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  1. There were times I was driving to the venue and crossing the city on Van Ness, which is perfectly lined up with the Maritime Park and the race/practice course just beyond the Aquatic Park Pier. I'd be sitting there at a light with a small square of the Bay visible when suddenly you'd see this flash of a wing, way bigger and faster than seemed possible. And this was sometimes from several blocks away! Those moments would always make my heart jump. Okay...enough reminiscing. 29 days to go!
  2. They ain't askeered of a little breeze We get used to it but sometimes I stop and think 'geezus holy cr*p' when watching boats go upwind that frikkin fast. Palm to forehead stuff, almost shocking. I'll never forget the first time I saw them going that fast in person. It didn't even seem real, regardless of how many videos I had watched.
  3. Cheers, brothers. Glad to see you all again...even Indio. T-C, just so you know, I've dined at Chez Fernand now probably a dozen times and taken a ton of people there whenever I'm in Paris. So great. And Indio--it takes one to know one! Also, lest anyone think I'm a NZ hater, here are the ANZAC Day biscuits we made yesterday at Chez Chauch, and we're neither Kiwi nor Aussie. Need these races to start....
  4. Whassup bitches? Took a break from this place for a few years since the last AC here in beautiful SF, where I was happy to meet a bunch of you. Now back lurking here the past day or two and I can see that not much has changed on the boards (some of you people need to get a life, for real). Still mad that we aren't in SF this time, but stoked to see the boats line up in Bermuda. My prediction: Artemis upsets TNZ in the LV to sail for the Cup. Oracle wins it. Unless leg power actually works, then it's a TNZ victory and I'm off these boards for good, because if you thought TNZ fans were unbearable now, holy shit!
  5. What a shame. SFBOS and the NIMBY's there just don't get it. An ultra-elitism that has them inventing new ways to shoot themselves in the foot every day. And with the white-hot economy of the Bay Area tech industry being the engine that continues to feed the city, they continue to attack it. Not to mention the complete doublespeak about economic losses. $11M is chump change--they spent way more than that on six of those useless self-cleaning toilets. Hard to fault LE and RC for leaving when there are beautiful venues who understand the benefit of hosting the AC. San Francisco--one of the most beautiful, interesting, enjoyable cities in the world..........filled with the most self-centered assholes ever.
  6. Let me just say, as a die-hard Niners fan, I am terrified of the Seahawks this Sunday. Though, as Stinger mentions, Niners are seemingly in better form and healthier at this particular point in the season than the Seahawks. Of course, the last two games in Seattle have been won by the home team by a combined 54 points (that's a lot). It's going to be an epic battle, and yes, the de facto Super Bowl. Either one of these teams beats the AFC. Hijack over...carry on.
  7. For the last fucking time, the problem was not the BOS, it was the threat of lawsuits from the Telegraph Hill Dweller's Association, led by FORMER BOS member Aaron Peskin that put the kibosh on the whole thing. And instead of Larry's maritime friendly development, we get the Abortion of the Warrior's proposed new Arena. Server's the fuckers right. Cutoff their own fucking noses to spite their fucking faces. 100% true. Well done by them...idiots.
  8. 34th AC Post Mortem I’ve been largely absent from the boards since the end of the AC, mostly because of the abject neglect I showed my job over the last few weeks. Just now digging out from that and taking a look around here. I am shocked at the content that seems to have *increased* since the end of the Cup. Is that possible??? The final race for me was surreal. I had planned to watch from the same conference room in the adjacent building where I had watched OTUSA score points 6, 7 and 8. Then suddenly I was bombarded with co-worker interest and wanting to go up to the City (none of them had been). I ended up bringing up two of my guys, who must now think I’m the coolest boss ever. And then, through a pretty serendipitous work connection, somehow gained access to the StFYC to watch the race. I did consider for a moment that if ETNZ won the day and the Cup, I would probably convince myself that somehow I would be responsible for it, but brushed it aside and headed up. On the scene for race 19 it was different than anything I had seen heretofore. Even though we were a couple of hours early, parking lots were jammed and people were already gathering at nearly every vantage point along Marina/StFYC/Crissy/FortPoint. I had parked easily at Crissy previously, but that lot was already full. We found a spot in the Presidio and hoofed it down to StFYC. From the race deck there we had maybe the best view there was. Staring right down the barrel at the start, and with multiple screens showing the coverage, the experience was enriched by the spectacle of the members (much cleavage abounded) and the supply of food and drink. And on top of that, it was registration day for the Big Boat Series that was starting the next day, so we ended up watching with a bunch of StFYC members, their guests, and tons of out-of-town crew. It was surreal. I had my big lens on the race deck and got some great shots of the nosedive. There was not a lot of branding for either team in a place like that (of course), and the crowd seemed evenly split on the teams. Knowing the history both of StFYC/GGYC and StFYC and the Cup, I was drinking in the strangeness of the moment. But with each cross on the beat, the cheers grew louder. And when 17 crossed the line over the giant super-imposed American flag (which, by the way, gave me a 2-second heart attack thinking it would serve as a last-minute jinx…) the place went crazy. Well…all except for the various crew there for the BBS, who seemed bemused. The champagne flowed and the Commodore was seen chugging from a giant AC-branded magnum himself. They were all clearly happy for OTUSA/GGYC to have won the Cup. Well, maybe just OTUSA. I took the Indian and the Croatian down to the AC Park and we walked up just in time to see the teams. DB’s comments were classy, as always, and you could feel the pain in his voice. Then came time to award the Cup. Star Wars-like music changed to AC/DC’s Back in Black as they took the stage. An Aussie band! There was much celebration and spraying of champagne. I drove my shitfaced employees home and thought to myself: “did I really just watch one of the most amazing AC races in history from the fucking StFYC race deck?!” But, as others have said, what a great thread this has been. I am so happy to have been a part of all of the visits to our city and to get to know some of the really great local Anarchists here in SF. Even though it was an emotional roller coaster, I am sad to see the AC come to a close. I’m sure it helps that I came out on the good end of the roller coaster. I understand that. But one of the biggest reasons is the end of being able to watch the races from the GGYC breakwater with fellow Anarchists. It was a great time. We had all kinds, enjoying the races together. Every single interesting person had something to contribute in their own light. On these boards I have sometimes been a little too eager to jump on a post here or there because I believe the person is being an asshole. And regardless of whether I’m right or not, what’s the upside of winning a shitfight? Not much that I can see. Meeting several of my fellow Anarchists drove this point home. Even the most egregiously assholish people on here, I believe, are decent folks and would play nice in person. Maybe I’m being a Pollyanna, but I’m going to give people the benefit of the doubt more often. Even if someone is *acting* like an asshole, it may not mean they *are* one. I am happy to have met many of you. Sorry to have missed others of you while you were in town. My family loved it too. My boys (11 and 9) loved the racing, but were equally interested in all of dad’s international friends. They were the driving force behind the stops at the farmer’s market on the way up to the City. Indeed, when OTUSA completed their amazing comeback, the more sensitive of the two said only a few minutes after the finish, “Dad, your friend with the giant NZ flag is probably really sad.” If a nine-year-old can have empathy for our friend TK, you can too. Speaking of which: Te Kooti is a polarizing figure on these boards, but not when you meet him. He is a man with strong convictions and a lot of experience and wisdom. His passion for certain principles may cause him to oversteer for some tastes (mine included once in a while), but I appreciate his zeal for the Cup and for his country. And I appreciate very much how he treated my children. T-C is a gentleman. Bi-continental with substance and style. He is a successful businessman with knowledge and perspective. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, but never does so in an overbearing way. I can respect that. And the conversation is never dull, as he is well-versed and knowledgeable in many things. And above all, he is extremely generous. Thank you for your kind words. Renn and Feldmaus, of course, are delightful. Renn is smart as a whip and unassuming at the same time. Renn values people without being naïve. Feldmaus is always smiling and always open for a discussion. But most of all, they are models of tolerance, and go out of their way to connect. Great examples, in that way. I count them all as friends…and none of them were cheering for my team. The rest were all great in their own way: Southern Chit: The very first Anarchist I ever met in person! I confused her with my description of my “work shirt” and made her walk extra distance. She didn’t even complain. Southern Chit is incredibly kind and gives as much as a person can give for her family. Familysailor: Gregarious and enthusiastic. We only met one day, due to my work schedule and superstitions, but once he saw my boys he was a fountain of information and insight about youth sailing programs. It is clear how passionate he is about sailing. Pjh: Another very smart person who lives in a great part of the City. Perfect balance of team spirit and honest realism. My favorite person to shake heads at/with at what we were seeing. And on the spot with his much-needed radio. Mary: Very kind and friendly, as most Canadians are. She is challenged with keeping track of hats, a minor fault that I, as a mostly bald man, cannot afford! So happy she went out of her way to find us. Surly: Another nice, generous guy who isn’t shy to speak his mind, but does so respectfully. Lives in paradise. We need to hang out. USKiwi: more apt to be called UKKiwi now, and a guy with good perspective, due to his living abroad. This has not dampened his rooting spirit for the home country. Also, he somehow doesn’t hate the Midwest! Need to still meet: Floater: best balanced commentary of the build up and happenings during the Cup. It is likely I have imagined an incredible vantage point you have, and I am jealous! Finn: Always appreciate and respect your posts and perspective. Stinger: Sorry to have missed you this time. I continue to see the utter hypocrisy in your detractors on the boards. Keep fighting the good fight! We had all looked forward to meeting again in Auckland in future years, but it is not yet meant to be. The upside, of course, is that there is a good chance we could be back here on Chestnut, or at the GGYC breakwater, or at dinner in the red light district. Oh and by the way, if any of you are passing through SF in the future, there doesn’t need to be a regatta to justify meeting up. Thanks to all who made an effort, and those who have been engaged on the boards from afar. This community made the 34th AC more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise. And finally, for those of you who are going to taunt me for the cheesiness and/or judge me for ‘liking’ people you don’t like, let me send you a pre-emptive, hearty “fuck off.” J Cheers, Chauch (T-C is right, if you said that on the street, I would absolutely answer to it!) Oh yes, and one more thing: Peter H.: we may be on the same side of many of the issues, but please go fuck yourself right off of this thread.
  9. +100. It's happening down here in San Jose too. The company I work for suddenly has giant groups organizing their trips up to SF for tomorrow. Virtually none of them have been up to the races yet. It's fascinating to watch.
  10. LOL. That's classic. Honestly, the thing I miss the most about my SA friends is the ability to just look at each other and shake our heads. We couldn't believe the things we saw. Feldmaus is the best at this, by the way. pjh a close second. Renn: if for some strange reason, the Cup stays here, you'll surely let me pick up the check at dinner in the red light district next time around?
  11. Right there with you. I am not changing a single part of my routine!
  12. Ah, Renny, I feel for you guys! But I think you at least had a great visit, even if your nerves frayed near the end. Belated report from last Saturday is that I loaded the whole family in the car and headed up. We got there early, in the middle of a downpour--so rare for this time of year! I even convinced wifey to come and bring the little one (9 months). We had no less than FOUR kinds of San Jose fruit (it used to be all orchards, after all). Plums, peaches, nectarines and our favorite--the dinosaur pluot. The boys were excited to share more food with "dad's friends visiting from other countries." We found the gang at GGYC once the weather cleared. Renn and Feldmaus, pjh, and we were very happy to meet familysailor. But sad to hear that TK had already gone! TK, we all ate fruit in your honor... The wind tried SO hard, but it wasn't meant to be, and we enjoyed the sunny day in SF instead. Below is a shot from only a few hours after the dark downpour. Sad to say I couldn't get up to the City yesterday, so I watched from afar. Stuck again today, and if it goes until tomorrow, I don't think I'll be brave enough to go watch in person!!! Cheers to Renn and Feldmaus--glad you were able to return safely and it was a pleasure to meet and watch races together. Same goes to TK, no matter how much you criticize. It was so great to meet the rest: familysailor, USKiwi, T-C, Surly, Southern Chit, Mary, and more. To those still around, I hope tomorrow is the day to get together and celebrate/mourn!
  13. Sun Shining On The Good Ship Aotearoa.
  14. Lol. Trying My Hardest!
  15. Breeze Still Really Out Of The South. But Sun Is Almost Breaking Through At Crissy. Breeze Building A Bit So Maybe It Tracks Around?