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  1. Hey Bob, what will be the 'elapsed time' from when Betts' commenced construction (on the jig) to daylight !
  2. Jack has rightfully 'picked the point' that you two 'Bozo's' have monopolised this thread, and yaawn... it is getting really tiresome reliving past events..... New crew... new discussion...
  3. Boat 8 .... Adrienne Cahalan Wikipedia Adrienne Cahalan was the only woman competing in the 2005–06 Volvo Ocean Race. She is a qualified lawyer and had a master's degree in Applied Meteorology. Adrienne grew up on the Lane Cove River in Australia.
  4. Hey Tom, forget the recent discussion.... were you able to progress the investigation as to the cause of the helm issues .... pictures would be nice.. as much as it sounds like an off center dagger case, it would be nice to know your conclusions and any rectification actions.
  5. what's it rate ???
  6. divorce ploy ...... she doesn't need a boat as part settlement
  7. where is the 'tradition' ..... all the 'newbies' need to show us some things !!!!
  8. Just back from Bilgola Headland look out....... Black Jack in front off the Northern beaches... can see Oats changed up to a larger Headsail but doesn't point as well.... BJ has them for hull speed at the moment...
  9. I think you will find that the forward Canard 'drops in & out' as needed.....
  10. any photos available of the Monstro Moths ? and any new 'break throughs'
  11. Surely the 8th Volvo Boat may involve the Manouch Moshayedi & Keith Kilpatrick RIO 100 team Luckily for us, we have a very experienced crew who have all been with the boat since its christening, plus we have onboard multiple Volvo veterans, Chris Nicholson, Justin Ferris, Bouwe Bekking, Will Oaxley, and our own ace craftsman and Magyver, Jeff Messano onboard who came up with a plan. Obviously Bouwe has been 'claimed' ... but the rest..... sounds like a great 'crew training' opportunty running to Hawaii.... I mentioned Nicho a few posts ago... watch this space
  12. Skiff sailer (18 footers) gained notoriety by managing to helm Nokia to Hobart when the Volvo fleet used this as a leg... Hard reaching running conditions and NOKIA was first Volvo Boat and set race record in 1999. Sponged off the King of Tonga for a while sailing his yacht and has been involved with Lludde Ingvall with Yuuzoo / Nicorrette
  13. Phaedo is finished
  14. yeah..... Dave Witt(less) and Nicho..... obviously you are not from around here... There would be blood if they ever got on the same boat ... and getting on the same boat will not happen. Nicho is a good fit for Burling, as Burling would hem for the import stuff anyway....
  15. Australia has the Mitsubishi ' Pajero ' 4 x 4 ..... Google says :.... In Spanish-speaking countries, the Mitsubishi Pajero is known as Mitsubishi Montero. It was first named Pajero after the pampas cat (leopardus pajeros), but the name was soon dropped, because it indeed means something entirely different in many Spanish-speaking countries ... BBC - Languages - Your Say - Weird words - Spanish - Mitsubishi ... www.bbc.co.uk/languages/yoursay/weird_words/spanish/mitsubishi_driven_by_.shtml pajero masculine noun, feminine (vulgar, en sentido sexual) tosser (vulg), wanker (vulg) (Central America, informal, = mentiroso) liar (Central America, = fontanero) plumber adjective (Central America, informal) (= mentiroso) fibbing (inf)