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  1. bmiller

    Our Daily Bread...

    That is the same as the New York Times recipe. Maybe the Times owes her some money? I made one yesterday/Today.
  2. bmiller

    2018 Fishing Thread

    I had all sorts of plans for today, go look at a boat in Pueblo, finish some honey do's, start some I should do's...... Instead went I fishing. Trout get hungry just before ice over. Lots of fish, got a few for dinner. Fuck the chores, I'm going back out tomorrow.
  3. bmiller

    18-19 ski season

    11 years old..................This should get you stoked for the season.
  4. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It appears to be a Glen L, home built. Never heard of it until now.
  5. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The ad says he knows very little about the boat. I'm guessing he knows nothing about rigging it either. I'm going to call today and maybe save it from him.
  6. bmiller

    classic movies

    Holiday season is around the corner It's a wonderful life Miracle on 34th street
  7. Since I used great googly moogly in another thread.
  8. Great googly moogly this got tecnhical. How about I just sit here all warm and snug with a smoky bowmore and watch the sun set over a snow capped mountain.
  9. bmiller

    forming a new business model who wants in

    Pimping is not new. Just saying
  10. bmiller

    Motorcycle Threads

    That's not a nice thing to say about the young lady.
  11. Parts from an early radon mitigation ststem. Unfortunately the radiation destroyed it. Get out.
  12. One variable would be the fan? Insignificant amount, but if it does run more then it uses more energy. Now that is splitting hairs.
  13. The heater is already in and works great. This was just a curiosity about operating costs options.
  14. bmiller

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    I was going to recommend mission beach also. Rent a SUP or two and paddle around the protected bay. There is a lot of beach there to ogle I mean stroll on.
  15. I just installed a small electric unit heater in my office in the shop. This one: The wattage can be varied between 5700 and 950 by unplugging leads to the heating elements. Since I'm using it in such a small space I thought it made sense to reduce the wattage a little. That will increase run time but lower the wattage during that time. So, what is the most cost efficient? Running longer at a lower wattage or running less at a higher wattage?