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  1. Harpon & on & on & on: Stowe is the only one in this little saga that claims he is part of the clean water preservation program. The miners don't claim it. Andy doesn't claim it. Tell me you don't see the hypocrisy in Stowe's actions.
  2. The most dangerous man in the western world?? WTF are you smoking man?? We never said that. He got to this place by announcing to the world that he was the great adventurer, and then failing to deliver... all we have done is point out that that is a load of bollocks. Don't you get that??? I refer the jury to the many Jim Jones killimg his cult in mass murder references, long before and during the current Guyana trip, and the Charllie Manson photos interspersed with Stowe's likeness, and I ask the jury if such a organized effort were directed at you, would you or could you consider it simply satire meant in good fun? yes (i really gotta figure this multiquote thing out)
  3. What's a soul smell? Is it something like a fart from the heart? HA! HA! HA! Keep 'em comin'!
  4. What is it with you and ass? Seriously, you are rump riveted. Seriously funny & true! Rump Riveted - love it!
  5. Funny, when this thread starts dying down &/or turns to mainly NickD humor, ole Harpy has to come here & make it all about him in the pretense of defending Stowe. This thread appears to be your therapy 'poon. Get it all out. It's gonna be OK.
  6. Thank you. You're his friend. Isn't there anything you can do - bribe, threat, something, to get RD to release more?? 'poon has never even apologized for all the abuse he's bestowed on RD in particular. Tampoon was relentless & RD never gave it back to him (much). Mission Control's scamming should be exposed. (Plus, I need my fix). TIA Sorry, but I'm not going to reveal any more than it takes to persuade Harpoon and his ilk back into their weasel holes. I said from the start that my goal was entertainment and making sure Reid didn't become the international face of sailing. That hasn't happened and it won't. I may be portrayed as evil by Reid's backers, but I have shown a lot of restraint and will continue to do so. The sooner this guy and his blind followers are off everyone's radar screen, the better. Reid's core group of supporters used him, IMO. They were and are NYC elitists who treated him as a pet, happy to drag him to a cocktail party and use him to up their own "interesting" factor. Some of them, however, thought they could exploit Reid for financial gain. If you want to pressure someone for some good shit, ask Clean to get info from Scooter about a certain "lawyer" from NY who pressured an SA advertiser off SA because of supposed slander regarding Stowe and the 1000 days voyage. Turns out the lawyer was dead - a victim of 911 and someone was using his name to influence advertisers. Simple Google searches revealed that the dead attorney who was a cop, was very good friends with a prominent member of mission control. This is not ranting. I post it here in an effort to shovel and pack dirt into the weasel hole so they STFU. If this thread ends, another one doesn't start, and Reid and his family sail off as obscure people on a 70' POS sailing yacht, I'd be good with that. But for SA and Charlie Doane, his 15 minutes would have been up long ago. What a great post! Makes perfect sense to me. Now I remember why you're one of my favorites here. It almost makes me wanna look into this whole sailing thing. I wonder why Scooter didn't/doesn't try to expose mission control after this abhorrent deed. I guess he has bigger things on his plate(?) Regarding the boat, I thought even w/o rudder repair, patching up the boat enough to "sail" again, was nearly impossible.
  7. Thank you. You're his friend. Isn't there anything you can do - bribe, threat, something, to get RD to release more?? 'poon has never even apologized for all the abuse he's bestowed on RD in particular. Tampoon was relentless & RD never gave it back to him (much). Mission Control's scamming should be exposed. (Plus, I need my fix). TIA
  8. 'poon, do you, again, dare RD to post the e-mails?
  9. Harpoon won. He finally smartened up & realized that by shutting up, he can make this thread die. Now Reid, et al can go about their scamming business w/ less eyes. Reg. Dog, you're our only hope. We need you now. Harpoon called me (I'm pretty sure it was him) & said you're too much of a pussy to post the e-mails here. Game on! (Scruples are highly over-rated anyway).
  10. I second this. C'mon, RD, stop teasing & post already! Tampoon has been egging you on forever
  11. So, is this probably the schooner's resting place? Weid too? No way is Weid parting company w/ it. Does the "captain" go down w/ the ship (or more accurately, stay stuck w/ the ship)?
  12. yeah, there were requests to desist. only you said move it. pip, i hope you keep it here w/ all things reid.
  13. pip does not get repeated requests to move to PA, just elle at the time. i'm sure i'm not the only one that likes to read all the different types of info she brings here. like pip said - there's nuttin stopping you from talking about the boat.
  14. that sucks R. Seaman closes shop, Carly won't throw Reid under the bus but, pip, i have you! i'm listening...... oh shit gotta go - my mom's comin up the stairs!!
  15. Yeah, you're right about the griping, 'poon. That's why it's fun to speculate. But, seriously now, what's the relationship w/ Big Ed?