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  1. Youth evolution in sailing

    Not really relevant to the question I asked though is it! <sigh>
  2. Youth evolution in sailing

    I read somewhere recently (or it may have been a video interview) that the Un-Regatta Program in the O’pen BIC had a much higher conversion rate of junior sailors into youth and senior programs than the traditional Opti>420/Laser Radial training programs that just concentrate on racing. Can anyone point me to any online resources with data to back up this claim?
  3. Weta anarchy

    One of the benefits of the traveller is you can keep hold of the tiller through the tack for more control and less overtackkng. It’s simpler than the twin tiller extension to set up. Also the crossover jib sheets are connected to a loop in the middle of the jib sheet using a soft shackle and the ends tied off at one of the loops on the edge of the opposite tramp making them available while hiking as well as keeping them away from your feet - and you only need to detach the soft shackle to derig.
  4. Another what's the best dingy question

    There is a fleet of Wetas based in Melbourne who sail out of Frankston and a dealer, Colin Bresnahan of Weta Victoria, who is based in Melbourne and has a demo boat available. We recently registered as a Class Association and expect to hold our first nationals next season. A bit late for this year mainly because Australian Sailing wanted A$800 in public liability insurance before you could register - fine for big classes but ridiculous if you're just getting going. Thankfully that requirement has now been dropped for 2018. There are about 50 Wetas spread around the country with growing interest in the new lightweight foam core Performance model and square top sail. Previous events in NSW have attracted 10 Wetas (Jervis Bay) and 12 in Queensland (Lake Cootharaba) and we also sent a container load over to the World Masters Games in Auckland last April. I think a Weta is a dinghy in the same way a Hobie 16 is a dinghy - the Weta just happens to have an extra hull - but it tacks more like a monohull than a cat. And for anyone who weighs 100Kg the Weta is ideal since no abs of steel are required - you just sit on the tramp or (if you're feeling energetic) sit on the amas upwind. Yes, you can capsize them but you have to work really hard to do so - and it only takes 5 mins to right it if you do with no outside assistance required. However the main advantage to the Weta is you can take it out in almost any conditions - I've raced in 35 knots when only the Flying Dutchman was still out. And there was a Weta sailor in Scotland who survived a 56 knot squall which decimated the rest of the fleet. We have an active Facebook page (facebook.com/ausweta) and newsletter (archive here). More info on the website at www.weta.com.au The Weta also does well in mixed fleet racing....
  5. Weta anarchy

    Thanks Peter The simple traveller setup (now allowed under the new rules) is really easy to do/undo if you just want to test it out. Just create a fixed loop in the middle of 2m of rope (Butterfly knot recommended) pass the ends around the ama arms each side and tie off to the mainsheet loop on the cockpit floor so it's reasonably tight over the tiller with the loop centered. Then tie (or use a soft shackle) the bottom of the mainsheet block to your new traveller loop. You may need to adjust the position of the becket for the mainsheet cleat with a screwdriver so you can release it easily when sitting out. If you want to refine it you can extend the tiller 20cm under the traveller with either (a) a broom handle (b) a sleeve of carbon tube (c) a sleeve of PVC plumbing tube. While you're replacing the halyards, I can recommend replacing the main halyard leader with dyneema instead of wire. No more having the swage come undone or having the wrong part of the leader catch in the V cleat. You need to use thin 75cm of Dyneema (2mm) for the leader and tie a loop in both ends. Then tie a knot 25cm from one end to catch in the V Cleat. Tie another loop in the end of the halyard and you then have a Dyneema replaceable leader.
  6. I think interpreting NMEA is old tech. All I want is a dual screen device that can be driven by a phone app which can do the NMEA interpretation (eg IRegatta) and if no NMEA it uses the built in GPS of the phone - like iRegatta and RaceQs.
  7. Weta anarchy

    Yes I leave the shock block tied in the loop - it means you can’t fully drop the jib but it comes down far enough. I suspect the old boats don’t come with Dyneema core (my 2009 boat didn’t #325 but it wasn’t new when I got it). My 2027 boat came with Dyneema core halyards as well as the forestry lashing line. I usually loosely tie the jib when rigging then tension it fully after I’ve raised the genneker otherwise it slackens a bit. if you’re sailing solo the additional blocks tied to the front Ama arms for the genneker sheets is a big improvement- it gives better grip for the block but it really helps to have everything in front of you - similarly with crossover jib sheets attached to the job clew from a loop in the centre of the sheet using soft shackles. Also it keeps the sheets from under your feet. Combined with the traveller, it means you can gybe and tack facing forward which is better for boat handling. Ive tried ski goggles but I found the foam in the vents absorbed water and they started to steam up. You do need something with open vents to keep it fog free. I’ve reviewed some goggles and glasses here.
  8. Weta anarchy

    The current boats have cam cleats for the jib and gennaker halyards and a T-cleat for the main halyard - but that is locked into a V-cleat at the top of the mast anyways so is under no strain. I've tied in a Ronstan sheeveless block (aka Shock) into the jib sheet for the 2:1 so it ends up 10cm above the cleat to prevents wear on the rope. With the 2:1 I don't think you need the expense of spinlocks. I've also now replaced the wire leader with Dyneema (lighter and maintenance free compared to wire) braided to a thinner dyneema core main halyard. We also developed a Traveller amongst other mods for the World Masters Games, so you no longer have to pass the tiller around the stern - more info here. I've replaced the swivel jib cleats with swivel spinlocks because the standard cleats are difficult to release in strong winds. An alternative is to use a 2:1 on the jib sheet to increase leverage. There's no change in the firehose but I now have self-cleaning Sacuba sunglasses which means I can usually see where I'm going! Finally I've got rid of the falling birds nest of halyards on the mast (which always fell down in the middle of a race) with a halyard holder/water bottle cooler - Available for only A$20 from the Australian Weta Class here.
  9. Weta anarchy

    How to beat a Dutchman Weta vs The Rest in one lap dash race on Sydney Harbour
  10. Weta anarchy

    You could have made it out of carbon like one of the French Weta owners.. About EUR 100 apparrently
  11. Weta anarchy

    Nice video - if you're looking for a camera which you can set and forget, take a look at the Warrior XM G1 - it has a 6 hr battery and records at 1080px 30fps. It uses standard 1/4" mounts and I recommend the 1/4" Sony mounts as they are cheaper than GoPro, use 316 Stainless Steel and have fewer parts to catch a rope. The Roll Bar Mount fits the bowsprit (I mount mine about 1ft in front of the bow) and the handlebar mount works well with a Suckerstick suction pole mount at the stern. Details: Cameras , Mounts Pair this with the free RaceQs app on your smartphone for tracking and analysis.
  12. Weta anarchy

    Congrats on your new purchase Martin - it sounds like a bargain! Before deciding to go the twin tiller route, you might want to look at the Laser-style traveller option for the Weta which was developed in Australia for the World Masters Games. It means you can hang on to the tiller through the tack. All it requires is a spare loop of line around the ama arms. More details on the Weta Forum here
  13. The T106 is really a big-boat solution as it's only available for Raymarine Maxi Displays and I don't really want something around my neck that could catch while I'm ducking under the boom during a tack. As per the original SA discussion , I think most are looking for a dinghy/small keelboat solution rather than systems for larger boats where you have a wider choice (e.g. Velocitek) and deeper pockets , plus you don't need the twin screens so much as the helm doesn't usually hike out. And I'd prefer a system based on non-proprietary components as it would keep the price down and provide more options for innovation.
  14. If it was that easy someone would have done it by now - especially given the price point of the Tacktick. And you have better ideas of course?
  15. I agree it does function well but it's ridiculous that an expensive piece of functioning technology has to be thrown away after 4-5 year. And there are DIY instructions online for replacing the battery here. I'd prefer something that has - A remote control function so that I can set/synch/reset the timer from my wrist without having to sit by the mast waiting for the gun. - Additional buttons for set/resetting the timer on the unit (switching modes in a hurry is too confusing) - Replaceable battery But actually, I'd be more interested if it could link to my phone (below deck) via Bluetooth which is the way my Pebble Watch works with RaceQs on the phone & watch. It has all the remote functions but I have to keep looking at my wrist for the display which I'd much rather have on the mast. I think the most interesting solution would be to have the Tacktick as a sealed waterproof smart display unit and keep the functions in the phone (which has much better app development tools and technical infrastructure) with soft buttons on the unit which can be programmed at will. All communications using Bluetooth because it uses less battery life than WiFi - add a wrist remote to set/reset/synch the timer and you'd have a winner IMHO. The alternative would be do have a unit driven by a low-cost off-the-shelf micro computer (e.g. Rasberry Pi) but battery life might be an issue.