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  1. What boat to buy?

    I can't believe nobody suggested an Abbott - 27 or 33 would probably fit the bill.
  2. Look newbie, the tradition here is nobody answers until you show us a pic of your wife/girlfriends tits.
  3. Swede 55

    Disagree, it makes her look great
  4. I'm making a rudder

    All the ABS guides can be found at eagle.org at no cost. Rasper, did you really mean divide by 0.5? Or divide in half? The end results will be quite different depending on which one you really meant
  5. the most frightening engine in the world....

    Rank amateurs. None of these hold a candle to the Turboencabulator.
  6. Keel bolt cover

    12m, I seem to recall you have some engineering background. Search for the Cynthia Woods report, Appendix E (by Dobroth). In the appendix he goes into some load case details that are not specifically prescribed by ABS but should be part of any analysis. Cynthia Woods had a bulbed keel instead of the original fin w/o bulb. That should get you what you need to know for good structural engineering of the keel. I have a copy and can send it to you if your search comes up empty.
  7. another lost keel, Comet S45

    I saw that video as well. I believe it was taken down when the owner and J/Boats reached an agreement about the repair.
  8. New Single Handed Sailor

    Here's a thought - take the class and go find a racing keelboat to learn how to trim sails and handle boats. Most importantly, you will learn that things will get fucked up and how to unfuck them on the raceboat. You're much better off learning how to recover from a broach on a fully crewed boat near shore than you are the first time you go offshore, alone.
  9. Cruising a two tonner

    I've done some cruising on NIght Runner, she's got a foretriangle of 22' x 58' (?). No problems handling sails if the jib's on a furler and spinnaker in a sock. Stay ahead of increasing wind with your sail selection and you should be fine. All teh above is true only if the winches are adequately sized.
  10. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    Stunning boat. That's a great shot.
  11. plexi for mostly-DIY hatch repair--where to find?

    $100 https://www.mcmaster.com/#cast-acrylic/=1a5af71
  12. Staysails

    Night Runner has a Genoa staysail (150% overlap) that is awesome under the jib top, or on broader reaches under the spinnaker. I'm a huge fan of that sail, it's a nice way to change gears while cruising too (it's an uptick over the heavy staysail when the wind goes lighter)
  13. Whiskey Anarchy

    1792 Small Batch Bourbon
  14. That was funny. Cruel but funny.

    Bob P.

    1. sam_crocker


      Yes, a little harsh.  Maybe a bit too easy. Still..... They are slow.

  15. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Have they finished yet?