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  1. Fareast Sails

    Good... they use SailPak design tools as well as Laser cutters and all the right technology for manufacture. No issue with quality.
  2. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    refresh your page
  3. The Mother of All Sports Boats

    Another large fleet was on Lake Macquarie ' in the day '....... prime attraction factor was home built out of plywood ... I sailed on "Storm" with Don Mackenzie and "Windward" with Wally Prior..... Don built 2 x boats in total, the last one in his back yard. Both boats always Red... Fred Williams ( Fred Williams Waterskis ) had " Mistress Kate " which was yellow on one side and red on the other. The boat did not measure as it was a bit underweight and slight error on a measurement station, but was still a Diamond ! The Lake fleet had around 8 - 10 boats at any one time.... then the fiberglass Diamonds appeared..... but the killer for the fleets in Australia were the Etchells ... Great times and many stories...
  4. Don't leave Hawaii

    maybe an option for Jennifer Appel and the dogs ......
  5. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Figaro 3 fitted with a T-Rudder and Centerboard and then scaled up !!!! this little PRODUCTION boat is starting to show what can be achieved..... so don't 'right off the impossible' just yet. Groucho has it nailed... we know nothing....
  6. would you sack mark richards ?

    Don't forget WOXI (before bow modifications) was chartered by Roy Disney for TransPAC, then sailed back from Hawaii to AUS...... 2018 Prediction !!!!! Roy Disney to buy WOXI and take her to California !!!! Watch this space ....
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    10 mins max..... just center the keel and put a team on the runners ! oh... cancel that about the runners... just press the button for the winch.
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Looks like ol' Bob isn't happy with something on how the program is being run... a 'bolt from the blue' is a wake up call to check the rigging ! since that's the last thing left. Instruments are only for recording purposes... I'm sure with the level of competition in this years race that "where are those fuckers going...." will override what the instruments say....
  9. used to use one of the old SS varieties.... it was christened "elle" as in Elle McPherson.... because everyone wanted to stick their dick in Elle !!
  10. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Don't forget that Loyal/Infotrack is the current record holder and is well over the 'breaking problems' of old...... Essentially the same EXPERIENCED crew as last year calling the shots. This time with a new 'wallet bringing some mates' along...... and at least the newbies have no 'delusions of grandeur'... they have a front row seat (or should that be rail) watching professionals drive a boat as hard as it can go. The skipper calls the shots... the owner pays the wages & the drinks bill.........
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Canopy is not 'new'.... was built with the boat to be used for 'cruising deliveries' ........ If it was me I would be full time using it on that surfboard !!
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    LDV Comanche is on the way to Sydney......... Marine AIS puts her currently of Southport doing 16.4 knots
  13. Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Yep...... Keep dreamin...... your boat will be a give away if you need to change ....
  14. Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    Really..... is some poor smack really asking this question ??? the benefit of a combined 1000+ years of this thread and sailing by the seat of your pants, is quickly diminished..... spend your hard earned on a Porsche ! ..... oh.... and I expect you have heard the joke.... what's the difference between a Porsche and hedgehog ? A Porsche has pricks on the inside !!