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  1. casc27

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    Exactly. You'll worry about the cool factor in your teens and twenties, maybe even into your thirties. By the time you are in your forties (and worrying about paying for your kids' college) you will just stop caring. And in your fifties, when the eye doctor mentions early signs of cataracts and your pterygiums are getting worse you will wish you had worn them constantly.
  2. casc27

    Non Skid Gelcoat

    Yep, and nothing will tear through foulies or skin faster. It is VERY anti-skid, though.
  3. casc27

    Cheap fibreboard box - as weatherproof sailbox?

    This, too.
  4. casc27

    Cheap fibreboard box - as weatherproof sailbox?

    This (as a second to IStream). Back when I was young and telephones actually had dials and were attached to walls we used to store things in cardboard boxes. To make the boxes last longer (as in years and years) we would varnish them. So, whatever leftover paint or varnish you can find for free (preferably something other than latex house paint).
  5. casc27

    Sailx status?

    I am given to understand that Snags hasn't smoked\downed\shot\snorted anything in decades. He just lives in a state of permanent flash back. However, I would not trust my source on this. You never know with a cat of Snag's character...
  6. casc27


    I thought vulvas liked fucking fatter things...Hope you get her sorted.
  7. casc27

    GRIB File Sources will email a grib to you
  8. casc27

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Because there is nothing like wet carpet sitting on top of unfinished plywood to make a boat smell like...
  9. casc27

    Hull now needs faring.

    That pic has been around here before. Still good for a chuckle, so thanks...
  10. casc27

    FP First Blood

    Fuck this guy goes through boats faster than my ex wife went through toilet paper.
  11. casc27

    Heat treating stainless

    The Melges 24 fleet is doing this constantly. I asked for another 30 seconds before the tack too many times to count so I could finish winding up (or unwinding) that f'ing rig. Don't know of any other classes that allow this (there may very well be some). I also have no idea if the OP is racing in a fleet that allows such adjustments while racing. If not, then yes, adjust the unloaded shrouds on the leeward side.
  12. casc27

    A big project!

    Amid the vapid masses who spend their days staring at pictures of whatever their "friends" had for lunch on F***book we find this. Almost gives me hope for the world...almost.
  13. casc27

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    Where's that blowhard from Hong Kong when you need him? Edit: I just remembered his moniker: The Dubinator!
  14. casc27

    Reviving an outboard

    FFS, has anyone tried starting the f'ing motor yet!??!? And yes, it's a 4 stroke, so check the oil, provide new fuel and try starting. Work from there...
  15. casc27

    Tuning app

    So, I kind of thought my reply was obviously a joke...but maybe not...