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  1. Well then, let me clue you into one of the immutable rules of the universe: you get the same 24 hours per day as everybody else. How you choose to use those hours is up to you. I wonder how much writing you could have accomplished in the time you spent chasing a failed GFM page and this thread...
  2. You can likely remove it, or at least move the lower end to the base of the mast and stow it out of the way. Lioness is right, sounds like a babystay and you won't miss it in flat water. In a decent seaway the amount of mast pumping without it might be a bit alarming.
  3. Absolutely, it's all wet.
  4. You will likely need to rebed the teak rail that the offending screw is attaching to the boat. Pulling the one screw and adding sealant will most likely fail to stop the leak. Now, if you intend to remove and rebed the rail, that, done correctly, should solve the problem.
  5. Well, this was a fun little read this morning. But here are my problems with the request for assistance: 1. You claim to need $10,000 to get the boat sailing because the project has been left unfinished yet you place a picture of a very complete looking boat on your GFM page. Fuck all if in that very pic it looks like all that needs doing is a shove off the sand and dropping a rudder. So, this leaves me wondering for what the money is truly needed. 2. If you are going to plead some sadsack story involving femmefatales and spies and Russians you need to provide details or it is all just BS. If you want to get paid for your story write a book and sell it to a publisher. (Frankly, given that the two news links you posted tell us you drive [or used to drive] a truck and call yourself "Crazy Russian" I think you may have a story to tell, possibly involving human trafficking for the Russian mob but fuck paying for it sight unseen under the guise of helping you finish an already complete boat.) 3. You claim you are working 70 to 80 hours per week and thus have no time blah, blah blah. Welcome to the fucking club, mate. So, I suggest if you want to go sailing you harden the fuck up and push the apparently damn near totally complete creation in the water and go sailing.
  6. Are you kidding? This is going to be f'ing awesome... longboat_motor_s.jpg Absolutely. Definitely need video of this. Just google "long tail boat" (or maybe it's "longtail boat"). They are common in Thailand and somehow the discussion of a 40hp outboard on a 26 foot sailboat brought them to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-tail_boat Oh, I know the longtails, I was talking about the impending brief attachment of the 40 horse to the OP's sailboat. I like it!
  7. Are you kidding? This is going to be f'ing awesome... longboat_motor_s.jpg Absolutely. Definitely need video of this. Just google "long tail boat" (or maybe it's "longtail boat"). They are common in Thailand and somehow the discussion of a 40hp outboard on a 26 foot sailboat brought them to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-tail_boat
  8. Yes, this is definitely the most impressive thing about the voyage. I just realized that, assuming the average length of words in a single post on this thread to be in the 12 inch range, the length of the words lined up exceeds the distance sailed upwind by his Rimasness by over three miles. Although, I do not know how far upwind sailing was achieved at Samoa, if any, and that would cut into the thread's lead some. But likely not much.
  9. Are you kidding? This is going to be f'ing awesome...
  10. Part of the game, at least at higher levels, is to figure out what can be done that is technically legal that will produce an edge over the competition. mark Donohue's "The Unfair Advantage" is a fun read that speaks to this idea a bit. But a good rules shit-storm is always fun to watch, to...
  11. Not a bad list, Skol, especially the notion of contacting early, as soon as you think it might even conceivably become necessary. But if item a or a2 has resulted in contact with the CG item b is unnecessary. If the CG want you on the phone they'll ask otherwise just follow their com instructions. I do think folks should have a CG contact number in their phones (cell and sat). Also, if I was riding a disabled vessel into a lee shore in difficult conditions I would try to stay with the boat as opposed to deploying the raft. But no options would be looking pretty at that point.
  12. Crash, That's probably been done. But the only carbon in these berths I have personally seen is a replacement of the aluminum tube that makes up the inboard side of the berth. It's an easy replacement and may (or may not) even be class legal. Gilles Combrisson of GC Rigging and Composites made a set of nice carbon framed berths (he may have only made one for the usual upwind side, I can't recall) for the Moore 24 he DH'd in Pac Cup a few years back. He offers them as a product now but I am not sure how "kit" or "custom" they are (http://gcmarine.net/bunks.html).
  13. Do you weigh your shits too? Nope. But everything else that goes on or comes off the boat gets weighed. and what do you weigh? are you totally fit? a have a buddy, he built himself a really nice carbon toilet seat, he bragged about how much weight it saved over the standard seat (and he was right.) problem is he was about 130 over weight. point is, if the boat were to be built today, even as a light boat, there would be a local reinforcement there. Seriously? Okay: I'm 6ft 4 and weigh 185. I can bench 5 reps at 1.2 my body weight. Cycled 92 miles in just over 4.5 hours last weekend. What are your numbers, wanker? But your advice to your friend, if you actually suggested he lose his own excess, was valid. As for your "point" it's meaningless. The thread is about how to effectively repair an O30 pipe berth track. Not how someone might build a boat now. I've actually done this repair on my own boat and one other. Have you? By the way, learn to use capitalization.
  14. Do you weigh your shits too? Nope. But everything else that goes on or comes off the boat gets weighed.
  15. It's not a failure point in these hulls (although I would stay away from the suggestion to offset the rivet locations and drill new holes in the inner skin). The rivets just rot away and let the track loose. Not difficult to fix without additional weight. It's an ultralight and you want to add weight that is not needed?