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    Sailed for 45 years on an off. Built my own aluminium tri back in the 80s. Spent many years as a commercial mackeral and tuna fisherman and ab diver. now a marine plant physiologist. hope to get back cruising soon on a Harryproa.
  1. The buccaneer tri were good in their day yet i think the twiggy mk1 and mk2 were newer and the bullfrog/verbatim 40ft was his best. The twiggy was sailed to England by Cathy Hawkins and Ian Johnson and nosedived in the round britain race then salvaged and nosedived again in the route du rhum and lost. The twiggy mk 2 had a plumb bow and more buoyancy forward to try and stop it diving while surfing down waves which happened to cathy and ian. A F31 has beaten a twiggy at AMOC. If you are going to go for a crowther tri then the 40ft Bullfrog/Verbatim design would be his best for racing and this thing was a rocketship with a husband and wife 2 handed crew set many records that stood for a long time down this way.They didnt really have that much pressure in racing so probably didnt push it as hard and went for a tube instead of wingmast.I reckon this was our fastest offshore multi for years beating larger crowther racing cats and would still be a weapon in any fleet. Lock Crowther was a genius and a true pioneer in multihulls and while all his boats are good the buccaneers came early and his last 2 trimarans Bullfrog and the 60ft Avatar i believe were his best.There was more of an emphasis on cats in his last years. Bullfrog, Verbatim stilll holds the Tran Tasman record as far as I recall, Robert
  2. Very nearly bought a foam hulled Buccaneer 33 in Darwin a few years back. Still a v good boat and sea kindly.