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  1. Phil

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Gotta stick in yet?
  2. Phil

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I've been reminded that it's been a few years since I stayed at the RORC in London. I'd love to have another beer with you. Are you bringing the Mrs too?
  3. BJ, you and me ( well maybe a few others) need to have a beer again. I’ll be in Hobart in February for the show, otherwise you know where I’m at.
  4. Phil


    JW, I know that you did the second and the Mitchell Sails E7 did the first, I don't remember you doing the first. When did we pass you?
  5. Phil


    No that wasn't Pillow, he didn't do a HCW to my knowledge. The pic above on the E7 reminds me of last Sunday, it was exactly like that conditions wise.
  6. Phil

    Sailing one-liners

    Hurry up and wait
  7. Phil

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Only the same stuff that you and I are on.
  8. Phil


    Unfortunately yes is what the word is. Was hoping to see him next Saturday.
  9. Phil

    S&S Design 2096 rebuild

    On the day the photo above was taken, we were racing 2 handed to Botany Bay and back. Some notable points of that day. We were alongside Diamond Cutter [Davidson 1 ton] going in to the bay. Coming back in the light NorEaster other 1/2s like Newspaper Taxi, Public Nuisance couldn't keep up with our big #1 heady. And yes I still have a couple of those yellow T shirts!
  10. Phil

    HI RACE WEEK 2018

  11. Phil

    HI RACE WEEK 2018

    We didn't chuck a pic out when we ran aground during a certain race, rather I seem to remember you having a beer instead with DCMJ doing all the panicking.
  12. Phil

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    Defiance has a good ice box. However with freeze dried food these days, plenty of room for keeping drinks cold.
  13. Phil

    Adam 10m

    MMmnn Adams10s eh? Did sail them for several decades. Yes there is one in England and one in Asia and I think in NZ too. In NSW they all sail one design and in Victoria they also race to their rating. The one in England was a good boat when racing in Sydney, haven't seen it since it went to Vic and then shipped to the UK. You can have a new one if so desired, I believe that Phil West can assist at Sheerline Spars. The moulds are still up at West Gosford. As for making the next $$$, I'd love to be able to pay myself.
  14. Phil


    Mnn, Improbable. First boat I steered at well into double digits as a young fella, courtesy of Skip Allen. Always liked her as a result.