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  1. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    It was wet at times but not the fire hose that you think it would be. Very little spray made it to the very back of the bus. But that being said there was lots of standing water coming over the deck, you'd often be in the back of the cockpit standing in 6 inch deep water. Spinnaker trimmer was typically the guy getting hammered as we were the only guys outboard in front of the wheels. After we gybed and set the A3 in the morning things got a little gnarly. The sea state was huge and our angle into it was rough with the right shift and the reaching kite. Jack was trimming the kite when we barreled into the backside of a monster. I ducked my head for a wall of water flying down the boat, we were pretty steadily hitting mid to upper twenties on the speedo at this time, when I looked back up Jack had been washed from his spot and was packed on the cockpit floor in between the steering wedge and the cockpit wall still holding onto the sheet. In typical Jack fashion he calmly says "A little help here?". Pretty funny shit bombing at 28 knots.
  2. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    There were a few cameras and GoPros going. I'd think some stuff will start making the rounds soon. The morning was still pretty fast but the gnarly action was all going down in what seemed like endless darkness.
  3. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    That run was over 24 hours for the sleds. We went by the island just at dawn and hit Chicago the next day an hour or 2 after the sun came up. Would of been faster but the big breeze didn't come in until we were south of the islands. Just a tight jib reach until the breeze shifted. That night was absolutely epic. Full moon showed us the way home all night.
  4. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    Pick one of each to help make your choice. A. Carbon hull B. Fiberglass hull A. More sail area B. Less sail area If you picked A, you want the Peerless! If you like B, you want to karaoke with the Tiny Dancer.
  5. West Michigan Thread

    Might be one less boat on the line this summer.....and maybe quite a few summers....
  6. West Michigan Thread

    Longbow. Open 40.
  7. Another stolen boat.

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with a financial agreement between the trucker and the owner.....that never happens.
  8. 2016 SSYC Queens Cup

    Sailing 100 degrees off of course for a while was definitely nerve wracking but sailing south straight into that high seemed worse. Over the entire race track we sailed an extra 22 miles but never hit a huge parking lot. Slowed down a few times but always kept it moving. Us and HB were within shouting distance for much of the night. We just got lucky enough to get the last shift.
  9. 2016 SSYC Queens Cup

    Lumpy and slow....it was awesome.
  10. 2016 SSYC Queens Cup

    And in regards to the subject, I think moving the finish every year is not helping entries.
  11. 2016 SSYC Queens Cup

    Trunk Slammer is a term I created many years ago simply describing those that site up on the weekends and leave the club on Sunday afternoon. It's simply the sound they make when it's time for them to go back to their other worlds. It was never meant to be derogatory but has seemed to become an offensive term for some.
  12. Cone of Silence

    Both Macs we raced against the Cone it legged us up the lake and led pretty handily south of the Manitous. Both races the breeze went extremely light on Sunday night and we passed them to the east both times. Once they went outside the Manitous in front of us and couldn't get back in and the second time we ended up blazing up under Cross Village and passing the entire world. It definitely wasn't a boat speed problem for the Cone. Peerless was more of a weapon in under 8 knots and we had a couple guys with 20+ Macs under their belts which is more often than not a strong combination in that race.
  13. West Michigan Thread

    If you whine enough they'll make them whatever you want.
  14. West Michigan Thread

    What do I win?
  15. West Michigan Thread

    Variance = STD squared