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  1. You have probably by now solved your problem, the fact that its now summer for you suggest your not antipodean. Pu is very interesting stuff, lots and lots of people tell you lots and lots of different stuff. But, what seems clear is the really light Pu foams, so the H20 and H25 (so that's 25kgs/cb-m) have cell stability issues, either they collapse or they don't cross link. Either way they soak water. If you have a old board that has soak water for a very long time then its very possible it gone the full length. If you really want to fix it (I would go buy some FRP ones) then get a lot of the foam out. (Once ts cured then acetone wont do it, its stable, so you have to get most of it out.) Would not suggest rolling your mothers car over it, but bits of timber with clamps dose work, and once it back into shape, then back the clamps off but don't take them away. Get yourself some H32 or H35 foam, make sure it 20 -24cc and re blow them. Make sure an end is open so it can vent! The stuff sticks to just about anything, it all happens in about 4 mins, but leave the clamps on for 1-2 hrs. If you can heat it to 40-50c, then that will accelerate the foaming process and "kill it", (the term in the industry), you complete the reaction. Normally Pu is used blocks or big metal presses. Your matteres, most of your car, chairs, even lots of mobile phones are all made from Pu, its a truly amazing material and it relies on exothermic reaction to fully cure. Can get to 150c inside a 500mm x 500mm block. Anyway, once ts "killed" it wont expand any more, it could even shrink, but not much in the thickness of a 29er foil. The Epoxy foam, lightest you can get it to is about H170, you can lighten it up with EPS [Expanded PolyStyrene], bean bag balls] and when encased in epoxy its pretty impervious to water. The lightest you will get it to is H80, maybe. Even at H80, it makes your centreboard pretty heavy. Sorry I did not come back earlier, in Italy, got a bit on right now, home in 12-13 days, be more regular then. Jb
  2. The problem is that the EU change the regulation on the Pu (Polyurethane) foams that we were allowed to use and the new-er foams, which used less "exotic" chemicals, did not fully cross-link, so they, as you right put it, swelled. The answer is to remove the end cap, and remove the last 25-50mm of foam, then with a rubber mallet, you can panel beat the alloy back down to where it used to be, and if your really smart, you make it even a bit smaller again, that way it becomes very easy to get them into the case or rudder stock. There are some great expanding epoxy foams on the market, one we use a lot is Sicomon, a name like that, it's French, works pretty well and you just mix up a brew and re-blow it. You can then just finish it off with epoxy resin, and your good to go! Jb
  3. I am no multi hull expert (even though I sail on a tri that has won 9 out of 12 OMR national championships) and its a sloop rig. But WRT a cat, particularly a A Class that is very refined in terms of hull shape, and by that I mean there is very little reserve, it close to the end of that thin wedge of design and its not even similar to a Moth on foils. Cat's and particularly the hulls you have on your A Class are in that weird area, used to be referred to as a 10:1 rule, where if a boat's WL width was less than 1/10 of it over all length then it "cheated" the HS [Hull Speed] law and had minimal drag way beyond HS, but still hit the same brick wall latter down the track, because it can never plane. So what I am saying is that because a A Class has such low drag, at low speed, it needs very little AoA to generate optimum lift ratio's, even more so than a moth on foils. At higher wind speeds you have twist, generating the AoA, and I do remember Fred Eaton's C Class where they tapered the foot of the mainsail, because its just there as a end plate anyway, the great bulk of the lift is coming 2m above WL due to wind sheer, etc. I hope someone else comes and explains it better, but it makes perfect sense to me. Had not extended my thought to Cat's or Tri's or Proa's. The topic was Lasers and Aero, but your's is a very valid extension! Jb
  4. You cant compare the mainsail sheeting angle of a 29er/49er (or any sloop rigged boat) with a Laser or Aero (or any Cat rigged boat) The lower main on a sloop operates in the down wash of the jib so there-fore has to be pinned further inboard. On a cat rigged boat, there is a magic angle and its about 9°, that is if you are sailing on your own bottom, if you in a moth on foils its less, 6 or 5° but its still not on the CL. On a yacht, big overlapping headsail, you even bring the boom to windward of the CL. When we where doing tests late last year with Lasers, we actually tried mid boom sheeting but performance was poor, because of boom bend (and it was a 29er boom), as soon as we went back to end boom, performance took off again. There is a certain level of rigidity that you get with end-boom sheeting, dose not matter if its a Laser or a 18teen that you just cant replicate with mid-boom sheeting unless you do the moth thing and go for huge structural booms made of Carbon. With out being absurd, I doubt you would ever get it with Alloy, but then again the old jumbo booms where pretty good. Jb
  5. Just FYI, found my notes, so to correct myself, before someone else dose, a complete set of 29er trapeze wires, complete, so Rings, handles, cleats, ropes wires shackles, yada yada yada is 560gm. Therefore one side is 280gms, therefore the wire is probably 1/3 that so 90gm, and if you went rope you would "say" 1/2 that so your talking about saving 45gms. Go to carbon trap rings you will save more, change the attachment at the top, as in go to T-balls, you will save more. Go to a carbon mast you will save 3.62kgs. Again, I'm not about to be that stupid, other can chose to do that, but not with my name on it! JB
  6. A complete set of 29er trap wires, inc cleats, rings, donuts, wires, ropes is something like 315gms (from memory). So each side is 150gms, so the wires are possibly 1/3 rd of that. The only reason you would switch to rope would be weight. So you are probably going to save less than say 25gms / side at best. Against that is a increase in wind-age, stretch and a increase in the possibility of entrapment. Wrt 49er sailors they tend to be over 18, 29er sailors tend to be under 18. As the "gaurdian" of both classes, the horse has bolted wrt the 49er, but I for one, am not brave enough to alter the 29er rules in any way that may increase the possible entrapment. End of story! Jb
  7. Interesting topic. I love Wikipedia, so much so I donate money to them each month! Their definition! Planing is the mode of operation for a waterborne craft in which its weight is predominantly supported by hydrodynamic lift, rather than hydrostatic lift (buoyancy). Few entries back someone said its when the boat is supported hrdrodynamically rather than hydrostaticaly! Regardless of how fast you go, there will always be a component of hydrostatic's, and there is no clear cut definition. Dad used to say it was when 2 molecules of water that are split at the bow, do not re-attached at or behind the transom. And of-course there is always going to be a % of that also. Re the Tasar, I can assure you it planes up-wind, I have done it many times, and my seat of the pants definition comes back to the VMG concept previously touted! So if you can crack away say 5-10°, so from say low 40° to high 40° and the boat pops from say 5knts to 8-9 knts, which it dose, then VMG will higher and that to me is Planing-Upwind. The reason the Tasar can do it is because it has quite a short rig (18ft) and a low and efficient sailplan so the CoE is very low. Plus its wide and light, easy to hick. And pulling the centerboard up 6" (150mm) also lifts the CLR so your power triangle just got a whole lot better. I could rant on about the Prime Mk3, by the time it hit hull-speed, (6 knts) it was planning, bloody light (99lbs) 22ft wide wings, 2 crew, its just could not, not plane. So this double HS notion, dose not work either! Think hulls lines are very important, let me go hunting, did something interesting about that last week! Jb
  8. a 29erXX rig drops straight onto a 59er, the only thing that needs a fiddle is the Jib, the XX jib has a shorter J. Jb
  9. BTW, found the set of storm sails, someone was asking, sorry, I have lost your PM. Re sailing a 49er one up, been happening since its inception. Warwick Rooklyn and I used to do it every Wednesday afternoon back 10 years. He was good to about 12 knts I could stand 15, but that was it. I'm a lot bigger than Warwick, so occasional had to go help him get s his boat back up when the inevitable happened. But its worth it.
  10. I have about 6 sets of Ovington moulded rail extensions. They (Ovington) probably have a few there also. And I have one rudder gantry that is dismantle-able. Probably find Ovington has a few of the welded alloy types left also. I also have about 3 complete rigs, some slightly used! I'm in Australia, Ovington is the UK. Try bethwaite360.com or ovingtonboats.co.uk And the XX was a great boat, would have done wonders for the world of women's sails, FX is also a good boat, and is perfect for the Olympics, all things considered! And yes I am biased, (before anyone else gets in) Jb
  11. Sorry people, been pre-occuiped with something else. Re smaller sails, I possibly have a old set of storm sails, about 17% smaller, if you can get hold of those, they work. Precursor to the FX rig. Other option is to get a old 29erXX rig which is also very close to the 59er rig, that's about 22% smaller, and there is a guy at WSC (Sydney) doing exactly that. Getting a 59er is probably not a dumb idea either. Don't shorten the pole length, makes gybing, let alone the balance atrocious. Re Speeds, go back in SA quite a few years 2004, I think, 29er worlds out of StFYC (SFO) and there is a string, memory may not be 100% but I was in a rib with Janet Baxter who at the time was Pres of USS, we where tracking the mid-fleeters of the gold fleet, and we had 28-29knts on the log, I remember Janet asking if that was correct (the 28-9knts) so we look at the GPS and it was the same, we where formatted on (taking photos) of the Norwegian team, Sister-Brother team, who where in about 12th place, leaders where leaving us, going toward Alcatraz! No idea what they where doing but it was > than 28knts. Fastest I am aware a 49er going was here in Sydney, 26.7knts, that was Emmett Lazich (Aust Coach) and Cameron (cave man) MacDonald off Neilson Park. That was also many years ago. It was also pin-head sails, alloy mast and existing spinnaker. I am told with the new rig, averages have gone up significantly, lots of 20-22knt down hill runs, but no one has cracked the top speed. The new shape spin is due July this year, 1.5m² smaller (about 28.7m² total) but has lifted down hill speeds significantly so maybe the record is susceptible but they wont get to the 29er speeds. Someone suggested some record keeping protocol, getting real polars, I'm up for that, happy to help set that up, get real data rather than hear-say! I think it would be more interesting right down the range also. Only a few mad-men will push it to 30+ knts, and they are not what its about! Jb
  12. So the boat is from the Tia Maria ear, so very late 70's early 80's. I was owned by the SFO based promoter, whose name escapes me. Something like Puktue Sha (Indian sort of name) Probably find it was put together by Andrew Buckland. I do remember it in SFO when we went through there in 83
  13. My 18teen career was 1974 - 1993. The Symmetrical 18teen I sail where Mutual Acceptance, KB, Singapore Airlines, 9 Wide World of sport & the original Entrad/King Gee. They tended to have quite small mast, very few had wings, 9 did and Entrad was 10.5ft wide. 1981 was the start of the Asymmetric era! Need to work out which boat it is, before you can work out how to help! Jb
  14. Mr Couch, you must be sitting too much in the couch and not getting out seeing the world. After many years of procrastination, the 29ers have adopted FRP foils. The reasons and multiple, ranging from 1) alloy foils you need to go to your car smash repairer to get them fixed, I agree, very hard to hurt them, but no middle ground. 2) Cost, alloy is increasing faster than FRP/Carbon/Epoxy, the new FRP foils are the same price, alloy one would have jumped by now! 3) Much easier to put in and out of the case and rudder stock. 4) they are in-fact lighter, but double outer laminate weight than that of say the 49er. 5) they don't soak water, just simply easier to use. & 6) they are about twice the strength as in UTS of the alloy counterpart The alloy foils where amazing, but things like EEC regulations meant you can't use the aggressive chemicals you used to. They also had a grove 33% back, and at around 28-29 knts, if you put hi side load on, you got separation, big Vee in the water, you can still steer, but boat slowed down to around 23-24, and the flow re-attached and you did it again. If you go t it right with the boat super flat, sails trimmed correctly you could go past 30 knts. Max speed I am aware of is low 30's, not sure it will (nor do I want it to) go much higher, they are pretty flighty at that speed! Jb
  15. 29er, speeds are pretty typical, its was just 14 knts of TWS, and doing 10 knts BS up-wind, in flat water is normal. Would have expected to see 17-18 and even 19's downwind in 14knts TWS. They would have gone faster downwind if they have eased the vang a little and sheeted the main in a bit more. Look at the tiller angle, need the lower main in more to counter that. 29er's are capable and have recorded speeds higher than 49er's. They are a smaller, lower drag more compact unit. The new foil package will increase that, you wont get separation and there for loose of steerage in the mid to high 20's now. If your going to single hand a 49er, leave the wings on. If your inexperienced, then do what the Spanish have done and get some weight on the bottom of the Centreboard. That will slow it down more than anything, that's 29er or 49er. 29er you only need 4-6kgs. 49er you need double that. Wont kill the feel, but it will give you enough time to react. And have fun. Nothing quite as regal as a 49er, one up, up wind in 8knts TWS, boat is doing 10-12 knts, smoking dose not do it justice. Gliding or Soaring is closer to the mark. Sure 30knts down hill in a out of control 18teen gets your ya-ya's out! But Upwind in a 49er, 8knts of wind, 1 up is regal, nothing quite like it! 29er is close, and both are way beyond any other skiff to name. And yes, I am biased! Jb