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  1. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    The variable is less the antennae nowadays and more your proximity to transmission towers and where you mount the antennae. If you are close enough (as I am) you can put it in the attic and do fine. Add some distance and you might have to think about an exterior mount. There are now a ton of websites that offer assessments of your coverage and even suggestions for antennae.
  2. Book anarchy

    I do subscribe to the book bulb and get one once in a while, but not often. The offering just doesn’t often hit my interest. Perhaps I should broaden my reading horizons!
  3. charles manson-dts

    While I am morally opposed to the death penalty, I think the "certainty" objection is much more persuasive. But that is venturing dangerously close to subjects better left in the cesspit that is PA. Regarding the OP......I feel no special emotion or reaction one way or the other about charlie. He is undeserving of that much consideration. Few will lament his passing or the circumstances of his last 4 decades, but still I am unable to take satisfaction or joy in any passing. It simply happened and deservedly he'll not be widely mourned - if at all. That's sufficient for me.
  4. Who is Ignoring someone MORE than anyone else ???

    Well I'll be darned. I looked it up and she was born in 1900. That would make her 64-67 during the filming. Well done Natalie......WFD.
  5. Who is Ignoring someone MORE than anyone else ???

    I find Snaggy pleasantly humorous.
  6. Book anarchy

    I suspect that may be the case here as well.
  7. AM Antena Anarchry

    How should it be spelt? Is it the "hi" instead of "high"?
  8. I got divorced today.

    Pubic....I mean Subic.....Bay was famous for that. He apparently didn't listen to the warnings.......they were ample.
  9. Book anarchy

    My library as well. Many series books I have read have this one or that one but not the whole series. I thought that odd and wonder at the reasoning......."Wheel of Time" is a perfect example. Not book 1, yes books 2, 3, 4, then to book 7..and on. WTF...........so when reading a series my usual approach is to check the library first then purchase. Here in So Cal, each branch has its own "membership" if you will. Overdrive seems to have the ability to connect with more than one library. I plan to explore that soon by trying to add 1) another library in my regional (county) system, and then 2) drive up to the neighboring county, get a library card and connect with that library system. Since its all done via the internet after the first visit, it should work. Theoretically that should give me more choices and a greater volume of each choice. We'll see.
  10. Book anarchy

    From home on my tablet (phone for audio books). You need to go in once for your library card. Haven’t been back since.
  11. Who is Ignoring someone MORE than anyone else ???

    Pet Aussies......they are fun and often fearless to the point of stupidity.....but they will not sit/stay and will eat you out of house and home. Not worth it.
  12. NFL 2017

    That Graham is a beast. Still.....go Falcons.
  13. AM Antena Anarchry

    The cocked hat was big enough with the RDF, can’t imagine how big it would be using a radio and hand bearing compass.
  14. Who is Ignoring someone MORE than anyone else ???

    Woody is on and off my list depending on his predilection to occasionally post long...long...long....cut and paste or incoherent streaks. Yes Woody, I saw your test.......don’t push it.......
  15. Book anarchy

    I read all the books in the Kindle format/App, but you are still limited to those in the library system. It’s just a format choice. Prime trolls some free eBooks to entice you to subscribe to an “unlimited” access for a monthly fee. My experience is the free books are not often one I would read and the monthly subscription isn’t worth it based on how many I finish each month combined with the free books from the library. I also access the audio books through the library and Amazon Audible. I listen to audio books on my morning dog walk - about an hour - and sometimes during my swim workout when I want a change from music.