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  1. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    Perfect year for shorthanded races.....Maybe I should get another boat....Or a new tractor....Or some pigs. I just can't make up my mind.
  2. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    Ummmmm... What race?
  3. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    You can run races, but as of right now I'm definitely not ready to be on a boat with 11 other people. I don't think I will be in a month. I really can't say where I'll be in 2 months. We definitely all sail on boats with crews that are diverse politically and economically. It's beautiful that it doesn't matter one bit on the water. But the diversity that is going to impact all sailing this summer is the diversity of peoples understanding and views of this virus and their understanding and views of how their individual actions can have an impact on society as a whole. Every sailor on every boat is going to have a different position on the situation. It's going to be incredibly difficult to just plug last years crew back in and hit the starting line. And yes Clean, I am retarded.
  4. fetzer24

    Harmony 22 Questions

    Almost accurate except Gordon sunk it on a Saturday race but still had it back on the starting line for Sunday's start. Pretty sure he sunk it twice actually.
  5. fetzer24

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record again

    Got to finish to win. Glad everyone is OK
  6. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    Knew we weren't going to finish as soon as I saw the course. Wind did exactly what the high-res models said it was going to do. Fast boats would of finished the straight line course but I think the slow boats still would of gotten left out in that hole.
  7. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    Methinks the pole needs to be pulled out another 10 feet......
  8. fetzer24

    Where is Peerless now?

    Peerless is in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Getting ready to do a little more sailing with an awesome new owner and some crew that have been around the block a few times. Gonna be good to see it back in action. Not sure about the other comment on here....I'm definitely average at one and remarkably average at the other but I'm not sure in which order.
  9. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    There was definitely some navigational confusion. Boat was heading towards the red and green lights of Mona Lake channel. Appears to of been coming in almost perpendicular to the shore at the time. Think it actually got far enough in to of made contact with the steel after it started hitting the bottom. There was a line around the prop that apparently ended up there as the boat was trying to get itself to safety after ending up inside the sandbars It was a N/M designed Morgan 45. Rudder and steering broke after the grounding. It was night. It was really wavy. Must of been pretty scary for the people on board. Really great guy that got really confused and made a really bad decision.
  10. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    Keel didn't get cut off. Lots of fake news in that post. They just tied a line to it and pulled it off. Rudder broke on the way out.
  11. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    That's a good looking boat. Bet it's pretty quick.
  12. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    It's Bretwalda. It had a retractable sprit until last year.
  13. fetzer24

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    North lake Michigan Buoy is wind at 250 degrees blowing 29 gusting to 36 at water level. 7 foot waves. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45002 What an awesome weather window. They nailed it.
  14. fetzer24

    Pyewacket T-Boned at Campbell Cup?

    ?/Magnitude/Equation/Pyewacket Cheval/Pegasus/Decision/Runaway The Decision is the one that put that hole in the Titan in the above pics. That was a crazy day.
  15. fetzer24

    West Michigan Thread

    Might be one less boat on the line this summer.....and maybe quite a few summers....