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  1. Dervish

    looking for a melges 24!

    I had four buyers in waiting, two ready to bid the price up. Honored the original price. Perhaps we can play “Where does Crashtestdummy live?”or you can put your location in your profile....
  2. Dervish

    J/80 Redux

    We have a mooring in Boston harbor. We’ve concluded for a one-design to be viable in the harbor: 1, Has to have bottom paint as the norm: moored boat can’t be competing with dry sailed Boats. 2. Needs deck cleats for mooring (Melges 24 was a PITA to get hooked up). 3. Needs USCG legal running lights: from late July on you are returning in twilight or dark. 4. Needs a motor to get out to the course and back: starting line might be 5-7 miles away. The J/80 has a few other advantages: 1. There are already several in the harbor, racing PHRF. 2. Cost and crew requirements are relatively low. There is active J/105 OD in the area but they aren’t readily trailerable. 3. Decent supply in the Northeast. Most of the boats seem to have been built 94-04. Any builds to shy away from? We note some later hulls were made in France. Is that good, or bad? Any problem areas? Moisture intrusion into the balsa core seems a common problem. We understand the shroud bases are just drilled through the cored deck. What are they really selling for? Asking prices seem sky-high: 50% more than the boat owners we’ve spoken with paid.
  3. Dervish

    Prestart ROW question

    Calculated 7.5 knots to be just under 13fps. FWIW.
  4. Dervish

    Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    I’m 64 and had bilateral knee replacement. We just sold ours but not because the boat was physically challenging to sail. It is a beautifully engineered and built boat.
  5. Dervish

    Help! Melges 24 shrouds

    The advice we got was to send it to Melges. We did, and got back new assemblies that fit perf3ctly in about a week.
  6. As 50° rain I’d blowing barnacles off rocks at the moment, that sounds pleasant!
  7. Dervish

    Importing from Canada

    So, Per advice above I called U.S. Customs in Alexandria Bay, NY, which will be the point of return. He asked a few questions, and the summary of his advice was, “A U.S. citizen importing a boat for personal use will not have to pay any duties. The officers on duty will advise you on what to fill out.” Now I will check with the Canuckistanians.
  8. Dervish

    Importing from Canada

    You’ve done this? Can’t register it in MA without documentation. Im looking for the absolute, by-the-book, correct and legal way to do it. So they won’t look for the weed.
  9. Dervish

    Importing from Canada

    Troll, troll, troll your boat, Gently down the stream, Merrily, merilly, merilly, merilly, Life is but a dream. Thanks for the thread bumps! But stay in school......
  10. Dervish

    Importing from Canada

    Savin Hill Yacht Club has a thriving fleet of Thunderbirds, 26’ one-designs that were both home-built and molded. We’ve purchased one in Ontario (molded, in Canada) and will be towing it back next week, with Bills of Sale and whatever else such boats might have. Will I need anything else to leave Canada and enter the US? Years ago we owned a Sonar built by Ontario Yachts, and had to bring it back there for warranty repairs. They assured me I wouldn’t need anything at the border: which resulted in a five hour wait at the border while Ontario Yachts connected with a Customs Broker and wound up paying a tax on the retail value of the repair. This is a different situation, but I’d like to avoid any surprises. Already set up trailer registration so that’s not a concern. What do I need?
  11. Dervish

    New to Melges 24

    When we launch the boat, we make sure the delrins are clean and spray them with silicone lube.
  12. Dervish

    Help me rig my Melges 24

    If you don't have the Cunningham just make a loop with cord and tie it down.
  13. Dervish

    Melges 24 Shroud replacement

    Haven't raced for 3-4 years just starting back into it.
  14. Dervish

    Melges 24 Shroud replacement

    My boat has an early [white case] TackTick SpeedMaster and a really early Velocitek speedometer: it's in a waterproof case and just has two digits on the display. The SpeedMaster seems to work as well as the new ones. But the speedo seems kind of slow to respond. I'd like to replace it with it with either the SpeedPuck, or better yet, the ProStart. There are some overlapping functions, the SpeedMaster can determine starting line bias though not distance from line. What's suggested?