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  1. I only have experience with the Harken system.... Advantage on a multi up to 50ft is not much... The advantage for cable less upwind sails on the bigger boats like Comanche is huge. Weight saving is one.. the other is the ability to get it up and down much quicker with 6 less guys on the fore deck. This used to be hanked on so imagine the drop when the breeze kicks and having to bag this sucker on the leeward rail then get it back to the cockpit... now two guys hook it on and control the roll for the hoist and then retrieve it when done... also meaning the time it takes to change down and up a gear is way less... plus It is stored in a shorter bag. It is very cool........ WIN WIN https://yachtracing.life/doyle-sails-cableless-headsails-deliver-results/ Yes you get used to it....The trip line just needs to be held down / open while the lock goes through all reef points when dropping at the end of the day...
  2. I've been using mainsail locks for 20 years most weeks on the monos and can only remember having one problem....From wear on the lock release line through age ..... it hasn't happened again so I'm a fan of them.. If I had the money everything would be on locks.... but locks aint locks.... you get what you pay for.. ours have all been Harken
  3. PIL66 - XL2

    What ever happened to supermaxi WildThing?

    Stranger than fiction
  4. The Doyle system does work well and I'm sure will get better. Others are following. Comanche swapped their North J1 (hank on) to a Doyle J1 cable less system and they are so far very happy with the way it works. Deploying and retrieval is easier, It folds to a smaller package making it easier to store and move but the real advantage is the weight saving and the speed at which the crew can change gears.... The 100's foredeck sails are big things for humans to lug around..
  5. Yep ... makes sense I was wondering about the R42 Staysail arrangement
  6. I had a self tacking Jib on 66 (Cynaphobe) and not on XL2. I prefer the it be NOT be self tacking. I sail mainly in the ocean with swell and rely heavily on backing the jib to tack. i am pondering my future and one question I have is whether I would go for 1 - furling jib 2 - Battened jib with a reef or 3 - Battened jib + a smaller blade for the breezy days.....Obviously the battened jib with reef is the cheapest.....
  7. PIL66 - XL2

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta 2019

    He got lucky you and I were not there DTM... They were our conditions.... lol
  8. If you are selling your mast... I may be in the market
  9. PIL66 - XL2

    PIL66-XL2 health check

    180-200mile agree... it was the last station... express train east
  10. PIL66 - XL2

    Older fast Aus multies

    Windswept is down to $375,000... that's $25,000 more than Room
  11. PIL66 - XL2

    PIL66-XL2 health check

    The boat has been located off Montague Island.... We will see how it all looks maybe today... fingers crossed
  12. PIL66 - XL2

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    The boat is immaculate... It could even be turned into a cruiser with some power winches and furling gear like Bumble Bee 5. The rig and deck layout are very simple... I hope it goes to a good home..
  13. PIL66 - XL2

    Crowther Windspeed 41

    Try this
  14. PIL66 - XL2

    PIL66-XL2 health check

    They used a light plain and boat 66 was sold
  15. PIL66 - XL2

    PIL66-XL2 health check

    Salvage have failed to find the boat today and have called it quits I'm gutted