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  1. firefox v57 quantum

    Mozilla/Firefox have now diverted back to Google as their default search engine? Any decent alternatives to a search engine that doesn't have Google wrapped into it?
  2. Best Rock Song Intros

    I'd add,"Heard it on The X" Oingo Boingo, Dead Mans' Party Deep Purple, Burn Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, Tijuana Taxi
  3. Riding Lawnmower DTS

    Agree with the Troy-Bilt Pony, bare bones, $999 and yes, get one with the Kohler... Keep-up with the minimal maintenance and it will last you... They also offer a Bronco and Horse model. I bought a used one for $300 and put some $ in it to re-build the deck and carb, cuts an acre & 1/2 just fine. Husqvarna makes a good mower, but you'll fork out some extra $$$
  4. Jeep.

    With the price of the units I've seen on the lot lately, I figured the 2018 would be over 40K. Love to see Jeep come out with a bare bones model, one where you remove a piece of carpet and hose it down...
  5. Jeep.

    First Jeep an 85 CJ-7, off the lot with 400 miles, $ 8500.00, Inline 6, put over 250 K miles on it, even stock would go places most couldn't. Unfortunately, this was about the time the EPA started cracking down on emissions, and the motor was re-designed with a computer controlled/metered carb, vacuum lines out the wazoo, solenoids, etc. Grand Wagoneer (woody), Cherokees and Grand Cherokees also in the mix... Venture a guess on the 2018 price tag approaching 45K...? Rumor that the Chinese were considering buying the Jeep Brand, ouch!
  6. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    Somewhere over the rainbow...Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's version
  7. "There will certainly be a significant investigation of this incident. AIS transponders are mandated by the Internation Maritime Organization. They transmit a ship's identity, position, course and speed every 6 seconds when underway. AIS equipment was designed specifically for collision avoidance (as well as traffic management near ports) and automatic alarms will usually sound when the equipment detects a potential for collision. Military vessels are not required to carry AIS. For obvious reasons, military missions would not allow transmissions of this type. Many military vessels do carry AIS receivers, however. If present, such a receiver should have alerted the crew of the Fitzgerald of the threat. More likely, the crew would rely on even more sophisticated equipment such as radar Radar would not identify the vessel, as AIS does, but it would certainly detect the oncoming vessel. For ships of this size, AIS should be detectable at a range of 20 miles or more if the equipment is operating properly. We know that the ACX was steaming at about 17 kt. We don't know the speed of the Fitzgerald. However, even at her maximum speed of about 30kt, the closing speed would have been 47kt in the worst case (probably much less since the ships collided obliquely and the Fitzgerald was likely not going at max speed). AIS alone (let alone the extensive active radar carried by the Fitzgerald) would have provided at least 25 minutes to adjust course to avoid the collision." https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/assessing-uss-fitzgerald-collision-acx-crystal-eric-meger Having spent some time in those waters on USN ships and making the approach from the channel into Yokosuka, Japan can be a challenge, incredible amount of traffic, merchant, military and private.
  8. sammiches, what you got

    would devour any of the sammies in that pic, less liverwurst and PBJ's only in emergencies... If you haven't tried one, do yourself a favor, Salmon BLT! BTW, America’s Bacon Reserves Are at a ‘50-Year Low’ http://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/restaurantsandnews/america%e2%80%99s-bacon-reserves-are-at-a-%e2%80%9850-year-low%e2%80%99/ar-AAmv9Ni?ocid=DELLDHP
  9. 2017 DTS Pool

    A dead Syrian...
  10. Alcoholic spouse

    For those that don't want religion rammed down their throats. The founder(s) of AA when finalizing the Book Alcoholics Anonymous made one small change that resulted in steering atheist/agnostics towards the AA way instead of away form it,That is, changed every reference in the book from "God" to "A Higher Power"... Contrary to what many in the medical field maintain, Alcoholism is a disease, and unfortunately there is no cure other than complete abstinence. Unlike cancer or any other life threatening disease, where the person receives sympathy and vast amounts of support, there is still a stigma associated with alcoholics, that of a weak minded person with no self-discipline, that should be able to just put the bottle down. Social drinkers can have a couple of beers, wine, cocktails and be done. Alcoholics don't/can't stop until everything around them is consumed or they black-out. I believe most alcoholics are pre-disposed to this condition through genetics and come into the world with a 0-2 count to start their life. Subsequent environmental factors and life events just add fuel to the fire. To the OP, your spouse has to focus on one thing and one thing to get well and stay well, herself and her sobriety. You, your children, her career will come back to life once she has some sobriety time under her belt and can begin to look outward to mend the relationships she cares most about. It may sound harsh and self-centered, but it works. Re-Hab is a good start, if nothing else she will be sober for 30 days, but as posted the statistics of Re-hab patients is dramatically against the struggling alcoholic (2 out of 10) may stay sober after a Re-hab stint and many relapse. AA has a far better success rate and continues to offer a way-out. I truly hope nothing but success for your spouse. I can appreciate the pain and helplessness she’s going through! If part of your beliefs pray and pray often! I’ve watched it destroy the lives many even to the point of death, including several members of my family and it almost got me! Be her pillar and keep the faith my friend!
  11. Arnie

    Off to the big tee box in the sky... RIP Arnie. Great ambassador for the game of golf! The sport of sailing would benefit from someone like him!
  12. The official TDF 2016 thread

    Has anyone else noticed how Quintana is constantly hugging C. Fromme's rear wheel? In what I've watched, when the camera focuses on the C. Fromme, there Quintana, sucking hind tit! Get out and do some work!
  13. Pokemon Go, OMFG...

    "Providing the attached Assessment on the new Pokemon Go game that has become increasingly popular and prevalent in recent weeks. The game requires players to travel around to "pokespots" (real world places) and "capture pokemons" with their cell phone's camera. This game has had several instances of leading players onto DoD installations. This has led to a potential to increase suspicious activity around DoD facilities, increases the likelihood for attempts for unauthorized entry, and has put several players at risk out in town as well. Personnel should be advised to review their installation or command's photography and restricted area policies and are reminded that unauthorized photography is a reportable security violation. Unauthorized entry into restricted areas is also a security violation. Both should be reported to your Security Department. Personnel are also advised to exercise caution and awareness in their activities out in the world as they play that game as there have been instances of criminals using the game to lure people into dangerous situations such as robbery and players getting injured because they weren't paying attention to their surroundings. In short, be careful with the game out in town and keep it away from the base. Personnel should be advised to contact their Security Department with any questions or concerns. Thanks!" Really! You have send out this type of email to "adults"...
  14. Long/Short lived sailboat models?

    short list: Farr 395