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  1. Rimas will swim to the surface from Davey's locker, find a derelict vessel floating around our there, put in the work to scrub the growth from the bottom, drift to the NP gyre and knit his own sails from floating bits of plastic, learn to sail upwind and actually finish a voyage on his own, with no donated tow into harbor before the above ever happens.
  2. Nah, pretty weak. Keep your day job. Almost sounds like something I might have said (and that's bad). And Scott, nobody cares...
  3. Fort Drum, the "concrete battleship" is a fortified island. Not a ship, never was. The Navy may have entertained fc as a building material but if they did I would guess as an alternate to steel over concerns about availability of steel. Pykrete has also been entertained as a material for ship building. Doesn't mean it was a good idea. If you want to bounce off icebergs I'd suggest steel, the material of choice for every ice breaker I've ever heard of. Or wood, worked for the Fram. Not dissing your project but your boat is an odd duck.
  4. First I've heard of a cement core hull structure. Sounds a bit heavy. Kidding aside, wtf? Why would a stone hull even need composite skin (frg, Kevlar or whatever) at all? And no, I am not a fan. Although, I did think they looked cool sitting half-completed in Half Moon Bay when I was a kid. Never saw any of them launched. But the same could be said of the steel boats around there at the same time.
  5. After you hit your head a few dozen times, and remove the skin off all your knuckles you'll learn to avoid the deck mounting hardware. you will want to trim the bolts even with the nuts, however. Other than that no protection needed.
  6. Thanks Bob, I needed a smile this morning.
  7. Well, you know, pot is legal in OR. But that was an egregious miss.
  8. Damn, that's a loss. Fair winds, Meade, after a life well lived.
  9. I think there were only 6 or so Humbolt 30's produced. Good luck finding one...
  10. Fatalist bravado. It would be easy to make an argument that it used to be more accepted in what you have termed "western culture." But now we live in a bubble of belief that nothing bad should ever happen and there must always be a magic escape button. And if none of that works by god there had better be somebody to sue! If you leave it to the gods, and you are a true believer in the perfection of divine providence, then there is no potential for negative outcome. If the venture into which you have haplessly flung yourself does not turn out they way you hoped, well, your hopes were misplaced. That clearly was not the divine plan for you. Not too different from the kind of mentality behind things like: "The tree came crashing down on my car and by the love god has for me He made it hit just far enough to avoid killing me." If god loves you so much why did He drop a fucking tree on your car? I'm not much of a Rimas defender but damned if he didn't just go, wallowing in ignorance the entire time, but he went. Now, don't get me started on your punctuation, 12.
  11. "Peek" season? These charter boats come with some kind of peep show? Now I understand the high prices.
  12. Probably this
  13. Rimas! We found you!
  14. Rimas: first human to make it to the singularity.
  15. The Olson 25 is a nice boat but as Ian said, a bit "sticky." They've had successful crossings in the SHTP. I don't know if any have entered Pac Cup but I would not be surprised at all. Other than having seen one or two I know squat about the B-25. The Wilderness is a nice vessel as is the Laser 28. I never really liked the looks of the Laser but they go well enough. Another candidate might be the Antrim 27.