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  1. Point Break

    Can't cure Stupid .................

    Ahhhhh come on man!...........that takes all the fun out of the job...........
  2. Point Break

    Poor tactics lead police to shoot woman in own home

    Police Chief is likely pissed, but also looking to save his job. There will be plenty of scrutiny on policies in place and training records. Unless those things are good to go, he’ll take a beating he may not survive. It’s good to be the Chief.....till something goes wrong, and it isn’t.
  3. Point Break

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    Much, much, much different. We are supposed to exercise judgement sufficient to at the very least not make things worse......it’s a higher bar for us and it damn well should be. The public should expect no less.
  4. Point Break

    NFL 2019

    I'm pretty close to giving up on watching the NFL. I think I saw a blurb that in one game this past weekend there were 13 plays in a row with a penalty? Who the hell knows what a catch or interference is anymore. I have no idea how how defensive player can reasonably tackle a runner who comes straight on and puts his head down.... seems to me the helmet to helmet contact is caused by a last minute duck by the runner as often as the defensive players actions. Cant go low.....cant make any contact with the helmet....when the runner is running hard and low....what can the defensive player do except step aside?
  5. Point Break


    There was this one call that involved a chipper..............
  6. Point Break

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    agree completely, I never buy a first year at the least......
  7. Point Break

    NFL 2019

    Its a struggle.........for me its both...............intensely.
  8. Point Break


    That's Europe. Sweden or Netherlands I think. Not good PR for the mortuary, I'd think! Very well found. That chipper isn't big enough get that job done. Partial limbs certainly but the whole thing....the pelvis will completely jam the thing up.......absolutely not. Never mind how I know.................
  9. Point Break

    NFL 2019

    Go LIONS!!!
  10. Point Break


    Golf clap! Stellar...........WFD.
  11. Point Break

    Router Table Jitters

    So far as TV shows about craftsmen.........I really enjoy this one, "A Craftsman's Legacy". The host travels around and visits with craftsman from all trades and spends 1/2 hour chatting about their trade and how they got there, and then they make something in that trade showing how its done. Its a stellar show with real craftsman, not TV personalities, explaining their craft. Around here its on PBS. http://www.craftsmanslegacy.com/ Example preview of an episode. http://www.craftsmanslegacy.com/episodes/season_4/Episode-4
  12. Point Break

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    Unfortunately, if its tendonitis, it's a pretty small solution set. Get an ortho eval to be sure and if it is..............rest and ice is pretty much it. There are any number of things people tell you to rub on it or wear............my experience has been rest and ice alternate with warm (especially once the acute has is better). The sad reality is there really is no magic bullet here.
  13. Point Break

    Collapsing buildings

    I’d be pretty uneasy putting any of my crews in there.
  14. Point Break

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    Still my favorite..................