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  1. casc27

    FP First Blood

    Fuck this guy goes through boats faster than my ex wife went through toilet paper.
  2. casc27

    Heat treating stainless

    The Melges 24 fleet is doing this constantly. I asked for another 30 seconds before the tack too many times to count so I could finish winding up (or unwinding) that f'ing rig. Don't know of any other classes that allow this (there may very well be some). I also have no idea if the OP is racing in a fleet that allows such adjustments while racing. If not, then yes, adjust the unloaded shrouds on the leeward side.
  3. casc27

    A big project!

    Amid the vapid masses who spend their days staring at pictures of whatever their "friends" had for lunch on F***book we find this. Almost gives me hope for the world...almost.
  4. casc27

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    Where's that blowhard from Hong Kong when you need him? Edit: I just remembered his moniker: The Dubinator!
  5. casc27

    Reviving an outboard

    FFS, has anyone tried starting the f'ing motor yet!??!? And yes, it's a 4 stroke, so check the oil, provide new fuel and try starting. Work from there...
  6. casc27

    Tuning app

    So, I kind of thought my reply was obviously a joke...but maybe not...
  7. casc27

    Reviving an outboard

    Is there an echo in here? And yes, try starting it first.
  8. casc27

    Tuning app

    That's the cheap option. What Alcatraz needs to do is get the data capture and analysis suite the AC campaigns use. Of course he will need to add all kinds of sensors and a wireless network to the boat. Good thing it's still in the shed...
  9. casc27

    Adrift Movie

    Found one on one of the streaming services a while back (Netflix? can't recall). Was a decent documentary and seemed to make a meaningful effort at accuracy.
  10. casc27

    Adrift Movie

    Yep. I think that film (can't bring myself to repeat the name) may have ruined the "alone on a damaged sailboat" genre for eternity. I doubt US audiences in meaningful numbers would pay to see an accurate rendering of a real story. Apparently we prefer to consume fabrications and other falsities. (The Marvel comic movies seem to do well regardless of how formulaic and predictable they are.) I suppose I should worry for the future but I am just too old and grumpy to care...
  11. casc27

    best 2018 Handheld?

    Inductive charging (I have to assume that radio charging and resonant charging would not be desired options for this type of device) can simplify the waterproofing but you would likely lose the ability to have an exchangeable battery. When your radio dies, it's dead until charged with no option to quickly swap battery packs or use an alkaline battery tray and continue using the radio. There are also efficiency concerns, which would not concern when using shore power to charge but could matter in some circumstances, and manufacturing cost increases. Since the quality manufacturers seem to have already resolved the waterproofing problem pretty well they may not see much advantage over the current designs. Corrosion resistant contacts and a charging cradle seem to work really well. I can't see the need to keep the two devices (radio and charge pad) in close proximity as a serious problem. Too easy to resolve that one. (JMTC)
  12. casc27

    best 2018 Handheld?

    Standard Horizon is (from all I can gather) the Yaesu brand for marine applications. I just went and did a quick search to see if I could find any documentation on the business structure without any real luck. Interestingly, the Vertex Standard site directs to Motorola for N. America. Apparently the VS brand is still used for Europe... I have a Yaesu aviation handheld that is identical to an older SH marine handheld, same chassis, uses the same charger (although the two have different part numbers they are identical in specs), and battery. Some differences internally (I took them to the lab at work and opened them up just for fun) of course, since aviation uses AM and marine is FM but they are clearly siblings. I've had good luck with SH and Yaesu (most of my ham rigs have been Yaesu) and ICOM. As for the "iPhone" comment by Eyesailor, those are only good for the timid who fear sailing out of range of cell towers.
  13. casc27

    Simple Drogue for Towing

    An appropriate number of these usually make a nice drogue. Best to get the real deal (if you can) rather than the consumer look-alike flavor. And don't just tie to the handle holes but lace through the sides and bottom. Used auto tires are also reported to work well although I have no personal experience with them.
  14. casc27

    Teak difficult to strip off

    That's slick! (Sorry, couldn't help myself. As you were.)
  15. casc27

    What Tools Did You Use?

    A 2'x18' (2 foot by 18 foot) dustpan? Holy Paul Bunyan! Okay, enough kidding. I made something similar by attaching an old broom handle to a Costco metal dustpan after bending the handle to an appropriately vertical angle. Great tool, indeed. And the older my back gets the more I like it.