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  1. Point Break


    Some of ya’ll chainsaw aficionados may find this basic chainsaw class material for firefighting interesting. https://www.riohondotruckacademy.com/Fire Service Saw Safety and Maintenance.pdf
  2. Point Break

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    How many times are we going to do this?
  3. Point Break


    BTW - took care of a guy who literally cut off his hand with a radial arm saw. Just hanging by some meat, bones clean through. They actually put the thing back on and he recovered most of the use. Said it stayed numb though. He said the Doc said that might or might not improve. Lost track of him downstream from that conversation so I don’t know the final outcome.
  4. Point Break


    Funny thing is you never see the sawyors wearing chaps when they are falling. At least not typical. We always wore them cutting and pulling brush though. Good thing she missed that party! Wives do not like that stuff. Skilsaws are responsible for more lost fingers (actually, mostly partials. Rare to get the whole thing)! Seen framers get some pretty nasty lacerations. They had a tendency to wire the guards back when trimming rafter tails etc. My oh my seen some owies there.
  5. Point Break


    Seen quite a few chainsaw injuries. Quite a few. Second only to skilsaws.
  6. Point Break

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    Not just surveyors........but in all fairness we borrowed it from them....... Since we don’t have time to accurately measure that distance on the fireline we have a method for rough approximations. I’ve never found it very accurate but......we still teach it. https://www.nwcg.gov/course/ffm/vert-horiz-and-slope/46-chain-pace-walking-a-chain
  7. Point Break

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    Yeah........same guys who invented township and range..........when I was learning map reading at first I just scratched my head. After lots of years it was second nature. We used to have a saying that all large fires start at the intersection of 4 quads........at night........
  8. Point Break

    holy fuck... beirut

    Post 171.
  9. Point Break

    Stage 4 lock down-Victoria

    Chlorine gas. As I recall. It’s a nasty gas of some sort......
  10. Point Break


    If you ride a Vespa to Sturgis, COVID is the least of your problems...
  11. Point Break

    holy fuck... beirut

    I have not been very diligent about it. I kinda write in spurts........that probably was the wrong adjective to use with this crowd.........
  12. Point Break

    What's in your arsenal??

    So I learned!
  13. Point Break


    granted Oh yeah, absolutely. WFD
  14. Point Break

    What's in your arsenal??

    I was really surprised that you are right. When the guy asked me how many range rounds I wanted I said "How many in a box?" He said "50". I said "okay give me two boxes". He just smiled.