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  1. Yep. I was sailing Tornado's from Woollahra in probably 86 or 85 and we definitely did one race with T's, 18's and a C (Yellow Pages???, I think the wing was yellow)
  2. Jethrow

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    Yeah Tunnel, LP is the short form of Luff Perpendicular. The other girths (cross widths) are generally a percentage of LP. You can have a longer leech with the same girths and Luff length and the sail will measure the same. Change any and the area will change and so will the rating
  3. Jethrow

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    IRC doesn't measure leech length, but yeah, if the luff or LP is longer you'll take a hit
  4. Jethrow

    World Sailing Vote ... Proposal M36

    So what would a girly Finn look like? They already tried with the Europe? Or a totally different boat with just a combined pointscore?
  5. Jethrow

    VOR Leg 8 ItajaĆ­ to Newport

    Why won't my tracker update, I keep having to refresh!!! What's the good link?
  6. I sailed the scow for a while when it was in residence on Pittwater. It was a hoot to sail but didn't have enough rocker to cope with the swell running around Lion Island. It submarined a lot and capsized a few too many times for the race committee. It was finally asked no to race with the club...
  7. Jethrow

    Team Australia

    I think it was indio in #324...
  8. Jethrow

    When to gybe

    It changes with wind strength, more wind deeper angle, it's just something you have to learn.
  9. Jethrow

    Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    Why not OD the sails, rig and foils but box rule the hull? Bigger savings on the consumables and things that break, and then the boats are more individual...
  10. Jethrow

    Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    From his previous messages I'd guess Hobie 16?
  11. Jethrow

    Turbo Opti

    Yeah, it's nearly a real boat now!
  12. Jethrow

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Awww, C'mon, ya gotta have Stace (V11) in there, quiet achiever!
  13. Jethrow

    Solo Tasman Yacht Challenge 2018

    In another M2O link, I guess the TransTas guys will have to look out for TC Isis coming down their layline, currently mucking up the M2O race.
  14. Jethrow

    Melbourne Osaka 2018

    I'm guessing the singlehander guys from NZ to Mooloolaba will have the same issues, sailing up the same track the cyclone will be coming down.