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  1. Jethrow

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    The difference between JobKeeper and JobSeeker is light years apart. I just missed out on JobKeeper because of the 12 month in the same job rule, but applied for JobSeeker the day it was anounced that you had to apply for an intent to apply and everything would happen from there (I already had a Customer #). I toughed it out for a few months and am now working again but I never heard a thing from Centrelink. There is no way to ring them and they say don't come into the offices. I think I'm a lucky one and I feel for the ones that have fallen through the cracks.
  2. But surely people see that the LP price has nothing to do with actual price and everything to with screwing over any other "Laser" type class or manufacturer. They can afford to take a loss for a while to make the others look bad.
  3. Jethrow

    Poor thing...

    With the transom hatch being open like that, I don't think downstairs would be very pleasant. Doesn't matter what the country, that's not a good sign...
  4. Jethrow

    Australian Sailing

    RPA is starting up then as well. They are having crew limits to conform to Covid- policy and I think non-spinnaker is to keep crew numbers down for everyone (not give us shorthanders an advantage )
  5. Jethrow

    Australian Sailing

    You know I'm no fan of the ratcheting up of racing costs over the years but what sort of Trailer/ Sailer racing are to doing to need Cat 4!
  6. Jethrow


    Admiral, it might be a reference to the official worlds course being triangle, W/L combinations with the first reach angle being set a lot tighter than the second reach. Not even sure if they still do that, but it was a thing when I was sailing them in the 90's. They did heat up the angles downwind in a blow, but I wouldn't say they sailed the same angles as an asymmetric boat like an I-14.
  7. I can confidently say Shu that there has been no change in mast prebend. It's a carbon mast, 500mm * 150 on a 30'er, the thing is a telegraph pole, zero bend! I'm going to have a major attack on friction elimination this weekend if the rain stays away.
  8. Randii, I would have to say it's one of the top two, probably the top left as it's the smaller of the Antal tracks. Re-bushing may be required, Racing. They haven't seen that much use but they are old so maybe dried out or whatever else happens with age.
  9. Jethrow

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    You forgot the OTHER premier division Chucky. The multihull division kills it for social distancing and 4Sqm per person!
  10. Hi Zonker Yeah it'll still go through the clutch 2M up the mast, just the tail coming back to the cockpit. It's more so that I can be near the helm when the sail is going up. A bunch of people are talking about boltropes but the luff is an Antal Car system so that's a no for the boltrope fix. Batten compression is not really an issue as the sail only has a tiny amount of luff curve (it would be less than 20mm). I should know I built the sail 20 years ago I've had a few different attempts at lubing the track. I'll try again doing the whole track rather than just the individual cars. I know a few have also said I should just HTFU and pull harder but I'm just trying to make it easier for the wife and I to go for a sail.
  11. and I would guess the main is more like 80 to 90 lbs...
  12. Yeah Tomfl, I agree that it should go up easier but I don't agree the main is light! I will go up and re-check the sheaves though. Normally I send the wife up to do rig checks but she just looks for broken or worn things...
  13. Nah, she's a Jethrow. I designed and built her 20 odd years ago but she's not seen much use the last few years. Just finishing up a refit so trying to get out more.
  14. Yes, as you can see from below a new mainsail is long overdue, but that's not going to happen for a while! You can make out the main halyard clutch on the mast a little above the jib telltail window height. Mainsail weighs in the region of 35 - 40 kg's with battens. Car system is Antal 22mm
  15. Hi all I have a fairly heavy spectra mainsail on a rotating wing mast. The main halyard clutch is about 2m up the mast and I have no self tailing winches. The current halyard is 2:1 and I've got to put in a fair bit of grunt to bounce it up the mast by myself, so I've been thinking of going to a 3:1 halyard (the halyard is due for replacing anyway). My Pro list is: I can maybe pull the halyard up from the cockpit via a turning block at the mast base I will have access to the end of the halyard for inspection rather than it being at the top of the mast as it is now Less creep on the halyard when sailing Smaller diameter rope is cheaper Cons More rope to stow when the halyard is up and a longer halyard overall (4* mast length as opposed to 3*) more length needed for the purchase at the top of the mainsail More rope to pull when hoisting So, what are your thoughts? Anyone out there have a 3:1 halyard?