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  1. carrier landing

    Back half of my enlistment was on a destroyer running plane guard for the Shitty Kitty (I think it was) for night ops. For us that means we are steaming along a little behind and to the side of the carrier. For me as one of the ship’s swimmers, it means sitting in a really crappy poorly fitting wet suit in a motor whaleboat hanging in davits but swung out over the side ready to lower quickly. In the boat is just me as the swimmer, two bosun mates one of which is the coxswain, and a gunners mate with a 14 for “sharks”....... Anyway the up side is the view and sounds of the flight ops are frigging awesome. The down side is after a while it just sucks. So one night a guy misses the cables and tries unsuccessfully to power off the bow back into the air. The plane veers off the port side a couple hundred yards under full power kinda lays over a quarter turn and goes into the drink. Pilot rode it into the water.....don’t know why, too low, not enough time, wrong angle? I know nothing about that pilot stuff. Well, I almost shit myself. “Holy shit something actually happened!” I had NEVER seen anything like that before. (Don’t know how many hours we did that and nothing ever happened). After a brief holy shit period we hit the lights, hard port and after just a few seconds it seemed, slowed to a near stop and lowered the whaleboat and off we went in the direction of the plane which we couldn’t really see. Fortunately, the real rescue guys (whose only job was pilot rescue, as opposed to myself who was “certified” by a week long class because I volunteered and was a extremely good swimmer) arrived in the helo, made the jump and extracted the pilot, made the hoist and headed back to the carrier almost before we even got near the plane. I never heard how he did. That night was the moment that reinforced that those guys had huge brass balls. Respect. Fing Brown Shoes.
  2. carrier landing

  3. carrier landing

    My buddy who is a retired USMC fighter pilot who is..........not a timid soul.........says the few carrier landings he did were.....”not fun”.
  4. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Excellent honest straight up response by the young woman and great follow up article. https://sports.yahoo.com/canadian-hockey-player-says-shes-sorry-taking-off-silver-medal-thats-nice-didnt-need-apologize-075844877.html Respect
  5. Paying it forward. A great story.

    I like that stuff. Thanks for the post.
  6. Community Reputation Points

    Well, it’s moving in the right direction. I’m sure looking forward to when it doesn’t hurt! Thanks.
  7. Darwin strikes again

    Exactly, but I can tell you.....most sane people have no interest in holding a grenade with the pin pulled. Plus we were told you couldn’t put the pin back in.
  8. Community Reputation Points

    Oh yeah, there it is! Kiss Ass for me as well. I think I think I’ll simply embrace it with grace...........although that is kinda kiss ass isn’t it?
  9. Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    What a tough thing. I’ve had to do that a number of times with firefighter trainees in recruit academies I have run. Despite our rigorous testing/selection process we still lose about 15% out of each academy, fitness, injuries, testing etc. often they are kids who finally got a shot at their dream job, are great kids, are trying as hard as they can and just can’t perform. I had to release one of those and he was the son of one of our Battalion Chiefs...but he wasn’t cutting it. Even kept him longer than we probably should have. Killed me. One of the worst things I ever had to do in my 37 years on the job. BTW, it speaks volumes about your character that it bothered you like that. Glad she turned it into a positive.
  10. Stupid Airports

    That actually sounds familiar, I’ll bet that’s it! I knew there was a “poly” word...... I willingly stand corrected sir! And yes, it was hard to drive by the conversation about cutting off the heads of both femurs........
  11. Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    well played....
  12. Stupid Airports

    He said a polycarbonate something ...two words. A blend maybe? But being a retired fireman, two multisyllabic words together was too much for me.....
  13. Stupid Airports

    Yeah, it’s bone friendly titanium spike and cup, the cup liner is a polycarbonate, and the pink ball is ceramic. I did protest the pink ball and my Doc laughed and said “you firemen are a fragile bunch, get over it”. We both had a huge laugh. They can typically put it in through a 4-6 inch incision. It goes in with NO cement or screws! Amazing shit!
  14. Stupid Airports

    Yep, but I did my Beach time in San Diego City Lifeguard Service. I did test for LA County with the goal of scoring a job on one of their Bay Watch boats (back then the FD & Lifeguard Service were separate). San Diego offered me a job first so I jumped it. In retrospect, it was a very good decision. After two years got picked by a FD and sent to Paramedic school. Never looked back.
  15. Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    I have been lucky to work in a profession where widespread “subacute” whining is part of the culture and always has a underlying purpose of humor. The firehouse would be less without it. For instance the absolute highest compliment that is possible to get for a dinner you cooked when it’s your turn is “well.....at least that didn’t suck”. That’s it. Highest compliment available. Real whining is a rare occurrence, the people who do the job are generally not built that way and simply not tolerated in the culture. By way of example, we had a fairly small brush fire - @100 acres or so) and it was on a real steep hillside, in dense brush, on a real hot day in ash often so hot and deep you couldn’t stand still in it because it would burn you through your brush boots. So my buddy & I each took a flank at the bottom and pinched it off at the top by pushing real hard with a couple hose lays about 2000 yards long each, meeting at the top. As we were standing there catching our breath a rookie staggered up and in a whiney voice said “god it’s hot, steep and smoky”. My buddy - face covered in soot - looked at him and said (in front of the rest of the crews) “Son......you’re in the hot, steep smoky business. If it bothers you that much you need to rethink your career choice. Take off your hose pack and go sit on the back of the engine. We’ll be down when we finish up the work and then you can go back to the station, take a soft warm shower and have some chamomile tea.” Shamed, down the hill he went, sat on the tailboard and it was the last time I EVER heard even the slightest whine out of him for the next 10 years.