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  1. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Weighted cord.
  2. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Added a 3rd rod holder more or less in line with my seat at the helm so I can sight the line by myself. Probably add a 4th on the other side. The club uses 14 letters and numbers to designate marks. So I’m thinking about buying some magnetic printer paper to print 10” magnetic letters. I can mount them on a magnetic white board.
  3. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Acetone does indeed remove the printing on PVC. 1” [ID] Schedule 40 PVC has an OD of 1.315”. It fits well in the standard Rocket Launchers. As mentioned standard length is 10’, so you get two 60” staffs. On the RibCraft that puts them about 11’ above the water, which the competitors seemed to identify without issue.
  4. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    In terms of setting up the RibCraft 6.5 as an RC boat: -We purchased some smaller signal flags, 9-12” on the hoist. Taylor Made. - Also purchased a 12” RC flag. Helpful in Boston Harbor so rec boaters understand what you are doing. - Mounted “Rocket Launchers” AKA rod holders on the T top. Easily reached using the back bench as a step. - A 1” ID schedule 40 PVC pipe is about $4 for a 10’ section. Cut in half (60”) it was plenty high and stiff enough, as were the 48” dowels. But looks a little tacky, going to see if Acetone will remove the printing.
  5. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    But so “noodle like.” HD and Lowes have hardwood dowel in 1” or 1-1/4 in 4’ and 6’ lengths. Did find someone who foam filled PVC. They got on a porch and sprayed the “High Expansion” version down the tube, then tapped so it would go to the bottom and expand up. Also because the Urethane needs moisture to cure they wet the inside with water first.
  6. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Thought of something long enough, light enough, stiff enough, floaty enough, and cheap enough for flag staffs. Bamboo poles are available in 5’ to 8’ lengths for $2-6 each.
  7. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    I can move the holders from the rear seat to the back of the T top, I think. I was thinking some foam in PVC would work, any trick to it? I’d spring for 6-8’ 1.5” Aluminum if I could find who sells it locally.
  8. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Have to think about that. We have to get them high enough to be seen. Perhaps I can put 3-4 rocket launchers on the t top. I was thinking one pole with a yardarm and halyards would be easier, but poles have the advantage of simplicity. This is the boat.
  9. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    That is Eastern Yacht Club’s (Marblehead, MA) Boat. It was designed for two engines but there were so many changes that they went to one. As a result, it is really slow, and had a very uncomfortable motion at anchor. A professional Naval Architect in the club suggested it was too stiff and needed some weight in the cabin top to improve the ride motion. That was hotly debated for years as well. Boston Yacht Club and Corinthian Yacht Club both purchased commercially-available lobster boat / work boat hulls and added the RC equipment. The Carl Arlburg is pictured above. Corinthian’s is very similar. This gave them proven performance at production (instead of one-off custom) prices.
  10. Dervish

    Best Race Committee Boats

    I’ve got to run a few races this summer solo, on our RibCraft 6.5. The club has an automatic timer / horn arrangement, so I just have to handle the flags and it’s only one fleet. Anyone rig a pole with halyards for flags? I was thinking of making up an aluminum pole with a crosstree with pulleys. Should be able to mount it in a rod holder. But looking for ideas.
  11. Dervish

    looking for a melges 24!

    I had four buyers in waiting, two ready to bid the price up. Honored the original price. Perhaps we can play “Where does Crashtestdummy live?”or you can put your location in your profile....
  12. Dervish

    J/80 Redux

    We have a mooring in Boston harbor. We’ve concluded for a one-design to be viable in the harbor: 1, Has to have bottom paint as the norm: moored boat can’t be competing with dry sailed Boats. 2. Needs deck cleats for mooring (Melges 24 was a PITA to get hooked up). 3. Needs USCG legal running lights: from late July on you are returning in twilight or dark. 4. Needs a motor to get out to the course and back: starting line might be 5-7 miles away. The J/80 has a few other advantages: 1. There are already several in the harbor, racing PHRF. 2. Cost and crew requirements are relatively low. There is active J/105 OD in the area but they aren’t readily trailerable. 3. Decent supply in the Northeast. Most of the boats seem to have been built 94-04. Any builds to shy away from? We note some later hulls were made in France. Is that good, or bad? Any problem areas? Moisture intrusion into the balsa core seems a common problem. We understand the shroud bases are just drilled through the cored deck. What are they really selling for? Asking prices seem sky-high: 50% more than the boat owners we’ve spoken with paid.
  13. Dervish

    Prestart ROW question

    Calculated 7.5 knots to be just under 13fps. FWIW.
  14. Dervish

    Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    I’m 64 and had bilateral knee replacement. We just sold ours but not because the boat was physically challenging to sail. It is a beautifully engineered and built boat.
  15. Dervish

    Help! Melges 24 shrouds

    The advice we got was to send it to Melges. We did, and got back new assemblies that fit perf3ctly in about a week.