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  1. MacGregor_Lover

    Boat Captain/Manager?

    What kind of boat? I know some people in Annapolis who would do this, but they manage real race boats. If you have an O'Day 28 probably not going to find anyone who fits your bill. I agree with finding a young teenage early 20's kid who would help you out for some spare cash and or some use of boat.
  2. MacGregor_Lover

    Jim Bishop Sr. - Fair winds and following seas

    So Sad. He was a great man and a true ambassador for the sport of sailing. The fact that he did not want to interrupt the sailing schedule is amazing, in his passing he is still contributing to the sport. Thank you Jim for the great times on the Queen, as well as the few races I did on Digger. Sail On. Condolences to the Bishop family, I am sorry you have lost a great man.
  3. MacGregor_Lover

    Atomic 4 Wanted

    Brother is located on Long Island NY. PNW is a little far. Thanks.
  4. MacGregor_Lover

    Atomic 4 Wanted

    So my brother's atomic 4 shit the bed. He is looking for a used running atomic 4 if anyone has one for sale. Much appreciated.
  5. MacGregor_Lover

    Race the Case

    Hammer's Daughter Heidi is launching "The Mighty Dread" and doing race for the case this year as a tribute to Jeff. Everyone should be out to race against Dread!! With Hammer watching from above it will be windy as a mother fucker if he has his way.
  6. MacGregor_Lover

    Race the Case

    Only if there is enough water.
  7. MacGregor_Lover

    Race the Case

    Like this kind? Aint that some shit!
  8. MacGregor_Lover

    Race the Case

    Because Yachtscoring does not have the helpful advertisements on the side. You need those.
  9. MacGregor_Lover

    Race the Case

    What about giving out awards Sunday after racing, like the rest of the world does? No way! That is what everyone will expect you to do. I would think if you wait till November for the case you should least be given the interst that case of Rum would have accrued in that time period. Based on inflation my guess would be a case of rum would earn a 12 pack of Bud Heavy's in interest. But that is an off the cuff guess.
  10. MacGregor_Lover

    Seascape 27

    This week
  11. saw your post about Deale...I moved to Deale 4 years ago. I like it, not many good places to eat but other than that its the Redneck Riviera