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  1. Heres part of our up wind beat toward the Manasquan turning mark. it was the most comfortable beat to windward in about 12-15 knots I've ever sailed! We were making tea and lunch and never spilled a drop even though we could almost pick up surfers as we approached the beach! Images are from the raceq app. You can see the track on the web site too but it's mixed with a short local race. not sure how to separate Warren
  2. A couple of short vids here as we crossed from NJ toward Block island during the night.
  3. SAILS149

    Gunboat 68

    A few week earlier an easy 8-10 knots , what more could you want?
  4. SAILS149

    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Back to Ragland anybody have current news or photographs from this year 2017 ?
  5. SAILS149

    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Hi more web searching came up with this post on a nw site Ned Kelly January 16, 2017 at 6:00 pm # Jan 10, 2017. I have been seeing the WN Ragland in Alameda in the Alameda Oakland Estuary. If you go to the fuel dock at Jack London Square in Oakland and look Southwest towards Alameda in front of the Dry Stack Marina building, you’ll see it. Very unique boat. WHO KNOW MORE? Who rerigged her ? Who owned her now? cheers Warren
  6. SAILS149

    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Thanks Steve , I saw this and it's a little odd . He sold Ragland in 2011/12. This implies he bought her back after the dismasting and re rigged her? I had heard he sold her because he was sick and not look after her? Does anyone have any accurate info from 2017? Nothing on wiki or his website.... cheers warren
  7. SAILS149

    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    So anybody know the latest? There were pictures of the boat on wooden boat forum taken motoring around at the previous AC in SF with out masts, so is anybody going to rerun her or will she become a motoryacht? cheers