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  1. As opposed to how lovely they are during the day....................? Sorry, it was just sitting there begging to be swung at. Getting hat and coat.................
  2. Nicely played...........
  3. I'm a little more subtle than that........a little.........
  4. Our Jag XK gets around 16............maybe 18 on a road trip. My Expedition does better than that. Mrs PB didn't buy it for the mileage............... On the up side, I have no tickets..........should have had several but I ummmm.....was let off with a warning............
  5. Agree completely..........completely..........
  6. While I don't suggest or would ever advocate censorship to outlaw "offensive" speech or literature......I figure it's easy enough to ignore for myself.....I wonder about the notion that a person should decide to say or write anything they want with the full knowledge it may be distressful or offensive to someone. I'm not talking about those fragile "your hairstyle offends me" snowflakes but rather those overt actions sure to cause some folks distress. In the "short bus" case.....which is probably borderline......my neighbors across the street are caring for their severely mentally and physically handicapped child in their home. They refuse to institutionalize him. He gets picked up by the "short bus" a couple days a week. They've never said anything to me but I know years ago in casual conversation I made an accidental purely conversational reference to a persons actions as "retarded". While they didn't object, I knew immediately by their subdued reaction and quick termination of the conversation it wasn't pleasant for them and even hurtful. Looking at their daily struggle, their wish above all he were "normal" and could speak, laugh, run like the other children.............I felt badly that my words dredged that up for them. I've never again used those terms in jest anywhere in any circumstance. Why.......would we.......not because of law but because of human compassion and deference to the difficulties of others.....decline to say/do those things? I used to tell my guys "just because it's funny.....and that is funny.......does not mean you should do or say it". Surely we can.....as a compassionate culture distinguish between those things that are offered as snowflake whining and those that have the potential to be legitimately hurtful?
  7. I like my cuppa joe in the morning (just one tall one made with freshly ground beans roasted no more than a month prior) via french press. Stellar whether a walk with the dog or a morning read. But as a rub......on steak.......... I'm having trouble with that. Although I do have a Tuscan Rib recipe that uses a demitasse of strong expresso as a component of the finish gaze.............thats pretty darn good........ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. Shoot like a girl?
  9. They look especially good with a set of longhorns on the hood as well.
  10. Woody..........wasn't that last year and you posted it then. You're kinda fixated on that.................. Rum........I'm only sorry the Bears finally scored at the end of the game. Glennon is a backup QB who Fox and Pace made a mistake signing as the starter. The bigger mistake is to stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that and get started with Trubisky who at least has a chance of being the franchise QB. I doubt Glennon will ever be more than a capable backup. The good news is the longer Fox/Pace is stubborn about that the more likely Glennon will leave and the more likely Fox/Pace will get walking papers as well. Then if its gonna be a bad season, which it will be, might as well let Trubisky get some NFL game experience so he can develop this season. On the up side the cheeseheads loss was very satisfying..............
  11. I had a wrangler many years ago....no would be my answer.
  12. Didn't sell out a 27,000 seat stadium.........
  13. I don't think buying at where ever the market lies is taking advantage. If the alternatives are 1) don't buy properties that the owners want to sell even though you would like to simply because the market is down due to the damage or 2) offering more than market value because you think you should pay more than its worth to be compassionate. Either is a reasonable choice......but so is giving a fair market price to someone who wants to sell.
  14. We (well....it was Mrs PB's car, I drove my pickup) had the previous iteration of the SC before they redesigned it into the "stretch VW Bug" it is today. It was a very reliable and fun car to drive but alas they decided to move away from the classic sport sedan styling we liked to this.......thing. So when it was time for a new car we jumped ship from Lexas (which was a very satisfactory brand and dealership) to her current Jag convertible. Been very happy in that one as well.