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  1. Cable modem/router question

    Somewhere there's a famous photo, in the tele ski world, of ski girls in knee pads. Give me a minute or two. Got it: And one more random:
  2. Cable modem/router question

    Copy that, have a beer. Thanks.
  3. Cable modem/router question

    Bring it woody. Ski cougars, best thread drift evah!
  4. Cable modem/router question

    OK I'm stupid. Understatement of the century. The wireless router has 4 Ethernet connections. If I go with the moca option that should work. I agree with Chester, woody has no standing to make any comments about winter. None.
  5. Heating the new workshop, options?

    Cells are filled every 32", or every 4th cell with grout and rebar, the rest were pumped with foam insulation. I could have run conduit when the walls were built but it didn't bother me to have exposed conduit inside. It has that industrial look!
  6. Cable modem/router question

    What most of this makes me feel like:
  7. Heating the new workshop, options?

    Update, A trip to Maui set me back a bit on schedule, since returning the following was completed: Buried gas, electric and that RG11 that is causing me so much confusion. Roughed in the electric and gas pipe. Now have power in the building. Framed in the office. Insulated.
  8. Cable modem/router question

    If I can't use the existing rg11 then this could work. But again I need to split the Ethernet cable in between the house modem and wireless router, correct? Also could these be mounted in the attic or do they need to be outside?
  9. Cable modem/router question

    Let me try to describe the set up as it currently sits. Cable enters the house and goes into a big powered 8 way splitter. From there 4 go to TV's in the house. One cable goes into the house modem. The house modem has a single Ethernet port that goes to the wireless router in the house. One cable goes to the shop. When I buried the rg11 coax to the shop my thought was to just put another modem on it. But from what you guys are telling me that will not work. So the solution above seems very simple. I need to split the Ethernet between the modem and router, correct? I started looking at Ethernet splitters and they mention something about only one device can be used at a time.
  10. Cable modem/router question

    About 200 feet total. Not a chance.
  11. Cable modem/router question

    I think he was related to Mike Hunt.
  12. Cable modem/router question

    The cable is direct bury. Had I anticipated this it could have been in conduit. But I thought the coax was the way to go. Oh well.
  13. Cable modem/router question

    I would have to dig it up to replace it. I could do that but will try something simpler first. It may cost a little more but I won't be digging.
  14. And the age old question remains, although a tad bit different. Ginger or Mary Ann, who is next? They are the only remaining cast members.
  15. Cable modem/router question

    That looks pretty simple. Pricey little buggers but if it works it's worth it. Hanging sheetrock right now, will report later when I get this running.