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  1. April fools!!! I hope...
  2. Correction. You will get dinged for an oversized roach: "No mainsail at the mid-girth shall measure more than the greater of (.50E + .022P + 1.2 feet) or 0.65E. The ¾ girth shall measure no more than the greater of (.28E + .016P + .85 feet) or 0.38E. The 7/8 girth shall measure no more than .22E. Any greater dimensions shall be considered “Oversize Roach.”" When I purchased my last racing mainsail, the sailmaker asked "Do you want it to be fast, or PHRF class legal?" When quizzed he said he could cheat on the roach for significant speed gains, that it was common. I went class legal and sure enough, I observed my leech never touched the backstay when tacking but one sister one-design boat's main was definitely "roachier" by maybe 8 inches and caught on the backstay each tack. Not reported on his cert and we rated the same. Later found out the factory table, head door and stove were missing on his boat too. Nope - not necessarily. Where I race(and in most areas) "oversize roach" must be declared - but - any rating adjustment is reviewed on a case by case basis. Perhaps our boat is a special case because the "class" roach profile exceeds the PHRF standard definitions. On our new sails we went with a square top, and kept the area the same, thereby reducing the MGU, MGM, and MGL. The boat looks way faster with the new sail profile, hard to say if it actually is.
  3. I wouldn't accept a sail that is short on the luff or foot, period. That's why P and E measurements are marked on the rig on on the rating form - those are the maximums. If I were buying a new sail for PHRF I'd go with the the max dimensions possible, with a nice looking roach profile (remember looks are important! Your sail designer should know this), you might get dinged with your rating but in a light air venue the additional performance gain will be a net positive for you.
  4. Interesting. Perhaps at that moment W is staying clear. However, if L wants to luff, W has to immediately go HTW or bear-off hard to go over the top (around the bow) of L. In my experiences, the only way for W to really realistically clear is to go head to wind to gain more lateral separation as soon as the overlap is established or bear off and break the overlap. If W allows the overlap to sustain for a period of time without changing course she will likely find herself is a situation where she fouls L.
  5. I tried going through Gowrie....but in the end Geico was by far the easiest and cheapest option. The boat was insured for replacement value after a short and quite frankly pleasant phone call. Although the agent wasn't sure if racing was covered on the phone, when the policy arrived it clearly noted local sailing competition is covered. Knock on wood, haven't had any claims to date.
  6. Awesome thanks, if you can send the owner my way that would be great!
  7. Hi, We have a nice google doc setup with tuning pics and measurement numbers. Happy to share with you so you can add/compare your notes. Please PM me your email. Cheers
  8. I've used both. PM me
  9. Just make an offer. PM me.
  10. At the moment no. I'll see if I can find it. The Marblehead was Ghost #5
  11. The Harken Reflex furler works very, very well. The cable is the key here, very good torque transmission, but the furler set-up is very slick and well thought out as well. If you don't mind a little bit of extra weight and are only going to be top-down spinnaker furling stop looking at other products. For what it is, it is the best on the market. Feel free to PM me
  12. Just go fast and keep the boat flat - problem solved!! Ha! We've noticed the same phenomena on our boat (#5 Ghost) - pretty easy to power up too quickly and stall, so it's been a bit of a learning curve with the driver and main trimmer. Boat is in the water right now, I can measure the rudder when the boat is hauled in a couple of weeks. I would guess that we have identical rudders
  13. We have #5 GHOST in Guilford, CT. Picked up the boat in May and have been having A LOT of fun figuring her out, and upgrading systems. We rate 69. Our first race was in 16-18kts of wind and were racing against a pair of J109's. We held with them much better than I had expected upwind. They were a minute or so ahead at the windward mark. Downwind we were casually cruising at 14-16kts BS, topping out at 18kts. Could barely see the 109's at the leeward mark! The boat generally sails/handles way better than we had guessed with it's pretty radical design. With the boom pulled to the side and the wings extended, the boat has the biggest dancefloor of any 24ft boat I've ever seen... Just took delivery of some new sails, so the boat now looks like a proper racer under sail. Hoping to do some regattas in the future...maybe Charleston...
  14. Any sail with mylar film has a finite lifespan, due to UV degradation, so in Austin where it is always very sunny mylar sails struggle. I think x-drive is still a mylar film sail. If you went with dacron it would stay together forever but with poor shape holding. With 3Di you'll have longevity in terms of shape holding, UV resistance and don't have to worry about any kind of delamination.