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  1. Point Break

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    Absolutely..........bought a new washer dryer about a year ago. Gave them my spam email. So now I am getting bombarded with emails to that spam address by extended warranty offers. They know exactly when my factory warranty expires and what model/brand I bought. “We don’t sell your information”.........bullshit.
  2. Point Break

    Ignore please

    If you’ve ever raised a teenage girl you’d have a great role model........
  3. Point Break

    Random PicThread

    Ahhhhhh Sano. Middles. Long paddle on a big day. Gotta wade out over about 50 yards of rocks before it’s deep enough to paddle. Really nice on a big south though. Beats the walk into Lowers or Churches.
  4. Point Break

    interpretation please

    Pffffffffftx4 Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do Top that.
  5. Point Break

    Sigfried DTS

    That’s not his tiger......
  6. Point Break

    Tower Raven missing

    I like the Brits, most I’ve known have this sorta “contained” wry sense of humor OR the complete opposite Monty Python craziness. But I will NEVER understand their affection for their “Royals”. I do enjoy watching “The Crown”.
  7. Point Break

    interpretation please

    There have been any number of lyrical assessments/interpretations of that song since it was first released. What I absolutely love is that for......what? a half century?.......when asked about it, he just smiles. I think in his own enigmatic style.......he suggests.....it means whatever it means to each of us. I like that.
  8. Point Break

    interpretation please

    You’ll have to ask Bob.
  9. Point Break

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    When it rains it pours.....unbelievable really..........I’ll get through. Thanks for the thoughts.
  10. Point Break

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    Oh yeah, that’s my usual tactic which works until you have something going on that requires you may need to answer a number you don’t recognize. I have some medical stuff going on that requires multiple interactions on occasions with this or that provider. I keep adding the numbers to my known contacts but they often have multiple numbers they might call from as well. It really is a hassle. I really hate those companies/people. Well....I hate the companies......I dislike the people.
  11. I just want to go on record that those extended warranty phone solicitors are the scum of the earth and may they burn in hell for all eternity. Even with NOMOROBO which was previously working well, there must be some new number spoofing technology they are using because I'm getting 10-15 calls PER DAY from those bastards. There...........I feel better now..............
  12. Point Break

    Random PicThread

    Looking at this it suddenly occurred to me that although never anything that glitzy, I wore a uniform of one type or another from age 18 till I was 60. I am quite happy to know I’ll never put one on again.
  13. Point Break


    Nice choice on the scotch! And I did notice the score on the news. Ouch.