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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Guess I should have stayed up late. I did get to see David Wise and Alex Ferreira win gold and sliver. Amazing how much air they get. And those guys who wrecked really took a hit. You need to actually get in one of those super pipes to get an appreciation for how massive and concrete hard they are.
  2. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Holy cow what a race in the women's nordic team sprint. Great job ladies!!! And a Silver in bobsled! Good job ladies.
  3. Art destruction, crime and punishment

    And what about raiding tombs and pyramids and the like. I spend time in the southwest exploring anasazi (ancient pueblos is the current term) ruins. Removing shards which is basically their trash is strictly taboo. We toured a remote site with a tribal guide from El Mapais NP. She told us about a fully intact vessel she found in the park. Could have been worth a lot of money. She chose to rebury it and visit once in awhile.
  4. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Crazy warm winter this season, finally had our first sub zero night. The rest of the week is looking more seasonable, single digit lows and sunny cold days in the 20s and 30s.
  5. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    I'm not a fan of the scoring in slopestyle and halfpipe. Best of three runs. So rider A can do 94 94 94 and rider B can do 25 25 94.1 and win. When I become King of Olympics that will change.
  6. Why Sailing and Skiing go together

    This: http://www.aurora-arktika.com/tour/sailboat-skiing/ Been dreaming about doing that trip for years. Check out their photo gallery.
  7. Art destruction, crime and punishment

    I'm kind of torn on this. While those acheologic finds are amazing they were meant to remain buried with whoever made them. So is it right to dig them up and display them?
  8. Body Positive is the new Fat

    You really shouldn't have let yourself go like that.
  9. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    That wasn't even close. She'll be back.
  10. "National Cleavage Day"

    The world's second oldest profession, Mason.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Go Mikaela! Looking forward to her strong event, slalom.
  12. February Fourteenth

    Never mind
  13. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Kind of cool to see the "old" guy take the gold.
  14. "National Cleavage Day"

    Hey wal', I thought about you the other day hauling some guy with a funny accent off the hill. Turns out he was from Brisbane, so I stopped.