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  1. This is for sale ...... for you guessed it $80000 PM me Hoppy
  2. Multi's...? I will work on my Cat 1 Yep I'm with you both..... You know this can all end ....... please buy a boat Hoppy... please
  3. PIL66

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I believe those wins were the formula 40 sailed by Jamie Morris .... Peter was involved with that program early but not in the years that it won... His was a highly modified Crowther Catana 42 stretched to 48. It was originally Rob Mundles boat called " Catamundlepidgeons" then STB then wrecked but since saved now called "White Noise"
  4. PIL66

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    FYI..... Elle comes from a sailing family in the Shire..... I raced her dads cat "simply the best" for many years back in the day..... great people and still friends.... Poor Box junior...... Sculling a jug of rum is not easy at the back end of a Customs House session.....
  5. PIL66

    grainger flat chat

    The pic was posted on here somewhere... it looked like it needed money.. They had raised the boom quite high as well. It looked ordinary
  6. PIL66

    grainger flat chat

    I am absolutely not giving up and in fact i'm really happy with the boat and the progress the boat has made since I bought it.... I've spent a lot of coin but it's all worth it and now she is flying... literally.... I'm happy to keep it and sail her but if I can find a bigger offshore boat I will consider a change.......
  7. PIL66

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    Steve that was just so painful to watch...... I feel for all Get back on the horse
  8. I am looking at selling my boat.... Grainger 38ft... ex Cynophobe now 66 racing.... I'm thinking I would like to go bigger. I would suggest my $ is around $80,000 It can be taken apart to transport or be sailed to Qld
  9. PIL66

    grainger flat chat

    Yes it is in Fiji If you are looking at buying one... PM me
  10. PIL66

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    Let's not do this again.......
  11. PIL66

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    Thanks Nic.... great stuff as usual... PS.. I love that you love the multis as well...
  12. PIL66

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Nothing more to say here but congrats and respect to all on board ...... Loved the Box boy's mullets.