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    Mad Max

    I can help on this topic, although I find baseless speculation distasteful. The lead was removed for interior work and replaced. I know because I screwed the retaining straps on it. Anyone with casual interest could go look under the floorboards. There is a very simple explanation for our improvement in light air; the Bukh was removed along with the draggy strut and non folding prop. We mounted an outboard for a while until we decided it wasn't safe enough. The saildrive was installed after that. An asymmetrical kite was also part of the improved downwind speed. Perhaps you folks shoud focus on becoming better sailors and stop guessing about the success of others
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    never fuckin' mind

    keep yer stick on the ice
  3. Good point, but, but doesn't he have a smidge of finishing to do?
  4. Like so many of us, I have been following this build with increasing disbelief, and it just occurred to me... Has anyone seen an anchor or a windlass? If in fact the Rod is going to have to slip his moorings, how will he keep the FH from drifting out with the tide? Did I miss some sort of concrete block/come-along system?
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    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Hey all, just wondered if I might find a ride during the week of July 20. Going to be in TO and would love to get out. Currently bow on a 40' Davidson tonner, bow and main on a Martin 242. So just about anything will do. peace d