O'Day 19 on a bluebird day that suddenly turned to shit. Not interested in water ballasted boats.
  5. bmiller

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    My guess is virtually impossible. If it fails fill the hole and slap on an outboard?
  6. Been on a wait list for a mooring on Dillon, got the call, I'm up. Have had a couple other boats there in the past, it's a great place to spend the summer. Now I need to find a boat! The last few years I've been all over the place in regards to what I can actually do sailing. The most sensible and affordable is a small boat moored close to home that spends it's off season on a trailer right here. Criteria: Day sailing with occasional overnights, no racing, lots of single handing No major projects, Draft is not an issue so fin keel preferred over swing or centerboard, not an absolute. Beam not an issue either, only have to get it here, will plead ignorance if contacted by law enforcement Max length of 28, has a trailer, but I could get one for the right boat Budget is variable depending on the boat but 15K is about the top end Willing to travel just about anywhere for the right boat, except Florida, there be monsters. Couple possibilities below. not crazy about the OMC inboard but if the owner is correct about the condition it's not a deal breaker. again not crazy about the bukh inboard Lots of Catalina 25s around, a good one would definitely suffice. This one is nearby but sure could use some fairing on the keel Or this in New Mexico swing keel not a deal breaker Fire up your googlefoo and help me find a boat!
  7. bmiller

    Tiger drives into the rough

    I don't think a single cop or news talking head knows what "shock" is or how idiotic they sound when mentioning it. Another one that rubs me wrong is the use of "accident" to describe any crash. For what it's worth in my 30 year career I responded to my share or crashes, not on of them was an "accident". All were a direct result of a drivers action or failure to act. Usually speed or inattention was the culprit. Or blame it on the vehicle, "the car went out of control" or "the car slid on the ice". Idiots. rant over
  8. bmiller

    Traeger Pro Series 34 anarchy

    This. I have a weber, a gas grill and a traeger. Different tools for different jobs. You're not going to effectively grill a steak on a traeger or smoke a butt on the gas grill. Webers are great but sometimes pushing a button to start a fire is nice. For what it does I really like the traeger.
  9. bmiller

    "National Cleavage Day"

    She has really turned into great artist in the last few years. I stumbled onto to something she did a few years ago and was surprised. She's like a cross between Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and a young Debbie Harry. I need to post a few in one of the what are you listening to threads.
  10. bmiller

    Off road Jeep (or jeep-like) anarchy for Dummies

    Good point, never thought about that. Nothing I drive is vandal worthy.
  11. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Free! Trailer included.
  12. bmiller

    Off road Jeep (or jeep-like) anarchy for Dummies

    Nice 4Runner but what the hell is he trying to do with the text in the ad.
  13. bmiller

    Off road Jeep (or jeep-like) anarchy for Dummies

    4Runners are great, that's why they hold their value. Pathfinders as well. If you're considering a Nissan look at an Xterra also. XJ Cherokees are just a step below the 4Runner but still very capable, IMHO.
  14. bmiller

    Off road Jeep (or jeep-like) anarchy for Dummies

    Done. More done