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  1. Jethrow

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    I think the comma in the price is one spot too far right...
  2. Jethrow

    Older fast Aus multies

    My memory is a bit fuzzy but weren't these boats a one design built for the Prosail series rather than to the Formula 40 rule? I'm sure they were good boats but not the pinnacle of Formula 40 development...
  3. Jethrow

    Older fast Aus multies

    I saw Windswept out the other weekend. Maybe another try at the Crowther regatta?
  4. Jethrow

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    ^ So do you reckon that Hydroptere is just tied to the dock along the stumpy 15 ft outer hull!
  5. Jethrow

    Light weight traveller block - is this new?

    Definitely not class legal but I like the idea!
  6. I'm guessing they are contractually obligated to NOT make their intentions clear!
  7. I had my wing mast fall down at the mooring. Very embarrassing!
  8. As long as the front doesn't fall off. You know, no cardboard derivatives and such
  9. Jethrow

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    nice parallel twist between the genoa and main...
  10. Jethrow

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    So you don't want someone to shoot him???
  11. Well he certainly comes across as a journalist with integrity, presenting balanced stories with verified information from both sides of the debate...
  12. Jethrow

    Yan Ki Pas Vic Carpenter Fans

    I sailed a few times on a Carpenter 30 or 31 "Bad Attitude" (temporarily called "Fuzzy Pink Slippers" for a while), back in the 90's in Toronto CAN. Certainly a fun boat to sail on, but a lot of that might have been the crew
  13. Jethrow

    Sunfish drawing/CAD file

    I'm guessing the OP might want to model the Sunfish on the dolly to see if it will go through the 32" door, might be wrong though...