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  1. Point Break

    Strawberry Thief

    Plain ole Victor trap. Put it in the garden. Bait without setting so the little bastard gets used to taking the bait without a problem. Takes a couple nights 3-4......do this till the bait consistently is gone in the morning. Then the last night bait and load the trap. I use Slim Jim’s.....it’s like rat crack. You can push it onto the little spike on the bait platform and it is impossible to take without springing the trap. Buh bye rat......
  2. Point Break

    water bomber run... too cool

    BTW - thanks. Many times over.
  3. Point Break

    No getting the band back together

    That is excellent! What a great adventure. Ummmmmm, some of that was filmed on the south side...........
  4. Point Break

    Little Drummer Girl

    No argument. Still.....remarkable similarity. Loved it. But yes....Janis.....
  5. Point Break

    Little Drummer Girl

    How about Janis Joplin reincarnated........at age 13.....
  6. Point Break

    Little Drummer Girl

    Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I absolutely love this clip of Page explaining the development of Stairway while its playing. It makes me smile that he is spinning the vinyl with the label so familiar. I literally wore that album out. Although Stairway isn’t my favorite musically of theirs (that would be “Going to California”) it was the soundtrack to such a remarkable moment in my life that I just love that song. Anyway......
  7. Point Break

    Little Drummer Girl

    Ah heck Hobot.......I ran over to you tube and now I’m in a Led Zeppelin marathon.........
  8. Point Break

    Little Drummer Girl

    Pretty darn good, she’s even got some Bonham Beast moves! (the elder Bonham )......and she is a lot cuter......
  9. Point Break

    Todays Useless Fact

    The reason for the change is three fold. It is believed that the mouth to mouth portion of CPR was considered icky/unsafe and keeping people from doing anything. The coordination of the breathing and compressions was difficult for some people. Studies show that the rescue breathing element did not increase blood carried circulating oxygen all that much. So the protocol was changed to compressions only. Something better than nothing. Depending on the patient and circumstances I would still favor including the breathing. Yes automated external defibrillators improve survivabilty for those persons whose cardiac arrest was due to ventricular fibrillation. Studies vary pretty widely on what that percentage is. Somewhere between 40% to 80%. Remember though......it’s described as a chain of survival. CPR almost immediately, if appropriate auto defibrillation within 5 minutes, and ALS care within 10 minutes. Pulling any one out of the chain dramatically reduces the already low probability of a good outcome. If you want to help....there is an App that will notify you when someone nearby is reported to need CPR. It’s called PulsePoint. https://www.pulsepoint.org/
  10. Point Break

    Todays Useless Fact

    I had a guy who was dead walk into our station with his wife and kids and say thank you. His kids said thanks for saving their daddy. It does not happen frequently....but it happens. If nobody does CPR it’ll never happen. I would do it.
  11. Point Break

    Todays Useless Fact

    As if coming back isn’t remarkable enough?
  12. Point Break

    Todays Useless Fact

    Different EMS systems report different survival rates. All are well below 20% (except Seattle which claims higher than that). There are a number of variables that also vary from system to system (age of patients, cause of cardiac arrest, citizen CPR trained etc.) but there are a couple factors that float to the surface in most studies. CPR within a minute or two, and followup ALS (advanced life support aka paramedics, not just EMT’s) within 10 minutes are significant predictors for survival in any system. Time to defibrillation fir patients in V-Fib is pretty telling as well. If you don’t include arrests that we witness, or traumatic arrests (cardiac arrests in the prehospital setting have abysmal survival rates), the system I worked in had survival rates that varied year to year between 7%-11%. That’s pretty typical. Caveat.....I haven’t paid attention to those statistics for about 15 years or so so things might have changed slightly. I doubt they’ve improved much.
  13. Point Break

    Todays Useless Fact

    I always tried to cut seams on important looking stuff. My partner and I cut a leisure suit off a old guy in cardiac arrest in church in....1978ish.....we successfully resuscitated him (he was deader than a beaver hat when we got to him) and he sued us for the cost of the suit. Judge tossed it.
  14. Point Break

    Do you live in a shithole city?

    I've always found Texas kinda pretty in some parts and the people were always very nice to me. Of course I really didn't spend any time in any of the big urban centers so I don't really know about those. One of our kids lives in southeast Houston suburbs. Nice area.