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  1. More Cowbell2

    Bloody hilarious

    Tastes like chicken.
  2. She should be in jail for the way she abused/abandoned this child.
  3. More Cowbell2

    This Bud's for You

    It's about the quantity, not the quality.
  4. More Cowbell2

    This Bud's for You
  5. More Cowbell2

    College Football 2018

    Mich vs State is going to be a tough call. Mich has stepped it up this year with Patterson. State was looking like they were going to fold after 2 loses, but then comes back late and beats PSU. Mich defense is one of the best in FBS. I'm going with UofM. As long as they don't have a punting "issue" late in the game.
  6. More Cowbell2


    Ok, You owe me a new keyboard. That's is F'ing hilarious
  7. More Cowbell2

    Best Movie Ever

    Mel Brooks - Pick one, Young Frankenstein, History of the World, Blazing Saddles, ...... For holiday related, Its A Wonderful Life is our Christmas go to.
  8. More Cowbell2

    Freaking Terminators!!

    That flic was hilarious. Bruce Campbell still pulls the same basic character off in Ash vs the Evil Dead. Freaking hilarious, and gross, typical Sam Raimi. Too bad SyFy cancelled season 4.
  9. More Cowbell2

    Better than the french toast girl?

    That's a new way to marinate your meat.
  10. More Cowbell2

    American Whiskeys

    Four Roses is very good too
  11. More Cowbell2

    American Whiskeys

    Widow Jane. Awesome stuff. Neat.
  12. More Cowbell2

    It's Chili time!

    PM an address to send some to.
  13. More Cowbell2

    Building A Bridge

    No thanks. Already got my quota
  14. More Cowbell2

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    Nope. She worked in a law office.
  15. More Cowbell2

    It's Chili time!

    But the chocolate ghost pepper and the Carolina reaper are ok?