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  1. jamhass

    Sea water pump

    A sea-water foot pump plumbed into the engine raw-water thru-hull provides a convenient trouble-shooting tool when checking to see if the inlet is plugged. For safety sake, it's a good idea to add a valve in the line near the take-off to be able to isolate the entire line to the galley when needed.
  2. jamhass

    Newbie sailor. What's my next move?

    As a wise friend once said: "if it starts with F - flies, floats or f$%@s, you are better off renting."
  3. jamhass

    Boat Buying Reality Check: Brokers v. Owners

    We didn't sell on our own, but certainly spent a lot of time and effort on getting the boat to show as well as she could. We closed on our boat last November. Our experiences were mixed, but not on account of the broker, who was fantastic. We had an agreed offer within a week of listing. That offer unfortunately died when the presumptive buyer had a serious medical issue just before closing. No one's fault. We completed the sale a couple of months later at very nearly the same price. Didn't hurt that the boat was in great shape and presented very well. Didn't hurt that we priced to the market, not what we really wanted. Didn't hurt that our broker has specialized in Perry designs since the 70's. Didn't hurt that this broker sold Kanga every time she changed hands, including new from the factory. Besides all that, I provided very complete system's descriptions and maintenance logs to prospective buyers on request.
  4. jamhass

    Sad Day in Dana Point

    Watch a bit of Tally Ho on You Tube and possibly reconsider.
  5. jamhass

    Filler for lead-wood joint

    Bondo is mainly polyester resin with filler. Yes, absorbs water, but slowly.
  6. jamhass

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Since you still (?) have the survey contingency (maybe sea trial), it is pretty easy to back out and/or renegotiate without risking your deposit. Might cost you the cost of the survey if seller balks.
  7. jamhass

    Boomer With IPOD.....I Know

    Very happy with the sound quality of the Bose unit. Battery life between charges could be better, but OK for day sailing: https://www.amazon.com/Bose-soundlink-Mini-II-Bluetooth/dp/B01LZRFI5C/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1LW02C66R80S1&keywords=bose+bluetooth+speaker&qid=1584978314&sprefix=bose+luetooth+%2Caps%2C286&sr=8-7
  8. jamhass

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    French polynesia has closed to arriving boats and those who arrived less than 14 days ago must leave. No inter-island cruising. Puddle jumpers are in trouble.
  9. Why not just some bottom paint? I do know that some barrier coats MUST be covered within a few hours or the bottom paint doesn't stick.
  10. jamhass

    Patching Paint On Lead Keel

    It is difficult to get paint to adhere well to lead because the lead oxide on the surface interferes, and it forms VERY QUICKLY. One approach that I have used with some (but not always perfect) success is as follows: (Don't forget to use appropriate personal protection, suit, gloves, respirators, etc.) It is important to do the first 3 steps quickly to limit the time for lead oxide to form. 1. Clean the surface well to bare metal 2. Give the surface some "tooth" 40 grit worked for me. 3. Apply the primer/epoxy/etc and "grind" it in with a stiff wire brush. This is the "trick" and is intended to remove any residual oxide so the primer is applied to really clean bare metal. 4. Proceed as normal.
  11. jamhass

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    This stuff lasted years sealing the circumferentially clamped (not threaded) joint between my turbo and mixing elbow.
  12. jamhass

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    You mis-typed iron, right?! But maybe OK, as this is before the injection point.
  13. jamhass

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    Awww crap. Means I didn't single-hand. Electric windlass, electric winch to raise the main after shoulder surgery. Have, however, left anchorages without use of engine, so there ...
  14. jamhass

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    Yeah, especially if you have to leave the masseuse at home to qualify as a single-hander
  15. jamhass

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    The Maltese Falcon, at 289 feet, was claimed to be able to be "handled" by one person. Don't know if it ever was, likely not.