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  1. Here's a grab of the Weta World Map to make it easier for you next time you go for a road trip. I've counted 11 Wetas in New England and a dealer at Wareham. The OP was asking for modern designs. Hobie 16s were designed in the 1970s and have to be glued together to make them stiff which means they take up a lot of room in the boat park. And you can't sail them solo without risking capsize in anything over 20 knots. The Hobie is heavy at 320 lbs whereas the Weta is 260 lbs fully rigged - and there's a new lightweight foam core boat and larger square top mainsail available if you want higher performance or sail in light winds.
  2. The Weta is a dinghy - OK it's not a "monohull dinghy" but it's still a dinghy and it's sailed at dinghy clubs. In fact because the Weta handles more like a skiff with stabilisers and tacks like a monohull, at some clubs they race in the mixed monohull fleet rather than with other multihulls. And I'd therefore agree that the Weta is possibly the only asymmetric dinghy that is commonly sailed in the US - they get 25+ boats at the US Nationals and there are 100s nationwide (see the the Weta World Map). At 275 lbs total the OP (and crew) are the ideal weight to sail a Weta two-up. At the recent World Masters Games in Auckland, NZ there were 50 Wetas of which 30 were solo and 18 two-handed (but only two US entrants).
  3. Solution for cold water for the crew - buy her a dry suit but let her choose the colour. #wavebarrier
  4. At my local sailing club you'll find "one design" boats gathering dust at the back of the boat park locked because their owner has discovered the "next new thing" or a better, more modern, lighter alternative and so I'm pleased the Weta has evolved since it was launched. There have been a number of options for Wetas (larger kite, furling jib, smaller main) for many years and its up to the National Class Association to decide what is the " best" option for "one-design" racing. For example, you could choose to add 10Kg weights to the foam boats for class racing and use only 8.3SqM sails. You might have noted the success of the Aero against the all-consuming Laser fleet because it tapped into the requirement (particularly from older sailors) for something they could handle more easily and wasn't so bloody uncomfortable to sail. The Hobie 14 & 16 dominated the multihull market in the 80s and 90s and while they still have a large following, better, lighter, faster alternatives from Nacra (and others) are eating into their market share. So as a manufacturer, do you keep churning out the same product which opens up opportunities for competitors to eat into your market share - or do you continue to evolve the product?
  5. I have a feeling that the boat weight in the original flyer may have been "optimistic". I know that the original boats that were produced in New Zealand were lighter (and some of them were foam construction) but they did get heavier when production moved to China and also as heavier sailors started to sail them they were gradually beefed up. When the French produced the boat specs for their rules they weighed and measured a sample of boats and produced a minimum weight of 120Kg with an average of 125Kg which was also adopted for the US rules. I'm 85 Kg and my old boat (2009 #325) required a carbon "saddle" on the Amas as they started to crack from my weight when hiking from them - the new boats (2015 on) don't have this problem.
  6. Weta have just announced a larger square top main (9.3 vs 8.3 sqm) and lighter foam built hull (12kg lighter) which will make it quicker in the light stuff and easier to manoeuvre on land. www.wetamarine.com/news-and-events/exciting-new-upgrade-options-for-weta/
  7. Take a look at the Weta Buyers Guide here http://wetaforum.com/wiki/weta-wiki/buying-a-used-weta/ I agree about not trailing it with the rudder fitted - the rudder stock is carbon and too easy to damage if you accidentally backed into something. The boat comes with a custom foil bag designed to protect both the rudder and centreboard and it takes only a few seconds to fit the rudder. There's a couple of local boats on Craiglist within your budget. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/boa/6124805060.html https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/6063727426.html And some more on Sailboatlistings
  8. Since no-one else has mentioned it, I'd add the Weta to your shortlist. Enough buoyancy for 3 adults Can be sailed/raced single or 2-handed Planes upwind in 10 knot wind and will do over 20 knots downwind No abs of steel required - sit on the tramps or sit on the float upwind Very stable but easy to right if you do capsize Can be sailed comfortably in almost any conditions (I've raced in over 35knots with the full rig!) Easy to rig - stow to go in <25 mins Only requires the footprint of a Laser to store 14 ft 5 in / 4.4m x 5 ft 7 in / 1.7m Lightweight carbon and fibreglass construction at 265lbs / 120kg Carbon mast, foils and beams. No boom to remove your head Over 1200 sold worldwide and some in your area on the Weta World Map. Nearest dealer at Wareham: The Multihull Source +1 508-295-0095 sailfast@themultihullsource.com www.themultihullsource.com Fun, Fast, Easy - Life's Better with a Weta! More at wetamarine.com
  9. To my knowledge, the longest dinghy/small boat race in the world is currently the Everglades Ultimate Challenge which is around 1200 miles (allow 20 days). You are allowed to switch boats for the river section, crossing from one coast to the other, since it involves a 40 mile portage. The next is probably the Everglades Challenge which is *only* 300 miles down the East coast of Florida (forming part of the Ultimate Challenge). Both are entirely unsupported (there are no beer tenders!). Most other distance races seem to have stopped due to insurance or other issues although the 6-day Lake Malawi Marathon in Africa is scheduled for August. The best we can manage in risk-averse Australia is one-day "Marathon" events.
  10. Yes but its not a boat
  11. Really excellent event - great organisation; great venue; good weather - light, medium and strong winds - something for everyone (albeit a bit cool at times). 170 Lasers (86 Standard, 84 Radial) 52 Wetas (32 Single handed 20 two handed) Results and photos https://www.facebook.com/Torbaysailingclubevents.co.nz/ http://www.torbaysailingclubevents.co.nz/
  12. Which boat do you think most fits the description and why?
  13. Um - in what way is a J80 and First Class 7.5 not a sportsboat? J80 First Class 7.5
  14. I'm helping to organise a 2 day charter regatta in France next year and we have the choice of all using j80 or first class 7.5. I haven't sailed either - what should we go for?
  15. I'm helping to organise a 2 day charter regatta in France next year and we have the choice of all using j80 or first class 7.5. I haven't sailed either - what should we go for?