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  1. Jethrow

    Craigslist Finds

    Looks a little "see through" in the cockpit floor area!
  2. Jethrow


    Slight off topic... My stressed ply paddleboard @guerdon
  3. Jethrow

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    I'd love to see it go ahead too but to me, the want of the organizing committee for it to go ahead does not equal the various government's ALLOWING it to go ahead.
  4. Well it's been nearly 2 weeks. 80 odd views and 0 comments. I guess that the question about generating more interest is answered. The answer is NO, there is no interest. Especially considering you only have to go down 5 posts before you find a post over a year old. Oh well, time to cut it loose, for me anyway...
  5. So if you go for the "Full Assembly" option, how long does it last for? Does that include putting it in the water or just rigging it for you on race day?
  6. Jethrow

    Nuclear Sailing

    Yeah, as above. There's a difference, I said has held not currently holds...
  7. Jethrow

    Nuclear Sailing

    But kites have held the world sailing speed record
  8. Jethrow

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    I would debate that they "Plane" upwind. They might surge, skip, scoot, but I don't think they plane upwind. But I'd say yes, when powered up you can reduce the side force by pulling the board up a bit.
  9. Jethrow

    Nuclear Sailing

    Fundraising with flashy promo first, then models and prototypes!
  10. Jethrow

    boomless mainsail reefing

    I would think that the geometry of the foot length to the various reef foot lengths would need to be very exact so that the sheeting angle was consistent. Not impossible to work out, but it would still need a lot more thought than goes into standard reef placements.
  11. Jethrow

    armchair Protest Com.

    In a similar vein, here is the latest amendment to our centreboard courses for tomorrow. If you're doing a "T" course, which way do you cross the finish line???
  12. It seems this forum hasn't really generated any interest in the grand scheme of things. If it was re-branded as a more boards & board foiling place, would it? You know like kiting, windsurfing, wind-foiling, wing-foiling, sup-foiling, prone-foiling, Olympic-foiling catchall would it get more hits?
  13. Seeing the number of posts, it seems like it has attracted a huge amount of interest
  14. Finns would all have a custom luff curve fitted to one of a few base sail models dependent on a mast built to their body weight and size. The mast manufacturer's bend numbers are accurate enough for the sailmaker to put the correct luff curve on a new sail from just the numbers if they've been in the game long enough.
  15. Jethrow

    Flying ant gear