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  1. bmiller

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I have the one on the left installed in the laundry room. Works fantastic. Far superior to earlier models.
  2. Well they appear to be the outliers of the genre. They can afford to do it and aren't begging for money, at least it appears that way.
  3. bmiller

    Friday Tension Gauges

    See, there is diversity in sailing.
  4. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    How does it go, an infinite number of chimps and an infinite number of typewriters and time will some how produce a masterpiece. Or something like that. Edit: here it is.
  5. bmiller


    Digging around in the deep freeze I found some quality cuts of wapiti from '19. Need to make room for a potential cousin/sister/aunt/daughter of hers. Started marinating yesterday, going on the smoker soon. Gourmet jerky to put in the pack while hunting this year.
  6. bmiller

    Lusting on Yachtworld
  7. bmiller

    That's a trailer sailer!

    This is very tempting.
  8. bmiller

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Come out to CO next year, I'll take you there.
  9. bmiller

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Well that didnt take long, its gone. This still remains.
  10. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This place amazes me, somebody always knows something about anything.
  11. bmiller

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I'm not mocking, just want to know what the hell it is. Bizarre looking keel
  12. bmiller

    Marine refrigeration qn - “magnetic compressor?”

    Used in the Engels, I have one in my camper, works great, draws little.
  13. bmiller

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    If it was tapered to the top, pyramid like, no top piece needed. Amateurs