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  1. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    Oh yes, damage assessment usually by the fire department or sometimes other county departments (building inspectors etc) begins very quickly often before the evacuation is lifted. Usually those assessments are limited to amount structure burned and are performed from the exterior. The purpose is not insurance but rather assessment for statistical use on cost and damage for county and governor related to declarations etc.
  2. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    My experience observing them (granted from afar....never sat in a conversation) is they seem to really work to move in near affected neighborhoods to be available to folks they insure. They provide funds for temp housing food clothes etc. I’m not so naive to view insurance companies as our friends, but at least they make a concerted effort to be easy to contact/help. How much $ you’ll get in a settlement seems to vary depending on company and policy.
  3. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    Insurance companies have never been let in before the evacuation was lifted on any fire I ever worked in the western US in the past 37 years. I can’t speak to Santa Rosa, wasn’t there and don’t know who the command team was. Can’t help ya there.
  4. Hug your teenager

    Grief turned to action directed at helping others is always a healing combination. Respect to you sir.
  5. Hug your teenager

    Thank you sir. I got more from the job in satisfaction than I can ever describe but I appreciate your kind words especially given how hard I know it is for you now. My worst ever was telling two sets of parents that their young sons (14 as I recall and classmates) had burned to death in one of their RV's parked in a storage lot in the neighborhood. They had snuck out in the night together to drink some beers and a candle got knocked over, and the fire prevented their escape. I still remember sitting in their living room (they were neighbors and lived in the same duplex as well) at 2am and telling them their children were gone. Awful....just awful. I still tear up thinking about it. Having the parents show up at the scene of the wreck with their critically injured kids trapped that you are in the middle of cutting out is no fun either. I wish you well, its so hard when its your children gone, hurt or suffering emotionally and there is nothing you can do to change it. You have my empathy and respect for doing the job. Parenting is hard...............
  6. Inheritance Anarchy

    Two of our 5 currently have loans out as well. Cracks me up but we are a bit of a bank. We have on way more than one occasion made loans (a couple substantial loans) to our kids under the same conditions - zero interest and an agreed upon written repayment schedule signed by both us that will discharge the debt in a reasonable time. Every time the kids have suggested a repayment schedule that is very fair and reasonable and rarely missed a payment or had to renegotiate an already agreed upon one. Other than the executor, none of them are aware of any specific loan unless they tell each other. Thats their business. But then how do you ensure that partially repaid loans are accounted for in the estate distribution? Once again its the "paperwork". The trust makes reference to outstanding loans being factored against their share prior to distribution and I keep meticulous payment records and and the written agreements. I think given 1) the character of my children and 2) the meticulous record keeping on my part that any outstanding debts should be managed well. I am expecting a substantial request from one of them in the next year or two for a business venture.....setting up a craft beer brewery......so that will be new ground for me. I did tell that one I expect a detailed business plan with the request and since that shit isn't in my wheelhouse, I'll have to have it reviewed by someone who is familiar with the business end of those efforts. One tangentially related item.....we have made the practice of gifting some of our estate to each of them from time time. Mrs PB brought it up one evening as we sat in the jacuzzi (our favorite place for our couples "business meetings" ). She asked so long as we don't scrimp and shortchange ourselves on things we want to do, why would we wait till we're dead and gone to give them some of what the are likely to get anyway. Why wouldn't we do a bit from time to time - so long as its distributed equally - while we're alive so we can enjoy watching how the gift is utilized? Although it requires some "predicting" of our situation on our part....I loved the idea. So we have done it several times now with no strings on the use and enjoyed watching the different ways each of them utilized it. It really is pretty cool.
  7. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    You know, of all the things we do well in the world of wildland firefighting, that is not one of them. I think we could allow folks to reoccupy sooner, sometimes much sooner than we do. We're aware of that but culturally its hard to move that thinking forward. Even myself who was a strong advocate of reoccupying sooner than later would hesitate sometimes and hang onto the evacuation status longer than I should have (in retrospect as I critiqued my own performance after large fires). Most of the reasons are good reasons but selfish on our part and upon thoughtful consideration do not outweigh the goal of letting people back into their neighborhoods and homes. The primary reason is of course "safety", meaning that if there is still active firefighting its just not "safe" to have people in that area. But you'll find the evacuation orders remain in place long - sometimes days - after the active firefighting is over. That is generally because 1) the vegetation around the homes has not been mopped up sufficiently to ensure beyond any reasonable - and often unreasonable - possibility you could get a reignition in partially consumed brush that could flare up and threaten a home and people in it. 2) and this is really pretty selfish.....the area is simply easier to transit/work in with fire engines and crews working if there is no traffic and no people in there. This is especially true in neighborhoods where the ingress/egress is limited to only one or two avenues or up long winding two lane roads. For instance by way of one single example, if I have an engine working a road like that mopping up, they will spend the shift (its worse at night) driving just a little bit each time, pulling hose off the engine and down into the brush, then pumping the hose and the pump control panel that the operator will stand at with his back to the road is ALWAYS on the left side of the engine exposed to traffic. Then after they pickup that spot, they reload the hose and move - maybe only 50 or 100 feet - to the next spot and repeat the process. All this while pulled over as far as you can on the shoulder but it is rarely completely out of the lane. So drivers coming and going who are not always paying attention have to take action to avoid that engine and crew working on the shoulder of the road. Multiply that scenario by all the possibilities when working in and around neighborhoods and its simply easier to manage if no-one else is around. We could (and often do) manage it well but its easier when "empty". We pick easier more often than we should. Lastly, the extreme professional embarrassment and possible adverse impact on your career if you let everybody back in and then the wind shifts and you have to reimpose and manage a large evacuation again. Thats real bad ju-ju for the guy who lets that happen. Of all the things I dealt with during large fire operations as a member of the command team, the decision of when to pull the trigger to evacuate because it is a hugely disruptive drawn out process and you have to make the call well in advance of the fire arrival to avoid having people caught on the roads when the fire arrives....and I did that A LOT. For a few years one of my assignments on the command team was to scout/preplan areas at risk and taking into account weather, topography, fire behavior and the fuels or brush, the characteristics of the area at risk as they impacted both evacuation and firefighting (ingress/egress, type of construction, number of people, setbacks and other pre-existing clearance characteristics of the area/neighborhood) in order to predict the possible rate of growth and establish geographical "trigger points". The purpose of those trigger points is that if the fire should reach that point it would trigger evacuations and along with that an approximation of the number and type of resources that would be needed to defend the values at risk so the command team could move or order additional resources as necessary. I enjoyed that task immensely as it brought together all the skills and experience of the profession in an intellectual exercise that produced a tangible and necessary product. I liked it. Additionally, large scale evacuations are cop intensive and you gotta commit lotsa cops for at least 12ish hours maybe longer to get it done safely. And....lifting the evacuation order for the reasons I mentioned above. I did not like those decisions and still think we could be better at it.
  8. NFL 2017

    Nobody saw that coming......wonder how Vegas did......
  9. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    Aerial firefighting is an interesting component. The Super Scoopers are okay....LA County leases a couple each fire season and I have used them on 1 fire. meh. The VLATs are pretty impressive and can put down one heck of a retardant line but depending on where you want to use them, their turnaround time can be really excessive (the scoopers have them beat there providing there is a suitable body of water nearby) and they are VERY expensive to lease on a fire. The Grumman S2-T's have been the workhorse of the tanker fleet for quite a while although I read that France is going to replace theirs with the Bombardier Q-400. Not sure what Cali is going to do there....those airframes are very old. The tankers are solid for laying retardant but for close line support you have to have rotary wing.....especially the type 1 heavies. Any one type of aircraft isn't gonna get it done! Link below is to an overview/recognition guide of the various firefighting aircraft published by Cal Fire.
  10. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    Some things never change.............
  11. i want one ...

  12. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    It is odd weather in Cali. I can remember a couple years where we had a big brush fire one week, and had to staff up our swift water rescue teams the very next week. Had to pull the stuff off all our wildland patrol units (basically a fwd pickup with a utility bed) and re-equip/reconfigure them as swift water rescue units. (We used the same vehicles reconfigured seasonally for both types of responses) The shop/warehouse guys worked all night in one night to get it done. Crazy stuff...........
  13. NFL 2017

    Sometimes the leagues statements after these things are frigging hilarious............(okay, almost always)..... https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-investigating-seahawks-actions-jaguars-164610235.html So the league is suggesting that fans throwing things at players/teams entering or leaving the field through the tunnels is new or something they didn't know about? Fans throwing things? Shocked, I'm shocked I say!! There isn't hardly a stadium in the US that isn't configured such that "fans" can throw things at the teams coming or going. I suppose they could station more security around the tunnels to prevent/catch those idiots but short of that I'm not sure what more they could do. Covers over the tunnel entrances extending well past the stands? It would be great if they could ID the idiots from this episode though. I think a lifetime ban ban from NFL stadiums would be appropriate for such behavior...although I have no idea how they would enforce that. If someone else bought your tickets you could still get in.
  14. i want one ...

    PHRF. Sailors know about it.
  15. 4K TV, awesome

    Yeah, I can identify with that. I bought a big plasma early in the cycle. I paid lots..........lots.........