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  1. Point Break

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    I have taken care of any number of absolutely antisocial and some just plain evil people including a serial killer. It took every bit of humanity and discipline to care for some of them. I absolutely know if I had a gun in my hand and the slightest provocation.....I'd be very likely to pull the trigger. Thanks god I didn't choose that career path. I'm amazed at the self control most of the cops show. I mean they probably had to leave a perfectly good donut to corral the bad guy................sorry....I couldn't help myself.
  2. Point Break

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    The looters have arrived. Remorseless assholes that see no problem taking what little people may have left or from vacant unburnt homes. Parasites. Good thing for me I'm not a cop........."bang bang halt"! https://www.sfgate.com/california-wildfires/article/Camp-Fire-Men-paradise-looting-forest-service-13385020.php
  3. Point Break

    Ridgeline News

    WFD Toyota
  4. Point Break

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    Copy that.........
  5. Point Break

    classic movies

    Oh man d' you list some Awesome flicks there. The Grapes of Wrath was one that followed the book storyline pretty darn faithfully and was an excellent movie. I went on a Steinbeck reread jag last year and enjoyed Grapes again in the audio format. I was struck by - unfortunately - how contemporary that human experience still is. Frankly, any movie with either Bogie and Hepburn (African Queen) or Tracy and Hepburn is worth watching.....or frankly any movie with Hepburn. One of my all time favorite actresses. And the badges line...from SM........was a humorously oft quoted line in various circumstances in the firehouse.
  6. Point Break

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    Oh man..........Spy versus Spy..............those were excellent!!
  7. Point Break

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    Largely correct. While the notion it is multi-factorial is still true, and the drought cycle - whatever the cause - is a huge contributor, the conservation efforts that pushed us away from "wise use" management concepts to leave it all alone (no burning, no logging etc) is a huge contributor to our fire problem. Just as clear cutting is poor management....so is no cutting. Here in So Cali the various deciduous and evergreen species all share a general need for sufficient "space" to grow in a healthy condition. That is (very generally) optimally around 30-60 trees per acre. We have forests that are currently standing at several hundred trees per acre. As a result of that and the drought they are stressed and unhealthy making them prime candidates for infestation by various bugs/beetles the combination of which lead to huge swaths of standing dead and dying trees...."standing red and dead" we call them. Add a significant brush under-story and a little weather and you have fires that simply cannot be stopped. The caveat to that view of forest health is I am not a forester...I worked with MANY foresters over the years in the development of pre-fire plans and post fire rehabilitation work. I learned those principles from that association and my personal observations over the years support those theories.
  8. Point Break

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    Oh man, I do remember Turok! I liked that character immensely and had a few of those comics as well. My tastes leaned toward characters that did not have "super powers" but rather had extraordinary "normal" abilities. That and a dinosaur fixation led me to Edgar Rice Burroughs books starting with "War Chief" and "The Land That Time Forgot". This led to my discovery of the Tarzan series of which I read and reread every single book in the series. From there it was but a short step to John Carter of Mars and David Innes in Pellucidar. Absolute excellent stuff. I actually have the entire set of the Tarzan books given to me by my father who received them as a gift from an aunt when he was a young boy in Chicago. They were purchased at some local drug store I forget the name of shortly after the war and are printed on the odd war conservation paper still in use just after the war. Most of the books still have the dust jackets in varying condition. I had them appraised some time ago and while not worthless, certainly not a fortune...at least not enough to have me part with them. The appraiser did say if the collection had all the dust covers intact....then it would be worth considerably more. Who knew..........
  9. Point Break

    Is It A Coincidence?

    One thing to remember...........at least here in Cali, building permits are public records. Pull a permit and the contractor/handyman/construction supply offers begin rolling in........
  10. Point Break

    NFL 2018

    So far.........
  11. Point Break


    We have a sideboard in the dining room with a hutch on top that has wire wine racks up each side. No way we'd store our wine there (of course when you have somewhere near 350 bottles proper storage becomes a pressing need...but that's another story). Anyway, Mrs PB hit on the idea of saving some of our absolute favorite bottles and refilling them with water and red food coloring to simulate wine and then re-corking and putting them in the rack for display. So with 7 bottles up each side of the hutch it has a nice effect, nicer than the empty spots where bottles should be. Off we go on vacation and one of our sons (age 21) stayed at the house with a friend. We got home and found 3 spots "open". We asked our son if he knew what happened to the bottles. He said "Oh yeah, we opened 3 bottles but only drank one.....it wasn't very good and the other two were no better. I don't think I'm going to drink wine very much....its not that impressive". We just smiled and Mrs PB with an absolute straight face said............"well...........it is an acquired taste".
  12. Point Break

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    Here is your shovel. Now get to work.
  13. Point Break

    classic movies

    Oh yeah... Sierra Madre.....stellar.
  14. Point Break

    classic movies

    Lots of seconds (The Mountain with Spencer Tracey, White Christmas and lots more) but.....hands down.....Casablanca.