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  1. More Cowbell2

    Hank Aaron

    He just got his vaccine a week ago-ish, though this does not appear to be related to the virus. I remember seeing him hit the home run to break Ruths record. It was very exciting at the time since that record stood for so many years. RIP Mr Aaron.
  2. More Cowbell2

    Hello frens

    is this your sister?
  3. More Cowbell2

    The hotter Hot Lips

  4. More Cowbell2

    Bigfoot Season?

    Bigfoot hunting season? It's not even Florida. Wabbit season!
  5. More Cowbell2

    What Have You Done Today?

    Michigan. I did not make that one. Kids gave that one to me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I used it as a template for the ski-backed adirondacks.
  6. More Cowbell2

    What Have You Done Today?

    built a couple of chairs
  7. More Cowbell2

    But. It's a tin can. *facepalm*

    How soon we forget.........
  8. More Cowbell2

    Did You Know...

  9. More Cowbell2

    Best Florida Man Story I've Ever Heard

    So they were just trying to get a head in life........... Hat, check Coat, check
  10. More Cowbell2

    Ignore please

  11. More Cowbell2

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    Not quite the same thing, but my wife bought me this for Christmas. Told her it should have said "scotch".
  12. More Cowbell2

    Tower Raven missing

    I didn't do it
  13. More Cowbell2

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    A friend is selling this one.
  14. More Cowbell2

    Tanya Roberts DTS

    Is she or isn't she?