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  1. Super Delegate

    Friction Ring - Deck Protection

    Thanks for the replies. I think the way I will go here is to connect the friction ring strops to the bobstay, that way they stay tight to the sprit. I will probably make a carbon pad or stainless plate just to protect the carbon at the end around the holes. This setup will increase compression load on the sprit but its pretty stout and should be fine. Still would love to solve the friction ring/deck damage issue though. There's gotta be a way..
  2. Super Delegate

    Friction Ring - Deck Protection

    Howdy, Has anyone figured out a Gucci way to protect the deck or bowsprit from friction ring damage when lines go slack? I've seen some people retain them off the deck with shock cord but since its for the tack line at the end of the bowsprit, I can't do that. I remember some experimentation being done to cover the edges of the rings with rubber or heatshrink. Rings can't be lashed down, they will be on short dyneema strops luggage tagged to the inner pin on the sprit, just fyi. Thanks for any help! SD
  3. Super Delegate

    Dyneema Stretch

    I might call Colligo Marine for your setup. Pre-stretched, heat treated SK75, lowest constructional stretch overall, plus John is great to deal with
  4. Super Delegate

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    Numbers 2,3, and 9 were directed at you as an individual, based on your behavior. Meanwhile, you state that those on "the left", which is roughly half of America (which includes members of the military and my 80 year old widow neighbor) as people who "lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, avoid, and forge documents". Applying negative character traits to an individual based on what they themselves say and/or do appears to have a fuck of a lot more merit then applying them to millions of people you don't know and/or have had zero interaction with. Ben Nicely put Ben, very cogent.
  5. Super Delegate

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    I've never suggested he was born somewhere else, only that the document purported to be a copy of his birth certificate is bogus. We will see what the St. of Hawaii produces as a result of the court's subpoena. Let me get this straight. You say the birth certificate is bogus right? Although, now you say you "never suggested he was born somewhere else." Are you kidding me? So, is your concern that he was born in HI without paperwork? Which would still mean he was born in HI, in the USA, and is perfectly legitimate as a candidate for president. What the hell is your point? I'll use your logic for the opposite side of the argument. He said he was born in the US, so does his family, and his parents, the state of HI, the federal government, his birth certificate, etc.. Until I see "EVIDENCE" that he was not born here, I will choose to believe he is a citizen. You show ME your evidence.
  6. Super Delegate

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    Obama is a democRAT. Non-American. Nuff said. Thank you for articulating the real rationale behind this thread.
  7. Super Delegate

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    Thanks. How about this. Where is your evidence he was born somewhere else? And I wasn't even talking to you, it clearly says Mitch in my post. But yes, i do think you are an idiot.
  8. Super Delegate

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    Actually, there is evidence retard... and despite the fact that it was shoved in your face, you still don't believe it because it doesn't suit your argument. I don't have a problem with you having a problem with Obama's policy stances. But for the love of god, don't you realize how silly this makes you appear. No piece of evidence could ever be presented that you couldn't say was "forged". I bet even if you were the attending physician who delivered baby Obama himself you would still say the babies were switched. Let me try this approach.. Lets say you are right and Obama was born in Africa or some other place. Are you implying that he has some kind of hidden African agenda that he picked up when he was 2 weeks old and now plans to ruin America by reducing tax cuts for rich people, or providing health care to people who can't ordinarily get it? I don't care about your stupid jokes toward me, you are indeed an idiot sir and idiots can't offend me. Based on your theory, the entire government is out to get the American people by hiding Obama's birth certificate, if that's the case I would recommend that you move to Canada. and Mitch, the sooner the better...for everyone baby
  9. Super Delegate

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    Dood, he is a citizen, let it go. Amazeballs...
  10. Windy with a slight chance of I'm gonna kick your ass!

  11. Super Delegate

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Nice boat, first J-Boat I would consider owning because of the headroom. Nice coverage Clean.
  12. Saw your post in crew pool. If you are interested in PHRF Tuesday nights give me a shout. Competitive S2 9.1, good atmosphere.