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  1. sam_crocker

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    That's a decent boat but the chainplate placement looks like a pain in the neck down below.
  2. sam_crocker

    Pros And Cons- Wire Lifelines Vrs. Welded Tube?

    There's a lot more drag and weight from a tube than from a wire. If you don't care about windward performance then the tube is nice.
  3. sam_crocker

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    That green colored aluminum may have been treated with Alodine. It's a chromate conversion coating that can be used as a primer or alone. It can be applied in various ways including brush, doesnt need a big tank like anodizing. I think it was originally developed for aircraft. Paint application is all about surface prep. I helped put in a powder coating line at a company I used to work for. Previous to the powder coat line we used lacquer paints and solvent wash, the paint could get damaged by your fingernail and we were getting about 24 hours salt spray resistance. The powder coat line had a three stage cleaning process with iron phosphate coating as one of the stages. We ran a few test coupons and intercepted them after the cleaning/prep but before they went through powder coating. I gave those coupons to the wet paint shop and after painting they passed over two weeks of salt spray. Same paint as before, just prepared better. I became a surface prep believer
  4. sam_crocker

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    That's awesome, thanks
  5. sam_crocker

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    I couldn't find any reference to 06527 on the 3M tape web site. Is it a 3M product? Maybe that's a particular Canadian part number not available to your southern neighbors.
  6. sam_crocker

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Night Runner has always been done by the owner and/or crew. That's why he races, so he has some nonpaid help. About every 8-9 years she gets wooded and 7-9 coats laid on. Two coats yearly maintenance. The hull is not such a big job. Two people will do a hull side (roll and tip) in the same amount of time as another is doing the toe rail, due to the cutting in on the toe rail. If conditions are right the hull can get two coats on each side in a day. The real time sink is the cutting in.
  7. sam_crocker

    Did this 28 footer ever get built?

    Thanks for posting that. The way you treat the raised deck with the tumble home is nice.
  8. sam_crocker

    Did this 28 footer ever get built?

    Is there an interior drawing? That's a sweet little design.
  9. sam_crocker

    H-Boat Renovation Project

    It's the ten foot rule: Divide the length of the boat (in feet) by ten. That's the minimum number of projects that need to be done to the boat Oh, and there's another ten foot rule, particularly when it comes to painting: If you can't see it at ten feet then it doesn't need fixing.
  10. sam_crocker

    What boat to buy?

    I can't believe nobody suggested an Abbott - 27 or 33 would probably fit the bill.
  11. Look newbie, the tradition here is nobody answers until you show us a pic of your wife/girlfriends tits.
  12. sam_crocker

    Swede 55

    Disagree, it makes her look great
  13. sam_crocker

    I'm making a rudder

    All the ABS guides can be found at at no cost. Rasper, did you really mean divide by 0.5? Or divide in half? The end results will be quite different depending on which one you really meant
  14. sam_crocker

    the most frightening engine in the world....

    Rank amateurs. None of these hold a candle to the Turboencabulator.
  15. sam_crocker

    Keel bolt cover

    12m, I seem to recall you have some engineering background. Search for the Cynthia Woods report, Appendix E (by Dobroth). In the appendix he goes into some load case details that are not specifically prescribed by ABS but should be part of any analysis. Cynthia Woods had a bulbed keel instead of the original fin w/o bulb. That should get you what you need to know for good structural engineering of the keel. I have a copy and can send it to you if your search comes up empty.