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  1. More Cowbell2


    Noaa satellite imagery of some of the areas effected by Irma. If you look at the north side of St John, near Francis bay, someone has "Send Tesla" spelled out on the grass .
  2. More Cowbell2

    My personal caddyshack hell. Fukin gophers.

    Happy hunting.
  3. More Cowbell2


    Disaster map of hurricane Irma. Click on the "layers", select Civil Air Patrol Imagery and then zoom in on Puerto Rico /St Thomas/St John USVI to see images of damaged areas.
  4. More Cowbell2


    Carribean Buzz Helicopters Facebook page has several fly overs of St Thomas, Tortola, and St John. Bitter End is gone. Sad to see so much destruction.
  5. More Cowbell2


    Kekoa is a class operation. Hopefully they can repair her. Boat already has a history of surviving a major storm when she was shipped from the states.
  6. More Cowbell2


    BEYC was destroyed. 95% of boats in Hurricane Hole St John are gone.
  7. More Cowbell2

    Irma, oh shit

    Someone said the BEYC is gone. Damages to USVI and BVI are extensive. Hope it bypasses Florida.
  8. More Cowbell2


    I think I saw it on the front page.................
  9. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    I like spicy too, obviously, but my plan is to dehydrate these individually, then make a spice to add a little heat to whatever we want to. I tried a sliver of each and that was hot enough. A whole one would put me in the ER.
  10. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    BTW daughter fessed up that she picked up one of the bags that was labeled "chocolate" (Bhut Jolokai Chocolate) and sniffed it to see if it smelled like chocolate. That is why her nose was burning up. I told her they were hot when I was cutting them up and that she should not touch them. Teenagers don't seem to listen until they're in their late 20's.
  11. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    That's a good idea. Next time I will keep some IPA close by. Washed my hands 3 times with soap and water, still a little hot if I rubbed my eyes.
  12. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    Good point, I probably have cross pollinated them since they are close together. Maybe I can name my own hybrid? That would explain why some other peppers that were mild last year are very hot this year. Had them in a pot on the deck. The wife asked which ones were not hot, so I pointed to the peppers that were sweet the prior year. One bite and she spit it out, cusses me out, and went to the kitchen to get some sugar.
  13. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    Now I'm in trouble. Wife called and said my daughter is crying because she must have touched something in the kitchen where I was cutting the peppers up, and it is burning her eyes. Saline solution seems to be helping. I need to be more careful next time. I washed everything I used. Some of the oil must have gotten on the counter tops. I used a cutting board though.
  14. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    This year I bought the plants, so I am trying to save the seeds for next years crop.
  15. More Cowbell2

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    Growing some hot peppers this year that I have not grown before. I've done jalapenos, cayenne, thai, and habaneros before, but wanted to try something more exotic this time. Poblano - ok, so not so hot, but I like the flavor Bhut Jolokia Chocolate (Ghost pepper) - hotter than jalapenos and habaneros, interesting dark brown color. Trinidad Scorpions, Butch T, Yellow - Oh yeah these are hot. Hotter than the Bhut Jolokia's. Took a small bite of one of these and it has a very interesting initial flavor, hard to describe, almost sweet-ish. But then the heat kicks in. Wow. Where's the sugar! Carolina Reapers - Hotter than the scorpions. Have not tried this one yet. Waiting for it to ripen more. Cutting these up (the Bhut Jolokia and the Scorpions) to salvage the seeds for next season. There was a vapor or odor that was emitted that was almost hotter than eating them. Inhaled this by mistake and made me hack up a lung. Next time, I may need a filter mask or respirator. Anyone growing something interesting?