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  1. xsailmakerSYD

    Interesting New Lifesaving Device

    This would work on Ocean Racers ........ https://thelittleripper.com.au/ all ready in use in AUS by the beach patrol .... and sponsored by a Bank no less, keeping their customers safe
  2. xsailmakerSYD

    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    ex - Team Australia from Sean Langman ... ORMA 60 was Banque Popaire
  3. xsailmakerSYD

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Scally already is Doyle.... c/- Mark Fullerton
  4. xsailmakerSYD

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    That was Fred Williams ( of Fred Williams Water Ski's fame ) he brought the A-Class Scow to the Lake in 80's ...
  5. xsailmakerSYD

    Fareast Sails

    I would not be complaining if Sandy Goodall was designing sails ! ..... Top Shelf !........ he has a long history with the Smar Azure sail design program.... but you will find that it will be based upon libraries that he supplied for the program.
  6. xsailmakerSYD


    yeah... good news for all..... We have been seeing some crazy weather this year..... Today in Sydney will top out at 35 degrees C when it should be more like 22 degrees C..... the seasons looked to have shifted by 6 weeks later in the year ! Very warm ocean currents still off NSW.
  7. xsailmakerSYD


    ... bump ! .....
  8. xsailmakerSYD

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    wow..... looks familiar with CQS !! perhaps Brett Bakewell-White is on the right track after all....
  9. xsailmakerSYD

    Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    ...... need to include the Pacific Ocean, with a lap around Hawaii ..... that would supply more doldrum crossings as options to disrupt
  10. xsailmakerSYD

    A Gentleman

    must be the different behaviours in each hemisphere after all, we are 'down under' !
  11. xsailmakerSYD

    A Gentleman

    A Gentleman doesn't wipe his dick on the sheets when finished
  12. xsailmakerSYD

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Scallywag 100 has been in the shed in "the orient" getting the shortcuts from Sid's ownership removed...... will be a boat more like the design from Andy Dovell's desk rather than the cut and shut approach and 'canny value' exhibited from Sid !!... Wild Oats XI is sold !
  13. Fraser Island is the reference point ......Fraser Sails (back in the Day) Bob Fraser went on to develop 3d string sails then sold off to the Doyle Group. Those days were ' enlightening ' when 'maximising the IOR rule' ....... Not the only guilty Loft...
  14. xsailmakerSYD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Boat goes fast(er) with a busted wheel......