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  1. Point Break

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Them! That was a cool sci fi flick. I think I saw it on that Sat afternoon sci fi movie in LA (don’t know if it was nationally seen) with Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Now she messed me up.....but not in a bad way. There was one called “It” as well......space critter stowaway on a spaceship headed back to earth crawling through the air ducts killing the small crew one by one. Sorta a precursor to “Alien” who totally ripped off the plot but did toss in a hot heroine so...........
  2. Point Break

    Conscious Breath Adventures

    Getting close. Our trip is March 7-14. Going through New Orleans so going to spend a couple days there before (Mar 3-6).
  3. Point Break

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Slight spin off from the OP, as an adult there are any number of movie genres that do not "mess me up" but still I avoid because I really do not like them. I can't say I have any lingering effects from them but I definitely avoid them because I find my reaction unpleasant. I generally avoid war movies, and I always avoid movies with violent or gory scenes. There are some number of others that I avoid because they bore me......any movie about "super heroes" etc are examples of movie genres that don't bother me but I avoid because of lack of interest. Although from time to time I have gone to a super hero movies with my grandson because he wants to see it and I enjoy hanging out with him. But war movies and especially violent/gory ones......they "bother" me and I avoid them.
  4. Point Break

    Porterville CA Loses Two

    Two firefighters were killed while fighting a library fire in Porterville CA. Age 35 and 25. The 25 year old firefighter is still missing in the building after a complete collapse. They were searching for a woman in a wheelchair reportedly still trapped in the building.....she wasn't. The fire was started by two 13 year olds who are under arrest. RIP brothers. https://abc7news.com/2-teens-arrested-after-firefighter-killed-in-central-calif-fire/5947627/
  5. Point Break

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Buddy of mine who lives out your way likes to say he has two seasons......winter and the 4th of July.
  6. Point Break

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    No worries...........
  7. Point Break

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    When I was a kid?...........nothing really. I can't think of any (of course we're talking the 50's) from when I was a kid. We didn't ever go to the movies though. I went to some when I was a teenager and old enough to go alone....but those were like 007 movies etc. So I guess.........none.
  8. Point Break

    Bad end to Daytona 500

    Those emergency crews on the race tracks are a really skilled bunch. They have a VERY narrowly focused job, but my experiences they are quite well trained and really good at what they do. Hats off to them for a good rescue. I've had a couple calls where vehicles had a titanium roll cage, one in particular with a guy practicing flips off a ramp in a small dune buggy/race car for an upcoming Red Bull stunt. He was flipping off a ramp into a big pit of sponge like cushioning material. They were experimenting with the angle and speed to achieve the "flip". On one run the guy missed the pit and crunched the rig down around him. It wasn't so much he couldn't have wriggled out around the partially collapsed cage but he had spinal injuries so we wanted to take him out without moving the spine which entailed cutting the cage. The titanium tubes just were not going to be "cut" by most anything we had and we have some pretty good tools for that. They did not have any on site rescue folks/tools specific to that material/situation. We eventually got it done by calling one of our Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) elements with the fancy cutting stuff they carry but it was a protracted operation, lucky the guy wasn't critical. So with those experiences, I am greatly impressed by the skill and equipment those on track rescue crews have. WFD.
  9. Point Break

    wtf canada

    Now thats funny..............
  10. Point Break

    National Something Day

    Spoonerism day..............great idea. Was on a freeway car wreck call once and one of the drivers - who was unhurt (god protects little children and drunks I guess) - was about to be given his field sobriety test. In keeping (I don't think it was intentional) with several other famous iterations of this story, when asked by the CHP officer if he was right or left handed his response was "I can use either hand.....I be amphibious".
  11. Point Break

    Kitty Kitty Kitty...

    Friend of mine named his 100+ lb. Rottweiler "Kitty". He confessed the only reason was so he could watch peoples reactions when he called the dog "here kitty kitty kitty"...............and the rottie came running.
  12. Point Break

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Our local TV is the LA market. We are still hearing about Bryant every single newscast on both the sports and general news. It’s still completely dominating the local stuff. Now there is another memorial something or other on the 24th. I don’t think it’s gonna stop anytime soon.......
  13. Point Break

    Nautical Decor

  14. Point Break

    Nautical Decor

    I think it might............it has been through a number of iterations as the grandchild I built it for has grown older. Took the rockers off and it became a toy box. If it survives that I am planning to stand it on the stern, put in a few shelves and it becomes a small bookshelf.
  15. Point Break

    Nautical Decor

    Yep.......here it is as an encore..........