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  1. My barber's gardener reckons Commanche = Ludde/CQS
  2. So is it a good buy? Edit: PM'ed you
  3. Mooring wise I'm the opposite (30' cat 1300kg's). My boards still have about a foot out the bottom when fully raised so the boat did have a tendency to sail around. I fixed it by locking off the mast over rotated (about 70 - 80 degrees) so there is wind drag pushing the boat back in it's mooring tackle and the boat can't rotate enough for the mast to power up.
  4. If it was somewhere near Toronto Ontario, I'd say it's a little single hander I designed and built back in about '96. It didn't hare wings when first built but one of the 14 guys inherited it after I left and put wings and a 14 rig in. It "could" be that boat.
  5. Wood's pretty!
  6. 3mm Gaboon for MCR. No stringers and minimal (polystyrene) bulkheads. Used the tensioning of the skin caused by the torturing process to keep rigidity. Like Phil, 200g double bias carbon from mast bulkhead to back of seat track to combat torsional forces from sailing with the seat at the back in high winds. Kevlar under the cockpit floor to stop me putting my feet through but I personally wouldn't use Kevlar again, too much of a pain to work with. Still came out a bit under 55kg's in measurement trim (from memory). Probably had some added weight by trying to keep the ply clear finished
  7. From my reading I'd say his mouth Edit: Opps, not body that was waterlogged, maybe that just happens to me in an IC...
  8. Yeah, I didn't mention that the chine is 30mm higher on those drawings but I see what you're saying about the stern width.
  9. As that fine doyen of Australian advertising Big Kev used to say, "I'm Excited" !
  10. Well said Sezed One thing I might propose to the Aussie builders, as I know we will want to do our own thing, is to maybe agree on some standard cockpit dimensions that will allow some common tooling for things like the carriage, and if that's too hard then maybe a standard seat mold that we can use. I know from my build that those parts were some of the hardest. Jethrow
  11. Wow, great value there! When you're talking about the elders, after looking at the podium I can only think you're targeting the 80+ group?
  12. Also, did anyone do some sneaky measurements of things like rig placement ranges and sail area ratios?
  13. Assuming a modern composite rig and seat etc, what's the target hull weight to get to minimum? My previous boat was only a couple of kg's over but I didn't record any weights of the other parts so I can't remember the hull weight.
  14. This popped up on my feed today... https://southeastsailboats.co.uk/uncategorized/building-an-81-downhaul-for-an-olympic-medallist/
  15. So with the worlds just a wee bit away I thought I'd bump us back to the top.