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  1. what is it?

    Probably a bit daft to leave a boat with no keel on the hard with the rig up. Hoping for sub 20 knot breeze for the year I guess.
  2. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    I like how everything he chose had fuck all to do with what the vast majority of sailors in the world sail. If they want gymnastics they should get down with the 14 year old chicks. This misses the point that most Olympic venues would be no good for half the proposed events with lack of wind and waves.
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    It was probably best you did not quote the great laureate.
  4. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    I am guessing you took the learn to write yourself option.
  5. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Here is a crazy idea. Fund your own lifestyle. Does everyone want to chip in for some SB20 sails for the Europeans next year so me and my mates can go racing. No did not think so.
  6. Sailing & Racing in/near Manchester UK

    There is a lot of lake sailing in this area. The sea has a big tidal range in this section of coast.
  7. opti's (sic) rule

    I think this boat sums up sailing at present. £2500-3000 depending upon options for a rotomoulded boat with some alloy extrusions and the odd bit of injection moulded plastic and a sail worth a tenner. If this was not for people with too much disposable cash this would be £1000 tops. When you can buy a new optimist for £3000 keep it for 10 years and sell it for £700-1000 then this looks like pretty bad value. Basically a little bit faster because it is a little bit longer. Good news is you can pick up a 5 year old one of these rotting in some ones garden for about £200 if you are into this sort of thing. You wont win anything though as its hull underwater lines will be as bent as and 80s met cop.
  8. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    That fishing boat crew will be loving the extra hand Rimas could give on the way back to port. Then they met Rimas.
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It is a bit like listening to some of Donald Trumps tweets. Rimas and the Don have a lot in common except wealth.
  10. opti's (sic) rule

    I think a number of people on this thread think that we should just give 10 year olds international moths. This would spice youth sailing up no end. Hopefully the dimwit suggesting lasers will find out that your average 10 year old is not heavy enough to right the fucking thing let alone sail it on his own kid and not a group of unsuspecting kids. Maybe the clue will be when they can't move it on the shore as the boat and trolley weighs two to three times that of the sailor.
  11. what's it for?

    I am guessing a club with moneyed members will not be interested in sinking about £350,000 for a fleet of 10 club boats for week night racing. I am not seeing why this is anymore that a £20k boat including options. Going to be fun for everyone hiking off the back of this bus with no footloops.
  12. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    A class is not bad because a small group of idiot parents lose sight of the important aspects of raising their child. The above story is a tale of ridiculous expectations, disposable cash and a lack of any sense of realism. Maybe you should have told your mate to get a grip and saved him some cash but deep down I am guessing that he was not such of a mate. If this family were not doing sailing then the kid would have been doing any number of other heavily coached activities.
  13. opti's (sic) rule

    I think the reality is that you could buy a boat from any of the current manufacturers and win a world championship. Some of Winners claims are likely to be blatantly false and would likely be taken of UK TV for false advertising. They claim they use a special fibreglass. I doubt very much there is much difference between the fibreglass they can commercially buy and that to the rest of the worlds boat builders. In terms of sails you could buy a sail from any of the 3-4 lofts that are popular and again win. If parents are stupid enough to believe that this makes a difference then more fool them and shame on the coaches for allowing this nonsense. As an engineer I know different. I personally like the choice within the class in terms of equipment as it keeps standards high and costs within reason. Would I want the laser model of sails produced for $60 US dollars at a far east factory being sold to me for nearly 10 times the price.
  14. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    I would take issue with Chris's assumptions below. "It’s not just that there are no athletic sailing facilities or fleets. It’s how we train our “sailors.” We keep our children locked in the least athletic dinghy ever designed – the Opti. For heavens sake, it was designed to stay upright no matter where you sit. A great trainer for year 1, but after 4 years – c’mon. No wonder American kids prefer the next step to be a 40 year old design 420 over a modern 29er or Nacra 15. After 6 years in a Opti – you want a stable barge." Coming from Scotland where the average 4 weekends of training over winter for the National Optimist and 420 squad would see at least 50% of the time with wind speeds in the 20knot plus range there is a good reason for stable boats. Upside down boats teach people nothing and all the coaches do is spend their time making sure kids are not dying. We have seen a upsurge in the use of Tera's instead of optimists. The reality is it is not a significantly better boat. Sure the 29er is a good boat however it requires a higher skill level to sail it in 20-25knots of breeze and a seaway that a 420. Instead of kids competing against their peers we have class fragmentation in the UK that will likely lead to less quality racing. It is not the boat that is most important it is the racing, social and fun sides of the sport that bring people back time and time again, particularly for children. Yes I went Optimist, 420, 49er, Musto Skiff and much as these later boats are good fun and provide an adrenaline rush there is a place for good racing in relatively slow boats. My Solo is a good example of this. If you don't have facilities then sort this issue out but don't drag the poor Optimist and 420 into the argument as they are not the reason your local sailing clubs are shit.
  15. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    There is a lot of straining on that boat.