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  1. Favorite Larson Cartoons

    You mean................
  2. Favorite Larson Cartoons

  3. WTF Australia

    Seriously........WTF? https://www.yahoo.com/news/giant-spider-carrying-dead-mouse-114425899.html
  4. More United Dumbphuckery

    I ate BBQ from a street vendor in Olongapo in 1972.............in retrospect it was either dog or monkey....or.....who knows. Not my best decision but..............I was young.......
  5. Stephen Hawking.

    ^ Yep. By the way......I don't know if it was his co-author who helped him "dumb it down" or if he was able to improve his "layperson writing style" but his book "The Grand Design" is infinitely more readable and understandable.
  6. Stephen Hawking.

    I wonder if he knows the how and why of the universe now.............
  7. Stephen Hawking.

    It sold more than 10 million copies. I think it was the least finished best seller in history. I really had to work at it.....and still...I had to simply leave some concepts not fully understood. I’m stubborn........
  8. Stephen Hawking.

    Wow......that is indeed sad. Wow. I read A Brief History of Time several times. I really struggled with it. The concepts were just too big at first blush. My introduction to him. Read much of the rest of his works. Fair Winds Mr Hawking.
  9. A Gentleman

    Whats the old saying..........(to which I do not ascribe).............. A gentleman is merely a patient wolf...................
  10. Amazing how that happens. In my youth, I spent a month one weekend doing tequila shooters. It kinda snuck up on us, but the weekend culminated in a 1am decision that going for a sail with 6 drunk firefighters was a good idea. It’s amazing how one really bad inebriated decision leads to a cascade of really bad inebriated decisions. Fortunately when we couldn’t make out which of the coastal lights were the harbor entrance we made the decision to stand off till daylight and by then had sobered up considerably. Unbelievably stupid and lucky. But......as a result of that weekend almost 40 years ago, I have never been that inebriated....ever again. And..............it was at least 25 years before I could drink anything with tequila in it.......and only in the last few years could I do a shooter.
  11. WTF Australia

  12. WTF Australia

    Apparently the gators have developed sign making skills.
  13. WTF Australia

  14. In all fairness, you kinda cherry picked that quote...........
  15. Classic!!! and so true..................heck, some people like polka music...............go figure..........
  16. Remodeling and Contracts

    Isn’t that the truth. I waited 2 weeks for my tile guy. Mrs PB had picked large stone tile with glass tile interspersed, and a couple niches and small shelves. Like I said, I do tile.......but a wise man knows his limitations. Waiting to get on his schedule was well worth the time in quality and honesty.
  17. Boats with seatbelts and roll bars WTF?

    Well..............that would seem to explain it...................holy cow!!!!!!!
  18. The Oscars - I’m Curious

    Every year for at least a week prior, the LA market news gets inundated with Oscar blah blah. The excuse for news channels keep talking about when people have Oscar watching parties with family and friends. I have never watched it and wondered this year how many folks actually do. ‘Any of you watch the show?
  19. 3:59.4

    A life well lived Sir Bannister.........Fair Winds.
  20. Remodeling and Contracts

    I’m not fond of time and materials. Either way you can screw the pooch but time and materials seems the greater temptation and the least urgency to complete. Benchmarks for payments are a must, as is a completion date with penalties. I included a clause allowing for mutually agreed upon extensions and delays. The liens is a great clause. My caveat is I did not have a General as I did much of the work myself. So my contracts were limited to this trade or that trade which I felt I did not want to do, or could not reasonably do myself. Also, anything under around $500 I did on a handshake and written bid alone.
  21. carrier landing

    Not quite.....but close.......well played.
  22. carrier landing

    And tightly cross your legs......that’s very important....never mind how I know.
  23. carrier landing

    Ouch! My experience judging height over water is it’s really hard. I’ve made some helo jumps into water. You get the tap from the crew chief when you’re at jump height.......it was always a surprise.
  24. carrier landing

    Don’t know about today’s planes, but back when I was in the service, in our rescue swimmer training, they said with any damage at all, those things did not float very long......especially with even a moderate sea state. Surprisingly the parachute itself is a real problem. Having swam/trained in the pool with a chute, I can tell you it’s like a frigging amoeba quickly trying to envelop and immobilize you as you swim near it. Combine that with a trillion (or so it seems in the water) lines connected to the chute and pilot and you have to be pretty careful on approach of a downed pilot.