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  1. If this was in the southern hemisphere my wallet would fly open and it would be mine....... soooo cheap
  2. That's how I would cruise the world.... if only...
  3. When I grow up... I sooo want to be you
  4. We still use men on grinders.... Rugby pros are the go.... The penalty for power should be bigger imo
  5. OK Now awake ... Esmit will need a major makeover as its still in its original CBTF configuration. No small job, especially if they go down the "Shift the bow forward 2 metres" route Perhaps Dick but what we really don't know is which of the modifications accounted for what improvement? Richo always touted how much the boat went better every time but as I understand it they wanted to stop the bow burying? There maybe other ways to skin the cat with Esmit and the extra beam may come in handy for RM changes if needed? Early days let's see what eventuates? I'm tipping there will be no chopping the boat up.! Sure but we do know that CBTF isn't seen as a winning concept for offshore sailing - excellent upwind and on short courses but a major drag penalty from the non-retractable front rudder at speed. And on the RM front the stability numbers on the ORCi certs in the post above say that WOXI is more stable than Esimit. Narrower, yes, but much deeper draft and a couple of tonnes more displacement makes a big difference. No doubt that Esimit will need a new keel to get anywhere near WOXI stability numbers. I can't imagine Harburg won't mode it for S2H success so I'd be surprised if it didn't end up configured like WOXI though I personally reckon there's scope to reconsider DSS to get RM numbers closer to Comanche / Rambler 88 territory reaching and downwind. Upwind, I doubt there's much to do as even on these monsters boatspeeds aren't high enough to generate enough lift for a significant stability boost unless the foil is huge. Lift from a DSS foil is more or less proportional to the square of boatspeed so at 26 knots it's generating 4 x the lift it does at 13. Why wouldn't they go straight for the FoiL AssisT (lol) as in Vendee Globe style...? Too narrow..?
  6. OK Now awake ... Esmit will need a major makeover as its still in its original CBTF configuration. No small job, especially if they go down the "Shift the bow forward 2 metres" route Don't forget after some mods to WO, Nev came back from conquering the world with AR and handed it to WO in the Hobart.....Although i at the time put it down to Croaky's crew who were polished from many OS races...... I had my very first Hobart punt with $ on AR and was rewarded handsomely....
  7. Yep, believe so. I've sailed it, the deck is sorta showing its age these days but still a sweet boat. I recall seeing it at Hammo just after re-launch thinking it was a major glamour. That had several chops did it not...?
  8. And LB 15 Quote...... "Remember Andrew Short thought that the Flinders Islet race was just a over nighter up the coast. You do know what the coroner found as the cause of death don't you? Drowning due to not wearing a life jacket. What lesson can be learned from this do you think?Remember Andrew Short thought that the Flinders Islet race was just a over nighter up the coast. You do know what the coroner found as the cause of death don't you? Drowning due to not wearing a life jacket. What lesson can be learned from this do you think?" None of this belongs here.... The boat and crew were totally CAT 1 offshore prepared. Would life jackets have prevented the deaths...??? Not you, the coroner or me (and I was there) will ever really know. .... but I suspect not. Mistakes were made but nothing i've read in this thread, safety wise, would have prevented the Flinders incident so you are best not referring to it here....imho...
  9. Leeward (port) Primary. I assume all the winches are driven. Looks like the main traveler winches are not power...
  10. Great Great to hear mate..... We are all behind you.... good luck on the rest
  11. That was a steal...... I'm guessing you would need $30-40,000 for sails to bring Flat Chat up to that standard and even then it doesn't have the extra carbon bits Taeping has.....mmmm
  12. Love that boat Is Flat Chat still around in NZ...? It was $69,000 not long ago
  13. Soul..... but she has a good sole as well
  14. "I'm over it"...... I can soooo relate..... I say it every time i'm wet and cold offshore (Without ice)..... but of course a good drink with boys back at the bar post race seems to erase that memory...... until the next time...
  15. Good luck Lisa and good on you for having a crack. After spending a lot of time at Woolwich marina last year, I can say she certainly is a friendly sole who put in a huge effort in refurbing that boat... Constantly covered in glass fiber and the like so I hope her effort pays off. So good to see people getting out there and challenging themselves...