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  1. More Cowbell2

    POS found DTS

    I predict suicide by hanging while incarcerated and no witnesses.
  2. More Cowbell2

    Expressions and Sayings

    From the My Dad files, his boss sat him down after a meeting with a supplier "there is a difference from being smart to being a smart ass"
  3. More Cowbell2

    Expressions and Sayings

    "work smarter, not harder", yeah like we are all working stupid?
  4. More Cowbell2


    Take it to 11................
  5. More Cowbell2

    Sunset pictures

  6. More Cowbell2

    Sunset pictures

  7. More Cowbell2

    Sunset pictures

  8. More Cowbell2

    LONQR 2

    Well if you put some tires on that rock..............................
  9. More Cowbell2

    LONQR 2

    in the absence of any friction, in a perfect vacuum, in outer space, yes.
  10. More Cowbell2


  12. More Cowbell2

    Electric Bikes

    Yes. not low enough. If you look on the elux site they do have step throughs, but the Biria ones go down below the pedals. There are some steep hills from where her house is at and where town is, so at 83 years old it has been a lot more difficult to get groceries back to the house. It was time for an upgrade.
  13. More Cowbell2

    Electric Bikes

    My mom is looking into getting one this year since she lives part time on Mackinac Island (no cars allowed) and needs one to get around. The Elux bikes do not have the low step through she needs since she has arthritis in her legs. Biria has a very low step through. We'll get one once the island comes out of lock down.