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  1. Soooo many boats .. I'll deliver it for you https://yachthub.com/list/search.html?action=adv_search&se_region=au&statE=all&new=used&cate=Sail+Monohulls&makeid=&Make_Model=&hull_material=Composite&keywords=&price_from=20000&price_to=100000&Lengthfrom=9&Lengthto=14&feetfrom=30&feetto=46&yearfrom=&yearto=&order_by=added_desc&currency=&poa=yes
  2. I've decided after chatting to many... I'll wait till the boat show in 3 weeks and make a decision... The Ray wireless is in the lead but B & G have a new wireless so we will see I do like that Plotter Inneedof... thanks
  3. Thanks... I worry about touch screens due to how wet the boat and my hands are. I hear they don't like to work well with wet hands. The wireless Raymarine / Tactic gear looks good
  4. PIL66

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    I see the usual suspects over here are at it....... carry on
  5. Will you accept the old OMR number from years ago for the LCMR...? The boat has a smaller rig now (2m) and is heavier with centre pod

  6. PIL66

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    I'd be in if you can make it happen down your way.... If I bought the boat down 1-2 weeks before, could I get a temporary mooring / birth...?
  7. Yes he does but it's all BIG boat displays and to be honest, it's all a bit to hard.... I'm looking for fairly basic ground floor stuff... I have a guy offering me the clipper wireless range from nasa (3-5 years old) but I read it has many faults so I might steer away from it
  8. Sorry if it's been done to death...(i did search) I'm wanting to buy Wind / Speed / Depth instruments for a 38ft race multi I like the sound of wireless (and not having to pull the rig out to fit) I'm looking at best bang for buck (even second hand) Consider I may need a repeater for one of the hulls ..... For the Plotter ... do i just get an Ipad ...? I'm in Sydney so who to buy from and who to fit it all...? All advice is appreciated Pil
  9. PIL66

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    As discussed in the other thread by Jethrow Is anyone keen to weigh their boat for OMR at the LCM regatta...?
  10. PIL66

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Thanks for the heads up on the crane but sadly I won't be ready John was a good guy
  11. PIL66

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Wow 1999... I now feel old.. Thanks for that... I'm spending money like I own Top Gun at this point trying to be ready so fingers crossed.. Now I should weigh the boat but how and where..? It's bit heavier than when it had a current cert. now that the pod will be on. Any suggestions or others on that weekend wanting to share a crane cost....? I am interested in the Coffs race but would need some good crew and basic instruments so we will see how this pans out
  12. PIL66

    Older fast Aus multies

    Here's a couple I very seriously looked at and rate... The tennant has some issues but if I was the boat building type, I'd own it. I made an offer that was accepted but as said, some issues when surveyed. http://www.cityofsailsmarine.co.nz/listing/high-performance-tennant-designed-racingcruising-catamaran/ http://www.cityofsailsmarine.co.nz/listing/cox-45-code-ood-st/ I have a ton of pics and vids of both if needed
  13. PIL66

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    This is the way it was..... big bloody hand brake on starboard tack...It was also very hard to maneuver at low speed ..... Second pic is how it was prior to removal. I am bringing it up 100mm for more clearance. The motor will then also be steerable and all heavy things like motor / anchor / battery / fuel will be in the middle....
  14. I'm surprised that there is no mention here of Sophie (Mapfre / SCA)... She is not a dinghy sailor or Olympian but has forged a career in sailing offshore for a very long time now. Anyone that knows her or has sailed with her will vouch for her talent being equal to any male sailor, fitness and knowledge wise, in the rolls she performs. (mainly forward of the rig) .