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  1. That's why I like my spot on Boxing Day, got to love the exclusion zone flag!
  2. If you go out on one of the AC boats, make sure Mouse is on board. He'll point stuff out, then drink with you.
  3. Yes, Mr Porter....Hobart time?
  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Sunfish followed by a blow from the west
  5. Leaky Forespar Seacock

    Dash Hi I'm based in Sydney Australia so have passed on details to my contact at Forespar.
  6. Leaky Forespar Seacock

    Dash That looks like one of the old style MF850 series. The handles on these can't be replaced, however if you upgrade to the 93 integrated series, then you can easily change the handles if there are any leaks. salestechsupport@forespar.com
  7. Jees Peter, where have you been! Thought everyone knew about that link.
  8. Brisbane 2 Gladstone 2017

    Damn I thought I was the only one with a white Line7 jacket from 81! Mines in the garage in case it rains and I get caught out. Replaced the zipper a few decades ago, that's all.
  9. Happy New Year!

    My son got to take a tour of Wild Oats before the race - thanks to long time SA member Phil for that one! Yep
  10. Oy, Sydney!

    What for? Yeah , will introduce you two!
  11. Oy, Sydney!

    Introduced BJ to a heap of Aussies at the Skiffies and then took him up to North Head for a view down the harbour. Obligatory for any visitor to town.
  12. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    As a NRO, it's my job to make sure my customers get what they are after. A clear start and a fair course. But I do most of my work north of you.
  13. One to keep an eye on eh? I only knew about the A10.
  14. Live concerts in awesome locations

    Beach Boys at Rat Park North Narrabeen in the 90s, John Stamos as drummer. 50' from the stage dead in front. With the kids and their besties.
  15. Front page

    Great little trailer yacht that one, many fond memories from back in the early 80s.