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  1. More Cowbell2

    Kavanaugh - Ballots Not For Flipping An Election

    ..... We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  2. More Cowbell2

    Sandra Brown Thrillers ??

    Bob's gonna be pissed when he finds out.
  3. More Cowbell2

    Sandra Brown Thrillers ??

    What did he feed the maiden?
  4. More Cowbell2


    Some years I cut my own. Others we have it delivered. Depends on how many trees get knocked down after a storm or two. Usually 2 - 2.5 cords last the winter for us.
  5. She's a keeper! F'ing Cray-Cray as they come.
  6. More Cowbell2

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    There were 10 -12 police cars chasing him? Reminds me of the scene in Blues Brothers.
  7. More Cowbell2

    Eddie Van Halen DTS

    Lightning fast guitar licks. EVH, you will be missed.
  8. More Cowbell2

    Eddie Van Halen DTS

  9. More Cowbell2

    What are you watching on the tube?

  10. More Cowbell2

    Marriage Lesson # 5067

    I know nothing of this method of ice removal.
  11. More Cowbell2

    Cheese Burger in Paradise

    Nice pair, errr pears.
  12. More Cowbell2

    Seagrams Heiress Convicted

    Gives a whole new meaning for a 7 and 7.
  13. More Cowbell2

    Marriage Lesson # 5067

    Gray hair? Wish mine stopped committing follicide.