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  1. Phil

    what is it?

    Yours truly on the helm of Defiance last year.
  2. Phil

    what is it?

    I know too, having been a previous skipper so I won't say.
  3. Phil

    SCOTW: Granny?

    She's happily single and sailing. No children or grandchildren that we know of.
  4. Phil

    SCOTW: Granny?

    Duds is one of the sports best, the female version of natures gentleman. Puts back into the sport assisting with Sailability at my club, aside from being a top competitor herself.
  5. Phil

    Australian Sailing

    Not to be, swap in another Adams10 sailor in Rob Clarke. Plenty of experience behind the scenes in Rugby too.
  6. Phil

    Bar Karate - The Sailing Podcast

    So far? Dick Sargent and Carl Ryves 10/10. More of those guys, esp Dick who sailed on Animus with us one year. Robby Naish 10/10
  7. Phil

    Best Spinnaker Car Mount? Pros and Cons?

    Did you guys ever catch up for a beer? Should have.
  8. Phil

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    R, I hope that there was no outside assistance to that one boat followed....[grins]. Mrs Sportscar unfortunately missed the race this year due to other unfortunate but now fixed issues. Cheers P
  9. Phil


    It was when Improbable came to Sydney for the Hobart race that this then wide eyed teenager went for a sail on her with Skip. In turn my Canadian mother invited him over for Thanksgiving. I can only remember the opportunity of steering one of the fastest boat downhill, downhill with that tiller.
  10. Phil

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    I've been actively volunteering as a Race Officer at my club and others since 2005 and the last time I actually went sailing was 2 years ago. The greater majority are in the same age bracket if not more, 60+. Getting newbies is hard, most get seasick especially offshore. It always seems to fall back on the same shoulders week in week out.
  11. Phil

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    Bottom pic is that of Indian - note bow number! at 47' , half the size of BJ and WO.
  12. Phil

    Seven Years Out

    And it was a pleasure to meet up with you and the family whilst you were in Aus. It's been good following all the travels and hassles along the way. Say Hi to the Boss for me. Cheers
  13. Meltemi is owned by a couple down at Ulladulla, hence being on a mooring in the harbour.
  14. Phil

    Passage Watching...

    Good to see you lot arriving in one piece, I presume BJ looked after you OA.