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  1. Ssssssnnnnakkkkkeee

    “Red touches yellow will kill a fellow.....”
  2. Surf Anarchy

    The only one I kept in touch with is dead....................skin cancer. They were almost all pretty hearty partiers.......I reckon unless one of them stumbled into some rich lady or invented something or other that none of them are comfortable.....at least thats what I keep telling myself. Although I took a pretty darn good road and loved every minute so I have no complaints.
  3. Verne Troyer DTS

    He sure got shortchanged...............
  4. Surf Anarchy

    I'm sorry, I understand now what you meant, standup as opposed to kneeboard or bellies.......got it. Duh........I'm slow lately.
  5. Surf Anarchy

    Maine is pretty though. I could never leave the beach but if I did Maine would be pretty high on my list..........seasonally of course!! I guarded Blacks for about two weeks.........different. Worst was at high tide you were not getting any backup from the south on rescues. So 3 guards, 2 at opening and 1 late in the day toward evening. The bottom there was pretty shifting. Get a flash or traveling rip that sweeps a dozen tourists out and you are on your own......the state guards next beach up north never came down to help. I worked with a couple guards back then who were "permanent seasonals". They guarded for City in the summer and worked ski patrol in the winter. The gap in the seasons was world travel time. Those boys had it figured out.................
  6. Surf Anarchy

  7. Surf Anarchy

    I guarded two seasons (well, 1.5 seasons) as a SD City seasonal before I got picked up at the FD. The advantage of being one of the lowest seniority seasonals was I was extra and not assigned to any specific beach.That meant I got used to fill in for sick and vacation staffing anywhere. Some guys hated that because you didn't have a home, you didn't have regular start and stop hours, if a beach wasn't busy you were the first to get sent home, and once in a while you'd get sent down to the bay to guard something like Crown Point or Bonita etc (yuck!!). What I liked was I probably worked almost every beach we had at one point or another, and often got to ride the wet seat in the jeep with the Sgt or Lt. Jeep days were fun because you backed up pretty much every significant rescue which meant I went into the water a lot on those days. So, I remember PB & MB really well. I liked it there because the boardwalk in MB was always entertaining and the rescues were pretty easy. On the weekend, all it took was a short walk down from the tower and someone was certain to feed you great BBQ. "Hey lifeguard, want some food?" Uh.......yes.....
  8. Surf Anarchy

    SUP at Big Rock!!!?? Holy cow!! That is such a steep fast barrel I can't imagine it with a long board much less an SUP! How the hell did he ever make the bottom turn?? I'd have stopped and watched as well.
  9. E-Bikes

    Makes sense to me....and it does sound fun.
  10. Popcorn anarchy

    Oh....I’ll bet that would be good. Gonna give it a try.
  11. Surf Anarchy

    Well....I guarded there in 1976 after I got out of the military......so that was 42 years ago.... The problem places that really everyone knew about back then were Wind n Sea, Huntington south side of the pier, PV Lunada Bay, some spots in the South Bay, Ventura County Line, Rincon, and Santa Cruz Steamer Lane.....and really only Wind n Sea, Rincon, and Lunada were REALLY bad. On a whole coast that’s not so bad.
  12. Surf Anarchy

    No, not exactly a long board wave.....but no...the Wind n Sea crowd is one of the groups it’s not worth being around.....and I guarded Boomers/Children’s Pool and the Cove.
  13. Surf Anarchy

    Hmmmmmm A really bad surfer.
  14. Surf Anarchy

    BTW, the worst locals I’ve ever encountered was surfing in Hawaii. They’re pretty touchy there......at least that’s been my experiance. Maybe they have to put up with more Barney’s.