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  1. jamhass

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I'm sure there are some Nigerian princes who would be happy to finance such a deal ...
  2. jamhass

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    Make the nosing wider than the shelving, dado/rabbit the back to accept the panel and glue. The sides of the dado/rabbit offer ample glue surface. Panels can be made from 1/2 inch blue or pink insulation board faced with 1/8 inch door skin, glued with titebond II. One advantage of glued up panels of this type are you can hog out the insulation at the back and use cleats to secure the panel to vertical surfaces. Don't need a back or other nailers to mount the cabinet or shelf unit. Basically what you posted in the first post, and yes, both faces of the panel need to have ply. Ideally, same ply on both faces. And, both faces should be glued up at the same time to eliminate warping. I've used this technique for everything from boat panels to 12-foot tall x 8 foot wide library shelves. Never a problem with strength, delamination, etc.
  3. jamhass

    Yrvind's Off

    Considering the weather for the next several days, I'm expecting a lap around Iceland.
  4. jamhass

    Another overheating Yanmar 2GM

    Maybe pull the drain plug, replace with a hose barb and allow the descaler to flow out there also.
  5. jamhass

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    If you have access to a really good machine shop, and EDM (electric discharge machine) can get the bit out in 10 minutes without touching the aluminum. Broke a bolt off in a Lotus head once. EDM worked like a charm.
  6. Possible that the electric shut off -- presumably a simple solenoid operated valve -- itself is responsible. For example, if the solenoid sticks partially open when cold, then opens completely after it warms up due to the current running through it? Just a wide a$$ theory as I have no experience with this engine.
  7. jamhass

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    hole saw just bigger then the bit, then weld up and redrill the original hole?
  8. jamhass

    Boat books

    A pretty good listing of books here: https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/about-scuttlebutt/scuttlebutt-sailing-club-library/
  9. jamhass

    Yrvind's Off

    I'm beginning to think he IS the message in the bottle.
  10. jamhass

    On a 500kg diet

    Fuel? Water? carry less. Oh, pee overboard ...
  11. jamhass

    conversation starter

    Methinks you will gt a quicker and more complete response by going to his website and following the instructions there for consultations.
  12. jamhass

    Yrvind's Off

    Not too surprising. He is 80+ years old.
  13. jamhass

    Seeking anchor light

    I found them to be very effective. Easy to see and identify from far across the anchorage. Narrow beam is a good thing as it concentrates the light in the plane of the observer. Never had an issue with occlusion, maybe if some occurred it just resulted in a blinking light which might actually improve visibility??? Maybe not great at a masthead, but mounted on a pulpit or pushpit -- fantastic. In my experience, they lasted the night (far better than yard lights), were plenty bright for the intended use, available in colors (to ID your boat) and needed no wiring so easily installed where most useful. In our case, the main goal was to illuminate the boat to avoid collisions with dinghys, pangas (local fishing boats), etc. Secondary was to help ID the boat in crowded anchorages. We always ran a masthead anchor light. These were auxilliary. Sorry if I implied they might serve as the sole legal anchor light. PS - if the narrow angle is an issue, there are many similar options which might have different specs. I posted only the first I found now. We purchased ours a couple of years ago and have no idea which particular unit we bought. We got the idea from other cruisers who were also very happy with them.
  14. jamhass

    Seeking anchor light

    Perhaps not as the "legal" anchor light, but much better than yard lights. We used them down low to help panga drivers see the boat, as they seldom look up to see lights. Having non-white one also helps you find your boat at night. The other nice feature (compared say to the Davis light -- which I agree is an excellent unit) is that it is solar and self-contained. You don't need to wire it up, so easy to install 'bout anywhere. We've had excellent life out of them, especially if you open them up and spray with a good dielectric such as BoShield.
  15. jamhass

    Seeking anchor light

    Try these. There are a number of similar items. Far better than solar yard lights, etc. Available in colors too. https://www.amazon.com/S4LN-NON-FLASHING-STEADY-Marina-Safety/dp/B00TMFR016/ref=sr_1_86?dchild=1&keywords=led+dock+light+solar&qid=1593380665&sr=8-86