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  1. classfve

    Oracle Team USA

    The less we hear from Oracle, the more I think they're warming up their legal team. On what grounds, who knows, but with these folks nothing would surprise me.
  2. classfve

    Dennis Pontificates

    Know some people at Oracle and they have not been told, one way or another, where things are moving forward. One thing for certain, though, is that Larry could spool up another challenge in a minute if he is inclined to do so. Don't know if he is.
  3. classfve

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Sadly, if there's an element of truth to the idea that there was some collusion of protocol, design,etc. before the Cup that indirectly led to the Italians being named COR then I smell Larry's lawyers all over this. It would be, I think, counterproductive and a huge waste of time but it wouldn't surprise me to see a GGYC challenge soon.
  4. classfve

    Clean Interview of GA

    Cahn has retired, also.
  5. classfve

    Clean Interview of GA

    Oops. Kearney has retired. Next up at Latham?
  6. classfve

    Clean Interview of GA

    I can imagine that as I write, Larry is having his minions at Latham and Watkins fine-toothing the Deed of Gift to see if any collusion that might have existed between LR and ETNZ regarding sharing technology regarding the Herbie might in any way be in violation of the Deed and void ENTZ's win. Wouldn't be surprised if this is happening. Who knows.
  7. classfve


    Channel 2 reports 2 injured, one serious. One hull lost. Thing broke in half.