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  1. sailho

    Best Rock Song Intros

    I'd add,"Heard it on The X" Oingo Boingo, Dead Mans' Party Deep Purple, Burn Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, Tijuana Taxi
  2. sailho


    With the price of the units I've seen on the lot lately, I figured the 2018 would be over 40K. Love to see Jeep come out with a bare bones model, one where you remove a piece of carpet and hose it down...
  3. sailho


    First Jeep an 85 CJ-7, off the lot with 400 miles, $ 8500.00, Inline 6, put over 250 K miles on it, even stock would go places most couldn't. Unfortunately, this was about the time the EPA started cracking down on emissions, and the motor was re-designed with a computer controlled/metered carb, vacuum lines out the wazoo, solenoids, etc. Grand Wagoneer (woody), Cherokees and Grand Cherokees also in the mix... Venture a guess on the 2018 price tag approaching 45K...? Rumor that the Chinese were considering buying the Jeep Brand, ouch!
  4. "There will certainly be a significant investigation of this incident. AIS transponders are mandated by the Internation Maritime Organization. They transmit a ship's identity, position, course and speed every 6 seconds when underway. AIS equipment was designed specifically for collision avoidance (as well as traffic management near ports) and automatic alarms will usually sound when the equipment detects a potential for collision. Military vessels are not required to carry AIS. For obvious reasons, military missions would not allow transmissions of this type. Many military vessels do carry AIS receivers, however. If present, such a receiver should have alerted the crew of the Fitzgerald of the threat. More likely, the crew would rely on even more sophisticated equipment such as radar Radar would not identify the vessel, as AIS does, but it would certainly detect the oncoming vessel. For ships of this size, AIS should be detectable at a range of 20 miles or more if the equipment is operating properly. We know that the ACX was steaming at about 17 kt. We don't know the speed of the Fitzgerald. However, even at her maximum speed of about 30kt, the closing speed would have been 47kt in the worst case (probably much less since the ships collided obliquely and the Fitzgerald was likely not going at max speed). AIS alone (let alone the extensive active radar carried by the Fitzgerald) would have provided at least 25 minutes to adjust course to avoid the collision." Having spent some time in those waters on USN ships and making the approach from the channel into Yokosuka, Japan can be a challenge, incredible amount of traffic, merchant, military and private.
  5. sailho

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Yes, It was in fact the southern Sky...
  6. sailho

    Astronomy Anarchy

    mainsheetsister... Very early Wednesday morning (1:00 am), southern Va. coast, besides Mother Natures incredible fireworks display over the ocean, I noticed a unique cross pattern of stars and/or planets. It was situated right in the middle of an opening in the clouds with an incredible display of stars. Anything of astronomical significance going on? Never seen anything quite like it...
  7. sailho

    Astronomy Anarchy

    "While sky shows tend to be overhyped, the Geminid meteor shower that will peak this Sunday and Monday is supposed to be one of the most promising of the year with roughly 50 shooting stars per hour, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. Here's when and how to watch the 2015 Geminid meteor shower and photos from last year's stellar phenomenon. What's in a name? The upcoming meteor shower is named Geminid because it radiates from the Gemini twin stars Castor and Pollux, Forbes reported. The waxing crescent moon, a less-than-half-illuminated moon that's in its growing phase, should set early, leaving the sky dark for prime viewing opportunity, according to EarthSky. "The December Geminids are a particularly reliable and prolific shower, one of the finest of the year," reads a statement on EarthSky's guide. How to watch: The sky show should be in full effect between 10 p.m. on Sunday through 6 a.m. on Monday, the Post-Gazette reported, but optimal viewing will happen after midnight. According to EarthSky, peak viewing will occur at 2 a.m. local time regardless of location. Contrary to popular belief, the meteor shower can't just be seen from its radiant point, but from anywhere throughout the sky, according to EarthSky, but the Geminid meteors will appear to trace back to the Gemini constellation. EarthSky recommends waiting at least an hour to spot the meteor shower as it takes the eye at least 20 minutes to adapt to the dark enough to spot it."
  8. sailho

    Astronomy Anarchy

    I saw this and thought there had to be some sort of significance... said to myself, self, the resident SA astronomer will know! Thanks for your celestial insight! BTW, The first full moon on Christmas in 30 years...
  9. sailho

    A rant about flying

    +1 also the fact of domestic airlines crying "poverty" for years and not investing in upgrades and repairs of cabin creature comforts...
  10. sailho

    A rant about flying

    So, what’s best to fly? For the first class high roller, named its top 10 (in alphabetical order)... • All Nippon Airways (ANA) • Emirates • Etihad • Japan Airlines (JAL) • Korean Air • Lufthansa • Qantas • Singapore Airlines • Swiss • Thai For business class, here is what to fly... • Air France • Air New Zealand • All Nippon Airways • Cathay Pacific • Etihad • Japan Airlines (JAL) • Qatar • Qantas • Singapore Airlines • Virgin Australia / Atlantic For premium economy... • Air France • Air New Zealand • All Nippon Airways (ANA) • British Airways • Cathay Pacific • EVA Air • Japan Airlines (JAL) • Qantas • Singapore Airlines • Virgin Atlantic / Virgin Australia For long-haul economy... • Air New Zealand • Cathay Pacific • Etihad • EVA Air • Japan Airlines • Korean Air • Qantas • Qatar • Singapore Airlines • Thai Airways
  11. sailho

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Early evening sky on Thursday... Beginning in the evening hours of Oct. 8 and continuing through Oct. 9, the peak of the Draconid meteor shower will become visible to eager stargazers. The Draconids are one of the more unique and unheralded meteor showers that occur throughout the year. What sets them apart from other events is that the best time to view them is around nightfall, as opposed to the predawn hours, according to Earthsky. Due to their location near the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon in the northern sky, Draconids are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, Earthsky states.
  12. sailho

    A rant about flying

    I've shared the plane with chickens, goats,ducks, pigs. Was never happy about it but what do you do? have a barbecue? you travel in a part of the world where this appears to be commonplace? i understand that some folks have to transport their pets, but damn, put em down in the cargo area...
  13. sailho

    A rant about flying

    Animals should not be allowed in an aircraft passenger area, period! Bunch of over coddled, spoiled, separation anxiety ridden asshats! and I'm not talking about the pets...
  14. sailho

    A rant about flying

    "Getting off the plane is just another stress point in the passenger experience, and some people would be willing to pay extra to get to the head of the line." "Could you imagine an airline charging a coach passenger in row 43 an extra $25 to get off the plane before the often-elite flyers up front? It is a fantastic idea — with the emphasis on fantasy"
  15. sailho


    Now that's a "dead short"...