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  1. Propane Gas Detectors- what do you use?

    Thanks! Tested and passed (today). We'll keep it in mind.
  2. Propane Gas Detectors- what do you use?

    Thanks Fast Your strong advice on the importance of getting the installation correct is well taken.
  3. Propane Gas Detectors- what do you use?

    Thanks Toddster I didn't realize that the possibility of a catastrophic regulator failure was common. Is there any warning that it's starting to leak? Would you recommend replacement after "x" years of use?
  4. Propane Gas Detectors- what do you use?

    Thanks Ajax. Very helpful. It would seem that a propane installation is one area that ABYC standards should not be ignored. I currently have a solenoid valve installed on the high pressure side, in front of the regulator, as you prefer. I have three propane appliances, each fed individually from a manifold installed after the regulator. Each gas line has a proper, mechanically "swaged" end fitting to the rubber hose. My three propane tanks are in a vented locker along with the regulator and solenoid assembly. The hoses are caulked at the exit point of the locker. All fittings tested and tight. No bubbles from a soap/water solution. Seems safe to me. Now it seems that all that is needed is a sensor and alarm. Am I missing something?
  5. Tragedy in Ensenada

    +1 All good advice. The video also is a reality check. Nothing like seeing the power that a relatively small amount of propane can exert and the aftermath. Sobering. Thanks for the video post.
  6. Having recently experienced the power of a propane explosion (another boat close-by on our dock) we're shopping for a detector/sniffer that will alert us to the presence of any leakage of this extremely explosive gas. What do you use? What's available? Any suggestions? Any good reason to NOT install a detector?
  7. Tragedy in Ensenada

    Nos Noa John's wife Alenka was not on board. She was in Czechoslovakia visiting family. Betty is still at the veterinary clinic hanging on to life. Your impulsive last words to John are a wonderful example of how we should share our feelings with others- we may not have another chance to do so. I'll pass your kind comments and remembrances along to the family. John will be greatly missed.
  8. Tragedy in Ensenada

    We were three boats downwind and across the dock from the explosion. The shock wave felt like a truck had hit our boat (36', 20,000 pounds) healing it in our slip. There was a noise more like a very loud thump rather than an explosion. Until we went topside, we had no idea what had happened until we saw the smoke and felt the heat from the flames. Today, John's family was aboard looking for documents and valuables and mentioned that the entire interior of the boat was destroyed- no cabinetry or structure existed, just a pile of debris. We never understood the power of a propane explosion until now. As we frequently pressure test our propane lines we never thought too much about installing a propane detector, but that new project has moved to the top of the list. We had no idea how irresponsible we were being as the ramifications are far-reaching. The destruction was not only to John's boat but took his life. It also damaged the boat next to it and could have caused much more damage. This was a traumatizing, horrendous experience that will not be soon forgotten. With the amount of poor boat maintenance (think: Richardson Bay anchor-outs), we are amazed that this doesn't happen with more frequency. We are fortunate that this happened in daylight and that so many in Marina Coral were aboard and reacted with selfless bravery in putting out the fire and moving the singed and almost ignited boat in the adjoining slip downwind. This sailing community is truly awesome!
  9. Tragedy in Ensenada

    Thankfully cruisers braved the heat and smoke to tow this boat out of harms way. If this gasoline-powered boat had caught fire, it may have continued downwind to other vessels.
  10. Tragedy in Ensenada

    Another photo showing propane tank connection
  11. Tragedy in Ensenada

    Another photo
  12. Tragedy in Ensenada

    Another photo
  13. Tragedy in Ensenada

    Another photo
  14. Tragedy in Ensenada

    A propane explosion on a Nantucket 33 shocked the cruisers and tenants at Marina Coral in Ensenada Monday at 6:35 PM. Aboard was the owner, John, and his dog. Amazing response from the community here at Marina Coral put the fire out by the time the Ensenada Fire Dept. arrived (which was only 10 or 15 minutes from the call to them). An Ericsson 31 was moved before it caught fire but was damaged cosmetically and the main and jib are melted. John was taken by paramedics to the General Hospital in Ensenada while his dog was taken to a veterinary clinic. All here are saddened as John did not make it through the night. The dog is still hanging on to life. Very sobering as most of us use propane. The officials have not yet issued their report. The propane tank was hard-plumbed to copper compression fitting and reportedly sat on deck in the center cockpit of the vessel. Talk of a memorial fund for the family is circulating but nothing has been established yet.
  15. Pirated boat is a Stephens cruiser around 55 feet in length. They were paralleling the coast, about one mile off the beach. South of Rosarito off Puerto Nuevo, a panga with four men intercepted them, boarded and took as noted above plus passports. No one was hurt but obviously shaken as is the cruising community at Cruiseport in Ensenada. Some are thinking that it may be wise to stay outside of Los Coronados Islands when transiting this area. Photo of vessel: