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  1. casc27

    you're not helping!

    Next time tell the foredeck monkey to bring some TP.
  2. casc27

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    Basic biology of the female urinary tract. No man should ever enter a pissing contest with a woman, either metaphorically or practically.
  3. casc27

    you're not helping!

    If you can't do at least 15 pull ups get the fuck off my foredeck!
  4. casc27

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    Screw it, apparently we are all fucked. I think I will go drink some Pappy Van Winkle...
  5. casc27

    what is it?

    That has got to a pricey build!
  6. casc27

    what is it?

    J3 = Piper Cub PA-18 = Piper Super Cub (But I can't tell for which this titanium construction is destined.)
  7. casc27

    A big project!

    My guess is Leo will be at this for a decade or so (if he can keep going, and I hope he can). But he seems to be having fun and doing good work so I hope he enjoys the adventure.
  8. casc27

    J70 Rudder Slop

    Holy shit, I did not know you spoke Snagg's, Gouv!
  9. casc27

    Who killed MR. CLEAN?

    I thought he was just stoned and/or wasted most of the time.
  10. The acetone and ATF mix will do the trick in about 5 minutes. Here's how: 1. Scrape off all loose rust. 2. Apply plenty of the ATF/acetone mix, get it good adn wet with the stuff and do not worry about getting it all over the place. 3. Move your tin of the ATF mix far out of the way. 4. Stand about 5 or 6 feet from the stuck wheel assembly. 5. Light match and toss at the ATF/acetone soaked wheel. (I find the large wooden matches tend to stay lit better during the short flight to the wheel.) 6. Stand by and watch the conflagration. Do not allow it to get out of control. 7. Once the fire is done head inside and order a new beachwheel set. (Okay, that sounds more like 20 minutes.) Happy New Year (hope you manage to get your wheel unstuck)
  11. casc27

    Who killed MR. CLEAN?

    Did he fall into L'il Murray's locker?
  12. Well, based on my 30 years of observation, about 90% of the boats in any marina never leave the slip. So, the bar out on the docks would save them some walking up to the club. Likely with a commensurate increase in end of the dock micturation.
  13. casc27

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    El B, that's a great idea. And since my age is closer to your SC50 than my SC27, maybe you can just hand that one off to me, gratis, when you get your upgrade. Thanks, Rimas, this would never have happened if you had not led the way!
  14. casc27

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Dammit, Brian, that hurt my eyes more than the pony picture! Why? Why did you have to do it?? What really gets me is the amount of money pissed away on that abominable paint job.
  15. casc27

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    Competition is always about maximizing your own situational opportunities for success. So, the mentality of seeking an unfair advantage (and Mark Donohue's book "The Unfair Advantage" is a very good read, btw) is kind of baked into the cookie. But if you figure out a way to do something advantageous first (i.e., your competitors are not doing it) and it is not banned by the rules, then you have achieved the "cheatin' fair" from the Buddy Melges quote above. And no, I would not classify that as cheating, unless you surreptitiously continue the practice after the powers in charge of your sport ban it.