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  1. 11 Metre One Design

    Yep, she's been out sailing this week in all her glory!
  2. 11 Metre One Design

    Not really sure what all that is Paz. All I can say is that we rarely leave the club without a bottle for placing in our division in ORC-club (I think I said ORCi before didn't I?).
  3. 11 Metre One Design

    They are bandits on ORCi
  4. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    ^^ OK everyone, in your loudest voice and all together "Look out, there are minis about!"
  5. Finn sailing

    ^ give them an internet link and a Sailing Anarchy login?
  6. Hard dink vs inflatable...

    Ummm, this is not that kind of dinghy anarchy, you might be better served over on cruising anarchy. My 2c worth though is hard over soft dinghy
  7. Onefly foiler

    I think I have one design myopathy. Just about all the boats I've had have been the only one of the design.
  8. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    Yeah, I see what you're saying but there's just not enough offset between the batten & the gooseneck compared to the mast pivot to balance the loads I'm talking about. We saw something like maybe 50+ kg's when the current lock snapped and a new crew tried to grab it in a particularly bad washing machine chop. It just tossed him across the boat, sail cloth and battens can't hold that.
  9. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    I like your thinking there VMG but no usable winches on the boat, just purchase. I think I just need better memory! I have had a thought about a cam based snubber rather than a locking purchase, I'll post pics if it works
  10. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    I think as long as you stay within 2 miles it's still Cat 7. At least that's how the RPA operates it's Broken Bay Series.
  11. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    ^ Nup, wrong. My gooseneck is inline with the sail track and the mast is so stiff with so little luff curve that it has no effect. Sail shape is excellent for the boat so inhauling to give more batten pressure is undesirable.
  12. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    I have a few friends that might disagree with you there, not necessarily multihullers
  13. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    Yeah, it's the whole "Letting it off before tacking" that's bringing me undone. You don't look like you've got a purchase in the system above? Do you just set your mast at a particular angle or am I missing something in the photo?
  14. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    It used to have a boomless deck sweeper, about 15 years ago, before it became trendy. I cut it off...
  15. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    I should add, 30' cat, mast 14m by 500mm chord.