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  1. Hull #5 was GHOST, is now Pigs With No Purpose in St. Pete
  2. Martin 243 Used Sails

    Wish I hadn't thrown out a set I had couple years ago...
  3. J/22 vs Sonar 23

    I think people are getting tippy-er confused with sportier. I've sailed both extensively. In terms of performance, the Sonar is faster than the J-22. Have a look at the PHRF 4 results here. Sonars won't sink in a wipe out... If you want to go for a sail in a Sonar in Guilford let me know.
  4. Removing Vivid antifouling

    Wet sand with 220?
  5. Fair price for a J92?

    They are great boats. Just check the decks for soft spots...
  6. I heard Oracle is switching Jimmy out for Tom Brady - He's their only hope...
  7. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    There's always a market for cool, fast boats - supply and demand does come into play. The M24's are so spread out, the concentrations of them in any one place is relatively small, relegating most as PHRF "orphans" anyway.
  8. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    Martin 243. It's the fastest, and most comfortable to sail. No silly, legs over hiking and you stay dry out on the racks. Great in PHRF, good in light wind, and very fun downwind in heavy air. We've made a lot of improvements to our boat over the winter but thinking of selling after the summer to move on to the next project. If you are interested let me know. PM me if you would like to talk.
  9. Cool video Going 12kts in a Laser is WAY more fun than going 25kts on a 65ft'er... Sure Moths are fun - but - a very nice Laser is less $$ than one moth foil...
  10. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    It is ambiguous and the SI's should be changed. Why not just call them marks of the course and leave them to port or stbd depending on which way you go around?
  11. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Offshore would imply not cutting between the mark and land....not sure if that requires you to actually round them though...
  12. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    I was sailing in Newport. Sad to miss Off Soundings. Looking forward to next year though!
  13. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Sounds like there were two smart boats that that sailed the proper course much better than the others and a few are angry that they took the "long way 'round" for no reason. Good on the smart boats, more time for mudslides.