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  1. I'm not sure I understand "afraid to speak up"? Hey.....we're on a collision course but I'm afraid to say anything..........?
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/10-sailors-missing-collision-between-us-warship-tanker-063113831.html
  3. I was busy.....no time for pics. Sacrificing virgins is way harder than I thought. Hell just finding one......I think he was a virgin. He was such a obnoxious shrimpy little guy I can't imagine he ever got laid.......think Bull Gator........
  4. Did something bad happen where you are? Things got kinda dark around here.......so I did pray to the sun god and sacrificed a virgin (I think it was a virgin) and things are looking up now. You're welcome.
  5. I lokd an i thnk evythg ar fin.
  6. Hey Mango.....long time no post! I do wonder if they still watch stand a observer on the two bridge wings........I seem to remember it was at the discretion of the Skipper but it seems those wings were manned more often than not.
  7. I've had friends who took theirs to the local "we'll replace your battery or repair your screen" shops and they all had good results.
  8. His comedy was built on slapstick and goofy. You gotta like that to appreciate his humor. Not my cuppa tea but I acknowledge that in that genre he was top notch. Used his fame for honorable activities and was a contributor instead just a taker. In the fire service we feel a particular kinship because of our long affiliation with our MDA "Fill the Boot" fundraisers across the nation each year. Stood on a lot of street corners getting quarters and dimes for "Jerry's Kids" over the years. Amazing how generous most people were in that setting.
  9. Talk about a safety stand down.......there gonna be some serious review and service wide tune ups.......wouldn't want to be a line officer anywhere in the system right now.
  10. When I drove my older pickup....I almost did that a couple times with cars that pegged the asshole meter......never quite summoned the willingness......
  11. Neither will the CNO.......there is gonna be some serious service wide shit roll down........ i served on a previous iteration of the McCain......seems odd to me it bothers me more that it's that boat.......
  12. I'd guess Dean & Jerry are having a cigarette and a martini together about now.................
  13. oh wait...............top this................
  14. Yep......Gangnam.....whatever the f that is.........