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  1. Andy P

    what is it?

    Freedom 21 with some mods.
  2. Andy P

    what is it?

    You mean my new boat? It's glass. I also built most of the fast UK new rules ICs at the worlds. :-)
  3. Andy P

    what is it?

    I made this!
  4. Andy P

    What's the hardest dinghy you've sailed?

    And then I put foils on it - and look where we are now!
  5. Andy P

    Finn vs Tasar

    Aero prototypes ( but it wasn't RS early on ) used laser-bug style main + bent topmast+ shrouds, then normal mast + shrouds, then unstayed mast moved well forwards,which was the 'best' solution! Maybe not the best for ultimate performance, and tuning to suit weight etc, but best for simplicity, and sales. With 3 rig sizes, tuning is a bit irrelevant.
  6. Andy P

    DC Designs

    Pics of Tin Teardrop mk 1 and 2. More curve = ability to sail flat or heeled to windward. Jim C now has this seat and carriage. Wedge shape, supported at the sides of the carriage.
  7. Andy P

    rs aero

    Aeros at Gurnard Isle of wight. The 5 was quicker upwind, pointing higher, the 9 faster downwind, but round the course they were within a few seconds of each other.
  8. Andy P

    DC Designs

    As far as I remember, the idea of the static tape is to get a fair hull, and the idea of the slidy tapes is to prevent hollows ( and therefore bumps ) similar to those seen on i14s at one time. The hulls are narrow enough not to need 'rule cheat' bumps to artificailly narrow the hull even more. The planing wing things weren't considered during rule writing, but even with the stricter measurement system they could be made legal ( whether they work is another matter entirely! )
  9. Andy P

    DC Designs

    I'm sure the way I describe is how Steve Clark SHC explained it to me... However if the hull is fair it will measure both ways! ( moving the tape or not ) Tin Teardrop measured the slidy tape way, with the hollows outside the meas area.
  10. Andy P

    DC Designs

    "Or does the athwartship 1m tape always stay centered on the 2 m centerline, sliding up and down it, as the 2m longitudinal moves .5m to either side looking for weird and forbidden shit, independent of the 1m athwartship tape?" Yes but i think of it like this : Ok start with the 2 tapes as below. image.jpg then keeping one tape still - taped to the hull ;-) slide the other one, centred on the stationary tape, from the centre position to the end of the stationary tape, and then to the other end. now do the same with the other tape. no hollows etc so it's not a rectangular box as such, because the tapes go round the hull skin, making it a wonky box. at the BMS which is where the tapes cross initially, depth 275mm min, and beam 750mm min. anywhere else can be anything else, but must comply with the sheerline projection hollows etc rule. the planing fins would be OK, as long as the athwartships tape wraps around the fin without hollows when going up the sides for the required 0.5m from the centreline ( and within the 1m from BMS requirement.) It might be advantageous to push the BMS forward, so the fins are outside the measurement zone.
  11. Andy P

    DC Designs

    Mmm I changed a lot. Downwind was much faster - but that might be the kite ;-) Upwind was much slower - but that might be the reduced righting moment :-( The original stern was very narrow and pointy, but definitely at low speed, the longer hull was less burbly and smoother wake. Planing speed was not much difference I would say.
  12. Andy P

    DC Designs

    and the sideways tape slides 1m fore/aft. The circumference skin is 2m x 1m, but the actual hull can be smaller ;-) Only at BMS is the required 275mm depth. The 2m x 1m tape etc is for the 'no hollows'.
  13. Andy P

    DC Designs

    You slide the 1m athwartships tape fore and aft for 1m each way. and you slide the logitudinal 2m tape sideways 0.5m each way. (starting centred at BMS.) No hollows etc like it says. My boat originally was 750 at the chines, with vertical sides, so the deck was also 750mm beam - too narrow! I made deck extension platforms so it was about 1000mm wide, it measured OK with the reverse chine/hollow outside the tape measuring position.
  14. Andy P

    DC Designs

    The jib boom could run on a wheel on a track, ( a bit like Bull700, but the other way, )