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  1. jamhass

    Bottom job costs

    Half that here in La Paz Mexico.
  2. jamhass

    Where to buy Teak Strips?

    Locally, (SF Bay area) I have a hard time finding decent 4/4 teak. The better quality teak (color, grain selection, etc) is usually easier to find in 5/4 or thicker. So for quality work, I often have to resaw thicker material or end up with a lot of $$ turned to sawdust.
  3. jamhass

    Jefe's book is out

  4. jamhass

    You know someone really screwed up when...

    A good -- but ever to remain nameless friend -- was in a bit of a hurry to fill his poorly vented diesel tanks. To speed things up a bit, he removed an inspection plate. Cutting to the obvious end, it took him days to remove the diesel, weeks to clean the residues and smells and months to placate his wife.
  5. jamhass

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Significant weight savings
  6. jamhass

    Talk this Sunday at Sausalito YC

    Unfortunately, the event is open ONLY to members of yacht clubs with reciprocal privileges. Glad I called before driving over an hour.
  7. jamhass

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    "Friggin' bandaids never stayed on. Duct tape and a wad of paper towel. " I prefer blue tape and blue shop towels. Much dressier. Worked great when I did a compound fracture of a little toe. MD in Mexico thought I did a very professional job ...
  8. jamhass

    Bottom paint dust removal

    This one with a GOOD shop vac works great. https://www.toolbarn.com/portercable-97466.html/ My boatyard only allows owners to use (and rent) their own Festool sander and vacuum. But when I showed them how fast and clean the PC sander worked, they allowed me to use my own setup.
  9. jamhass

    Sailing around Elba! Any recommendations?

    Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba
  10. jamhass

    Salvage advise appreciated

    A ferro-cement boat went aground in La Paz during Odeal a few years ago. Grounded in a marshy area, left partially afloat. Still took weeks of laborious hand work (digging, securing float bladders, removing contents, etc etc) and LOTS of horsepower to move her. Much more effort (both manpower and hours) than originally assumed. And this was an undamaged vessel. Make your realistic assessment of effort and cost, then double the cost, double the time number and go up one time unit (i.e. 2 days becomes 4 weeks) and you might get close to actuals.
  11. jamhass

    How do you define Good Crew?

    Someone who doesn't break stuff
  12. jamhass

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Ditto Kuuma. Good customer service too.
  13. So far, my anchor and tri-color LEDs, both mounted at the masthead near my VHF/AIS antenna have caused NO noticeable interference. I did pay top dollar for name brand LEDs at a proper chandlery. That was in 2009, and they are still running just fine.