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  1. Community Reputation Points

    Now that BJ fixed it so I turned off the notification for every “vote”.....I am finding this whole “reputation journey” immensely entertaining. The whining will probably get old, but for now it’s totally popcorn worthy.
  2. Classic............

    And thus............the perhaps fatal flaw in democracy...................
  3. Rememberance Anarchy

    I gotta say......if you’re 40, or 50, or 60 and still chewing on your service - good or bad - frequently....you need to let it go. I don’t own any item of clothing or hat or anything that says “I was”. I don’t hide it, I’ll occasionally chat about it in general terms if it comes up, but it’s not front and center in my everyday. I’m a vet, I pulled my weight. I can’t say I’m glad I did, but I’m proud that I did. I’m proud of the people I was with. I had it worse than some and way better than quite a few. But it’s done....a long time ago. Other than that infrequent moment when you stand with others in remembernce of your shared experience......just let it go......
  4. NFL 2017

    Nothing wrong with asking. Didn’t he also ask for lifetime medical for him and his kids or something like that?
  5. i dont get it.

    No they don’t. They most certainly don’t.
  6. Community Reputation Points

    But unless it matters to you how is it an injustice? I mean the whole website is just meaningless entertainment. I guess I must just view it differently. Carry on. Thanks.
  7. College Football 2017

    Cheap shot? That's not a cheap shot................THIS is a cheap shot!! https://www.ksat.com/news/college-football-player-expelled-after-video-shows-him-punching-coach-on-sideline
  8. Community Reputation Points

    Not wanting to engage in a internet shitfight with someone I don't know over something absolutely meaningless, I am curious...genuinely so....what is the impact to you of "downvotes"? How exactly does it change your world. I mean......If I have 12,000 down or up votes on some internet BB..........it does not impact me or change my life in any aspect. I'm just wondering why it seems to mean so much to you.
  9. weird sinus issue

    First....High School Teacher? Respect. Tough important job. Sounds like your Doc was dialed in on your individual case. That’s priceless when you have a Doc that knows you and your issues that well.
  10. Grumpy old man Pet Peeve #69

    I’ve noticed at a certain age that receptionists, clerks, etc. start talking to you like you suddenly became stupid. You suddenly fall victim to the lowest common denominator approach to explaining things.
  11. weird sinus issue

    There are certainly individual variances so it’s certainly possible your case was at one tail or the other of the curve. Also, i know zero about chronic sinus infections so I’d hesitate to try to generalize about your individual experience. It is certainly possible that your immune response dealt with the virus concurrently with you taking the antibiotic and they had nothing to do with each other. It’s also possible you individually had a chronic recurring bacterial infection. Just curious, was it ever cultured?
  12. College Football 2017

    That was a serious, good ole fashioned ass whupping. Impressive!
  13. weird sinus issue

    I use distilled. Its a bit of a pain cuz I warm it in the microwave first and then take it into the shower.....and the chances of getting a brain killer from tap water is pretty low but does exist. I figure being a retired fireman brain damage has already occurred...............
  14. Fuck you im sick anarchy

    Yeah, serious side effects are very rare so the worst case is you got a shot and still got the flu. The best case is you got the shot and have partial or complete immunity to the most prolific strain that year. Despite anecdotal stories, you don't get the flu from flu shots, most places the shots are free, and you run a good chance of increased protection. I don't see a down side unless you are a needle wuss. BTW - Grande's advice about hand washing etc. is key. From my time as a medic, I am a consistent hand washer. If your grocery doesn't have the antiseptic cart wipes, you might think of bringing a small package of your own as well. There are a few small studies that suggest that 1) grocery carts are a common vector for transmission and 2) antiseptic wipes probably help. I also reduce eating out at the height of flu season (lower my exposure opportunities) and never, never, never eat at a public buffet. Never.............
  15. Bad head

    What the hell is up with her left foot in the first picture.....................