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  1. Canting Keels Future and Past

    I think you are right in that canting keel (ballast) boats may come back into favour and maybe even production for everyday sailors. They are just too damned efficient.Tom Schock was way ahead of his time in adopting the Dan Yachts concept for a production 40 footer. Its potential was seriously hurt when the strut fell off one of the boats following a hard ground and lack of follow up inspection. Nevertheless, the Schock 40 led the way and now,16 years later, almost every offshore monohull (Volvo, Vendee, super maxi etc.) has a canting keel. I have a Schock 40 and have raced Schock boats (35 and 40) for the last 18 years on the Great Lakes where boats get a special pounding from the steep, short waves there. Nothing significant has ever broken. (I can't say quite the same about the J Boats around me who have had their share of problems.) I am always amused when the SA Schock haters, like Great Red Shark, jump in on every thread to bash Tom Schock's efforts. I have been racing the Schock 40 almost exclusively shorthanded (and singlehanded!) the last few years. It is absolutely the perfect shorthanded boat once you get comfortable getting the big chute down without putting it in the water. I am not convinced yet that a top down furler is going to be reliable furling a free flying sail, but we shall see. In terms of maintenance, I had the seals, bearings and bushings replaced after 12 seasons. That is not so bad. The hydraulics and ram are basically "Caterplllar" off the shelf. The system seems bulletproof, and capable of running endlessly. If you think about it, the workload of the ram on a sailboat is nothing compared to one on a backhoe digging all day long. MKF nailed the battery situation. There is something about the 6 V batteries that keep on working even when they should have nothing left. I have done up to four days offshore and the keel never stopped working. I don't know how long it could have gone. You can always re-charge with a portable generator or rig the outboard to charge a pair of 6V at a time. I note that J Boats has finally acknowledged shorthanded sailing (5 people in their view) with the 121. They have chosen water ballast which is nowhere near as efficient or nimble in my view. It also seems like just another significant winterizing issue from a northern perspective. The bottom line is the rest of the fleet will just disappear behind a lightweight canting ballast boat off the wind. There is just a whole lot of fun in that concept!
  2. Sailbot - this is so cool!

    She seems to be in a bit of trouble right now. Rudder hard over and heading south.
  3. Sailbot - this is so cool!

    The University of British Columbia engineering students have launched their autonomous sailboat from St. Johns, Newfoundland heading to Ireland with no shore assistance. https://sailbot.org You can track the boat here https://track.ubctransat.com/tracking It seems to be going better than a 4 knot SB.
  4. No mention of Derek Hatfield...?

    Very sorry to hear of his passing. A great sailor, mentor and motivator. I was pleased to be able to assist him with fund raising for his Vendee campaign and got to drive Spirit of Canada. Good memories!
  5. Wondering about the Schock 40

    Shock Therapy in Toronto is heading into the shop for a little spa treatment after surviving the worst of a nasty winter. Poor Californian boat had no idea she would be subjected to such conditions.
  6. Wondering about the Schock 40

    The original concept for the Schock 40 was to create a one-design boat that could go around the cans and sail offshore. The design does accomplish that. The 40 can do regattas although it's not what puts the big smile on your face. With a dagger board design you would be limited to offshore in my view.
  7. Wondering about the Schock 40

    Shock Therapy in Toronto has been converted into a proper masthead rigged boat with a 110% jib on a Facnor furler connected further forward on a reinforced bow. The stock fractional forestay has been made detachable and carries the fractional #1 and # 4 on hanks. This has solved the only real weakness in performance which was in light air upwind. With the addition of a Jefa below-deck autopilot she is now an excellent shorthanded offshore racer.
  8. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Twice in 2 years, a full day of racing ruined. No excuses for RCYC. I am still waiting for my refunds that I requested.
  9. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    You will also notice the NYC’s Argosy Rose Bowl has also disappeared (good riddance). So, with the Summerville attracting about 12 boats and no one expected for the Boswell in October ever again, that pretty much concludes LORC offshore racing. Too bad. A little marketing and organizational effort by the sponsoring clubs would go a long way. The Susan Hood was heading the same way until the Lake Ontario 300 took over organizing that race without LORC oversight. Look for at least 80 boats there this year.
  10. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I would have to say that Coug's 1st annual D&S pour was enthusiastically received by the LOSHRS racers who had just weathered a truly ugly Lake Ontario crossing. And that was on top of the Heineken keg hospitality on Friday night. Coug has my vote for Boat of the Year! Now, if the syndicate could just get the interior fluffed and cleaned a bit...
  11. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Last year there were 13 IRC boats in the race. This year, there are already at least 14 registered. There will be two fleets - IRC 1 and IRC 2 with the cut-off somewhere around 1.030. There are trophies for both IRC fleets and a separate trophy for the IRC overall winner IRC I Memorial Cup IRC II John Watson Trophy IRC Overall: Best Corrected Time J.J.Morch Rose Bowl
  12. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Shock Therapy is in with a brand new IRC rating of 1.022. Hopefully, we will have a great IRC turnout. Glad to see PCYC putting some effort back into promoting, running the race, and doing post race activities. The chili is already made and we are just trying to decide on which grape juice would be the best with it.
  13. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Racing is actually very much alive on the Lake. LORC is moving to an administrative/scheduling function which is where it should be. RCYC seems to have opted out of LORC, but since getting rid of the NOOD has actually been putting some effort into the regatta scene (RCYC is still brutal in offshore) LYRA at RCYC is being well promoted The LOSHRS singlehanded/doublehanded fleet is the biggest on the Lake and growing every year The Lake Ontario 300 continues to grow and with BlackBerry as a sponsor will go to the next level. The Great lakes Singlehanded Society has partnered with the LO 300 to offer long distance solo sailing on Lake Ontario Even the 8 Metres seem to be totally jammed Lasers are filling Toronto harbour A soon as we get all those cruiser/racers off their docks, things will really get interesting