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  1. PIL66 - XL2

    Help with Headsail Sheet Loads

    Nice boat..... I especially love the tea bag hanging from starboard ama
  2. PIL66 - XL2

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    You seem to be over thinking this IMHO... 2 x unstayed is more expensive... if you have a building breeze you just pull one line and the jib is furled = gone.... One jammer and main falls into a bag... what is hard or dangerous about that...? No prodder / bowsprit needed.... Fixed rig that doesn't rotate..... Less cost... less windage... If you don't want to sail to winward at all then go for twin forestays (One to each hull) and just run furling genoas...
  3. PIL66 - XL2

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    He B....I love Cactus.... Great lines ....How long and wide is it...? What cost comparisons (Stayed / Unstayed) can you give me on this..... Rig build, extra hull structure to accept them, sails....? I know your boat and it's performance. Certainly one of the best examples ever build based on where it has been and performance. A lot of that legend is due to you and how you use it... Well done
  4. PIL66 - XL2

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    Forget all that......... I'll make it simple...... If you had to buy a new rig for either racing or cruising an a conventional multi, a stayed rig will be cheaper and give better performance..... Spin it anyway you like... You boat, your choice in the end ....
  5. No it was gone but the bag, charger. Manual and handle pocket were there... it lasted 3 hours at $3500.... not my finest hour... lol getting close now
  6. Buy an ewincher you cheap bastard 3:1 just prolongs the lift.... no free ride on more purchase... same effort either way... stick to 2:1... less mess on deck and less stretch
  7. PIL66 - XL2

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    Yes..... there is a good reason that in the last 30 years the industry standard on all sail boats, cruising or racing, is to use stayed rigs.... You can justify all you like why they are better but the boating world has spoken. I know you also love your proas and that's great but i'll use the same argument why so few are built. I get that proas and Cat 2 fold types are different and do lend themselves for unstayed but conventional boats do not benefit from unstayed rigs... not good bang for buck otherwise they would be the norm.
  8. PIL66 - XL2

    Best way to finish dyneema lacing of trampoline.

    FWIW.... I would do quite a few individual ties.... Also you can buy a black VB cord with spectre inner.... It will handle the sun much better than exposed dyneema.... or you can paint the dyneema after its done with a UV dark product. That polyester net will stretch for ever.... nightmare... Especially as there is no cat walk so it' a big distance.... Make a tool to pull the line... totally worth it and you will need it again regularly Wet the tramp and get the kids to bounce around on it for a week...every month for 2 years...lol
  9. PIL66 - XL2

    Best out of the box French Cat

    Marsaudon TS42.... for me.... but i like cats for #1 Speed and then #2 Comfort / room
  10. PIL66 - XL2

    Comanche sold again?

    The best view and memories.... I sincerely hope the new owner campaigns the boat ....
  11. PIL66 - XL2


    mental health is complex..... they are harmless until they are not.... Many have tried to be reasonable and give sound advice only to be attacked on here. I myself wish him and his Crowther project all the best even after his constant criticism of me and my sailing ability.... not to mention his latest mission of down voting anything I post. Peace
  12. PIL66 - XL2

    Cunny Funt on the FP

  13. PIL66 - XL2

    Cunny Funt on the FP

  14. PIL66 - XL2

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Rudders are a balancing act and the angle here on the new rudder will be critical to get right but try it for sure.... the fact that you can adjust the length is great.... your old one does look a bit short... Good luck