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  1. Trump could not drain a swamp if the swamp was clear water in a bath with a plug on a chain in full sight at one end.
  2. Man on internet forum claims guy who was very close to being intubated should man up and get back to work. Oh the irony.
  3. I think you might be comparing a mere beginner to a fully fledged pro. That and a bit of dragging out footage from when the UK may well have not had a single covid death.
  4. Most humans would take a lot of horse deaths over a few human deaths. Sounds like the vaccine worked unless you had a financial interest in horses.
  5. I am intrigued as to the relevance of older shoes than a person. Go on let us know the science degree as i think you have amnesia personally.
  6. I am living in the UK where they might not have went full on Chinese by welding front doors shut. Mandatory closing of certain businesses, only permitted out for certain work or essential functions such as food shopping and one bit of exercise per day from your house. Are you disputing this is a lockdown or are you still talking shit that the UK never said it was going to incrementally increase restrictions until they could smooth patients through the NHS. I have been watching the news for the month and they have indicated this multiple times. Back to my prior point in that governments don't tend to advertise future restrictions as there are more negative actions than positives that come from this.
  7. Have you ever considered that governments dont tend to like telling a population that on day x there will be a lock down as all the time up to this is pandemonium.
  8. bdu98252

    Trump: It Ain't All THAT Bad!

    I hope your list is not in order of importance. If not you have a really low bar on Trumps antics.
  9. Trump is going to kill huge numbers through his narscisim yet a good percentage of the population swallow it. I am embarrased to see him on TV. If i was Jason Bourne i would be mounting an assasination campaign.
  10. If you want to take Boris to task then address the failure to get right onto supplies such as ventilators 14 days into Chinas issues. Going after him as Jacko has for following a science led incremental lockdown is a weak argument as lets face it there will be no one on this forum that has the qualifications of those advising the UK government.
  11. You are correct in that schools shutting was inevitable. My original response was to those claiming that schools should have been shut sooner. If we had shut schools before we had shut workplaces then what you describe would not have been true. I wonder why the UK still has schools open for essential workers. Maybe they see the risks of their parents not turning up for work or posting the kids off to the grand parents.
  12. I have not retracted this claim as the video was a series of cut videos. Given you like to post long responses post up you original mashup and then the complete video. Someone even posted a transcript of the first clip which shows it was a clip.
  13. Boris and his scientific advisers have stated multiple time for the reasons not shutting schools. I will let you go and figure the downsides of shutting schools prematurely. Heres only one of the many reasons to get you started. A large number of nurses have kids and are the primary care givers. I wonder what they do with their labour when you shut schools. I am sure you would do a better job that the many scientists feeding their analysis up to the top guy advising government. Got any qualifications you want to share with the group?
  14. Their policy has never been containment as they never thought it was possible with the uk population. Mitigation always involved the ratcheting up of controls. Clowns think this sliding scale approach is some sort of inconsistency when in fact the opposite is true. In this system there is literally fuck all point in delivering a couple ofnpeople a day to icu for a ventilator with over the top restrictions. I think the uk government have got the balance about right. We will only know for sure in about 7-14 days time whether we have enough beds.
  15. Well done for bringing up a transcript proof of jack sparrows selective cutting. Chapeau.
  16. The government from day one realised that they could not idetify every carrier and trace all contacts to contain the virus in a western society and took it as far as they could since then it has been a policy of attempting to control cases through the nhs to be close to max capacity. If we had just shut down everything in december when we had little or no cases it would not have had the support of the public. You are probably the same sort of fucknut that would say that Boris has coronavirus as he did not wash his hands enough. The scientists have been leading the uk reaponse and to put it bluntly i trust them more than i trust you bullshit mashups cutting at key points in interviews.
  17. Good job misquoting Boris with that mash up of shite. Listen to the first interview and wonder why it cuts just at the point he was about to advise thatbthis strategy would be a fucking disaster hence why the uk gov has not followed this approach. Why not follow it up with a maggie thatcher quote about no such thing as society.
  18. bdu98252

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Talk about comparing apples and pears. Have a think about all the things the US federal government pays for that European nations individually pay for. I will start you off with defence as one example.
  19. bdu98252

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Only to an American audience does cheerfully upbeat but a total fucking idiot work. As a Brit I want to punch them in the face and then hold their heads under water to make it stop.
  20. bdu98252

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Just look at what the next US school shooter who gets a body count of over thirty is packing and roll with that.
  21. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    Out of the 670 billion only government spending which would be the minority would follow your logic. The majority is private so if we naively assume that businesses pass this small saving onto consumers then yes the could all volunteer the saving to build 14 hospitals however i am keen to see how you are going to get this behaviour in practice. There are downsides to running a deficit and having an over valued currency such as the pound was prior to brexit. Are you against germany surplus through exports assisted by a euro consistently devalued by weaker eu nations. I know which one i would take as an economic model.
  22. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    That may well be the case but to the wider economy it is irrelevant.
  23. Andy Hunt is moving on before his decision making truly comes him to roost. I am starting to think thatbthis ceo stuff is pretty easy. You just need to get your next position done 12 months before the shit hits the fan and it is nothing to do with you.
  24. bdu98252

    Olympic I Foil

    assuming the selection of the new windsurfing equipment is definite whatvdo people make of this kit. The cost at 6800 euros for a package seems pretty steep. Another case of the gold plated olympics?
  25. bdu98252

    Brexit, WTF

    This is a 2 pence difference. It is barely even noticeable.