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  1. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    That may well be the case but to the wider economy it is irrelevant.
  2. Andy Hunt is moving on before his decision making truly comes him to roost. I am starting to think thatbthis ceo stuff is pretty easy. You just need to get your next position done 12 months before the shit hits the fan and it is nothing to do with you.
  3. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    This is a 2 pence difference. It is barely even noticeable.
  4. bdu98252

    Olympic I Foil

    I must be getting old. I remember a time when you could buy a new board for £600 and a sail for £400. Today it seems that non Olympic equipment is say £1799 for a starboard foiling board and around £600-£700 for a sail. The tender prices although in Euros are 3399 and 1149 euros which is a massive inflation for a sales volume that will be high. What business model. Win the tender and uplift your prices. What a massive own goal.
  5. bdu98252

    Olympic I Foil

    What about class racing for those that are not mounting a campaign. If it was 3k then you would have every windsurfer giving it a go and participation would be up.
  6. bdu98252

    Olympic I Foil

    assuming the selection of the new windsurfing equipment is definite whatvdo people make of this kit. The cost at 6800 euros for a package seems pretty steep. Another case of the gold plated olympics?
  7. bdu98252

    Craigslist special. Bubba is selling his project

    I cannot imagine what horror is hiding behind all that internal spray foam. Actually I can it is rust and a never ending nightmare.
  8. bdu98252

    Classy women sailing

    It is good that she got the guys doing the work.
  9. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    You are conveniently missing the possibility of a no deal in X months if the UK has a GE and then appoints a majority Tory administration with the anti no dealers removed from standing. This has always been the problem with the Irish position in preventing a border they may well end up with a hard border and have to then enforce it at the EU's request. Bit of an own goal but then this is politics where everyone thinks they can push a position with no consequences.
  10. bdu98252

    Anybody use dash cams?

    This is not the case. The protest committee will consider the video and its limitations and work with what they deem they can from the video. For sure there are some things you cannot prove due to no depth perception on a camera but there is often a lot a single camera can prove.
  11. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    This is pretty symptomatic of the EU's stupidity. A large amount of the data on that database comes from the UK at their cost to input. Post Brexit sure the EU can decide to let us not put data onto the system and access the information but this will be to their disadvantage so talk about shooting yourself in the foot and I am sure this will be pointed out the first time the EU want to extradite someone. A point those in love with the EU repeatedly fail to realise. The UK EU relationship is a two way thing and if the UK can keep a form of economy going for a couple of years after a No Deal Brexit whilst exercising their national interests strongly some of those in Europe who wish to be so punitive may see that as a false errand and realise it is not so bad dealing with an independant sovereign nation that you apparently had good relations with.
  12. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    When you go down to the container port it is clear that the checks are spot checks only and based on intelligence from the electronic declarations. Are you really claiming that the last time I went through a port such as Dover they were pulling every truck that had goods not from Europe for a full physical check of the goods. If that is your claim you are clearly on crack. In most cases it is the buyer responsible for the goods legitimacy and if found to be flaunting then they can expect the penalty to outweigh the benefit.
  13. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    The restaurant owner had recently started to offer fish as the prior only chicken restaurant was not doing too well against the many chicken and fish restaurants that had opened recently in the area. The first two chefs had only ever cooked chicken as no customers had ever asked for fish and did not like fish so decided to quit instead. The restaurant owner is now in a bind as his third chef does not have a long track record of cooking fish as all chefs have been cooking chicken only for the last 50 years and is now thinking on his feet. The waiting staff are deliberately being obtuse as they want to go back to a day when chicken was all they served and there was only one form of chicken and taking the order was as simple as counting heads. The customer being the sort of guy who is a bit easily led just wants the chicken as this is all he knows and it seems the easiest outcome.
  14. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    The issue with the backstop is that if you create this technological system the other party can simply say they don't like it and refuse to leave the backstop. Therein lies the problem that only someone who wished to never leave would agree to the backstop. I feel embarrassed having to point this out to you.
  15. bdu98252

    ongoing concerns

    You are making the rather large assumption that these kids have the skill level for a 29er. They are not even sailing a international 420 so it is a bit of a step up don't you think. He has said he is running a community sailing programme. Not an elite sailing squad.