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  1. casc27

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    That should read "thread" dammit (hangs head in shame, contacts typo hall of fame...)
  2. casc27

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    Best threat in a long time on here! Great fun watching the build in the OP's video. A different world, indeed...
  3. casc27


    +1 on the video. Keel is coming along nicely. (Just keep your f'ing toes out of the video!)
  4. casc27

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Yawn. And FFS tell him to do something about that fluttering leech on the main.
  5. casc27


    "...Try again. Fail again. Fail better." S.Beckett So, can we expect bigger rips and shredding for the next go-round (failing better)? Or just beat on the first version and see how far it tears, then make your openings larger than that. Or just do what everyone else does: terminate at the stanchions. But that last is so boring. We expect innovation and creativity from you. And pictures, where the F are the pictures?
  6. casc27

    Spreader ends

  7. casc27

    Spreader ends

    Can you grind the bolt off (head and nut end) and remove the strap and then drill the bolt to the level of the spreader tubing? You'd still need to make a new spreader tip but there are all kinds of materials you could use for that.
  8. There are easier ways but they will not look as nice. Most common solution to this problem I have seen is a piece of Starboard or G10 or aluminum or other suitable material cut to a size large enough to cover all the existing holes for the items being replaced. The plate has holes appropriate to the size of the new equipment. It looks "ok" and is quick and easy .But you have a pretty boat so if I were in your shoes I would do it right.
  9. casc27


    Sounds like good progress. It's always nice when you find the simple problem/oversight that fixes an engine problem (I have some stories I will never tell until the dementia kicks in). Curios how you are making your own rudder bearing. We need pics. And not of your toes (which hopefully are well on the mend these days). I won "no more toe pics" in a contest!
  10. casc27

    Ranger 23 Calif to Hawaii

    The guy wanted to sail to HI and he did it. Good for him. But I'm with Solosailor: 27 f'ing days? Although Varan is wrong as the guy did not require a tow out of or into harbor.
  11. casc27

    balsa core deck repair

    What that shot shows is the imprint of the old, already removed core on the underside of the deck skin. The OP's question (post #26) was asking about how much sanding he needed to do to the underside of that deck skin to prepare it for rebonding new core. As others have already noted the core used is unusual for balsa in that it is not end grain. I'm not sure how readily available that is but would not be hard to make your own from larger balsa stock.
  12. casc27


    Totally worth it!
  13. casc27


    Blue. What do I win? Glad to hear the lower digits are on the mend. You did not lie; those toe pics are truly revolting. (If I wanted to see things like that I would have gone to medical school!)
  14. casc27

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    However that was accomplished I am sure their plans were foiled a certain percentage of the time. (Slinks away, promises to keep day job.)
  15. casc27

    A big project!

    What is that? (cost/hourly rate) * some labor constant?