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  1. Chicago Area III

    I saw it
  2. Chicago Area III

    that guy doesn't know shit. Overheard at the Cupola bar at the Grand last Summer from some guy (wearing full Ocean swag) talking to a fudgie: "Ocean isn't a turbo, it's a maxi turbo". Where you find Maxi's, you can usually find a Douche... Where you find Maxi's, you can usually find a Maxi Douche...
  3. Chicago Area III

    I heard last year, at Jaxon Park, it was held in a tent, in the cold rain, on aluminum folding chairs.... serious. Would any attendees please weigh in for verification?
  4. Chicago Area III

    pretty sweet trip to Crowley's Saturday
  5. Chicago Area III

    You gotta be kidding
  6. Chicago Area III

    Wo. What happened with Barking Mad today? Reports? Go Pendragon!
  7. Chicago Area III

    RC did an amazing job-2 Fun Days-Thank You!! Bloody Marys were tasty- great electrolyte replenisher. :-) Heard there were a couple of blown 36.7 kites in the last race
  8. Chicago Area III

    Shipping lane have anything to do with it?
  9. Chicago Area III

  10. Chicago Area III

    What are the odds on tomorrow's race being cancelled?
  11. Chicago Area III

    That was me speaking Lou, NOT Tom Keegan. Oh. I see what U did there. mmmmm, blue letters
  12. Chicago Area III

    Heard there were 14 Clowns on Circus last night.
  13. Chicago Area III

  14. Chicago Area III

    Good luck. Try the Bayview thread.