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  1. Point Break

    strange thought while commuting

    I thought so as well....we always think our shitty traffic is the worst shitty traffic but................the 25 out of Colorado Springs was oddly stop - full speed - stop - full speed - stop, again and again for no apparent reason until it opened up to more than two lanes then it was mostly fine. But the I70 eastbound while I was westbound rivaled anything we have here........even the 405.
  2. Point Break

    There's Got To be A Word For It....

    If you are married to the person you love, let the little shit slide away and treasure every moment. You never know.....
  3. Point Break

    An Appeal to the World

    From the preface......
  4. Point Break

    An Appeal to the World

    Just finished the Dali Lama’s latest book. I found it remarkable. YMMV
  5. Point Break


    Lastly..................I took this at the beach here on my morning walk. This is what happens when you allow frigging inlanders to come to the beach and personal injury attorneys to live.
  6. Point Break


    I also stopped at a minimart/gas station for a cup of coffee. Pulled in and..............ummmmm, no thanks. "Hey Siri where is the nearest Starbucks?"
  7. Point Break


    I took this in Colorado this past week. Huh?
  8. Point Break

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    I love Slack Key. Gabby, Sonny, Atta, Makaha Sons..............awesome sound. Went to a Slack Key festival at the Waikiki Shell some years back...excellent time.
  9. Point Break

    Guitar Player Anarchy

    It has been a pretty rough patch for a few years so I stopped my Mandola lessons. As time goes by, I think I am ready to resume my tinkering. This time with the Mandolin assuming I can fit my fat fingers on the fretboard. At least it'll make some of the long reaches for this and that chord a little more doable. My plan is to toughen up the fingers with some daily practice of things I already know and go see the music teacher again once my fingers don't bleed anymore.
  10. Point Break

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

  11. Point Break

    There's Got To be A Word For It....

    "Ah come on honey............all the other guys will have theirs............"
  12. Point Break

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Best line I ever heard was from my buddy on a fire. Very steep but pretty small (only about 150 acres I think) we put in a hose lay up either flank to catch it at the top while the aircraft held it on the ridge. My buddy ran one flank I ran the other, we met at the top and tied it in. It was frigging miserable, smoky, very hot, VERY steep....tough going. We're standing there finally breathing some fresh air, I'm leaning hard on my shovel and this rookie walks by and exclaims "that was terrible, its so hot and steep, I think I'm going to faint". My buddy looks at him and says "son.........we're in the hot steep business............best you figure out if you like now and if not stop complaining and find something else to do for a living".
  13. Point Break

    strange thought while commuting

  14. Point Break

    strange thought while commuting

    Oh no, it was 9 Prineville Hotshots, 3 Smokejumpers, and 2 Helitack. The shots were from Ore. and the jumpers from Idaho & Montana. I think I remember the Helitack crew was a local BLM ship. Most based out of state, but not a volunteer in sight. So far as not talked about, that fire is the most studied, written about, taught fire in modern wild land firefighting history. It resulted in some of the most sweeping changes in wildland firefighting equipment, procedures and processes.
  15. Point Break

    NFL 2018

    The D is pretty remarkable.....back to what we expect from a Bear D. Trubisky was okay but missed a number of passes and tried to squeeze a couple he should not have. But I see enough talent to hope as the season goes on he will continue to improve. He sure has a ton of talent around him as the supporting cast. Enough to be hopeful for a good season.