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  1. Nobody in the right mind would buy this boat to campaign nor cruise. Just a thought- You could talk to Wayzata Community Sailing Center (which is very much close with the Mike Plant Foundation). I know the club next door is trying to promote racing in Bayfield. Perhaps giving the Wayzata Sailing Center to help the community participate in keelboat racing would be cool. Personally- given the Mike Plant story. It would be really awesome to use the boat as a platform to promote sailing- especially to help build the sport. Maybe the Anarchy Community Sailing Boat- do the travel around and promote sailing- like Fazisi but not suck ass at promotion... or in similar vein SA gang bang this bitch- like the fucking Green Bay Packers.
  2. smcmsailor

    Crew needed to race in Southern Lake Michigan

    Edit- Dragging up old thread. Interested- Experienced racer usually working the ass end, but available. CV available
  3. smcmsailor

    Caption Contest

    Fuck... I left the bilge pump on in manual mode.
  4. Nice try- College Sailing is sanctioned by ICSA no NCAA. He was assisting Werblow back in the day...I didn't miss him when he left for Stanford.