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  1. What's it rate......
  2. And Grendel even earlier (1968-ish?) Yep, just figured I'd start with the Moore built "wide" versions...
  3. ...and Summertime was launched in '70-'71ish, with the first "real" Moore 24 launched in '72.....
  4. ...and in 1977, if you'd been sailing a Moore 24 on the West coast for 3-4 years already, you looked at the J-24 and said "what's the big deal???" I never said the J-24 didn't "catch on" just that that had a lot more to do with TPI's ability to slap together boats and "J-boats" advertising and promotion (esp. with pros/sailmakers)
  5. Like Some Dude said above. Those that were sailing little ULDB's on the West coast took one look at the J-24 in 1977 and said "What a fat POS"
  6. The "secret" to the J-24.......one word: MARKETING. Genius really, selling a rather poorly built, so so design to the masses by "giving" them to sailmakers right off the bat.
  7. Don't know about "coolest" but I used to race PHRF on an Ericson 27 named "Pumpkins". Everyone owed us time, and one of our competitors joked "If you can see them behind you when you finish, they've beaten you." The owner's solution was a flourescent orange .6 poly spinnaker, complete with a pumpkin face. Did the trick, because we won the '95 Newport/Ensenada race overall in PHRF.
  8. Grendel was George Olson's one-off. Ron Moore built Summertime off Grendel's plug wedged wider with 2x4's. Ron then built hulls 1-5 off a mold made off Summertime (pretty sure they weren't called Moore 24's at the time) and were "kits" that were finished with different decks, rigs, rudders etc. "Zinfandel" (later Salt Shaker) was #3 of those hulls and did not have the "trademark" reversed sheer. #6 Ron built for himself originally. #7 "Poltergeist" was the first boat that rolled out of "the Reef" completed for a customer and I think was the first boat to be officially called a "Moore 24". ...at least that's the story as I understand it...
  9. Well if you look at any curved line at the right angle (in this case heeled over), it will appear straight. I can assure you the Moore 24 has a "hollow" at the waterline from the bow to maybe 3-4 feet aft
  10. Newport 12 One Design. Only remaining fleet racing is the HMYC in Long Beach, CA
  11. These are the hull lines for the L.F. Herreshoff design that "inspired" George Olson's Grendel and the Moore 24 that followed. Pretty clear hollow run along the waterline and above. Whether the Moore 24 is a "modern" design is up to interpretation.
  12. Moore 24 certainly qualifies.
  13. Aftermath at SDYC....
  14. The guys over the years that have kept Ragtime going have done it right. Let's hope Bill and his gang in Santa Cruz will do the same with Merlin.
  15. Thank God Merlin is back in loving hands. Hopefully some of "Leif the Butcher's" mess can be undone!