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  1. For what its worth, I had a Columbia 28 for many years that I sailed on Long Island Sound when I lived back east, and it had the original gas Atomic 4 and I never had a problem with it in the 8 years that I owned. We just did the regular maintenance on it every year and laid it up properly for the winter. The only issue we ever had with it was that the wet exhaust elbow eventually rusted through in spots and had to be replaced when we could no longer band aid it effectively. The one thing I always did religiously was run the blower for a couple of minutes before I started the engine to clear any possible fumes, but I later found out when I was giving the boat away to a charity that the blower hadn't been connected to any vent, but rather there was just a large diameter host that ran from a stern mounted dorade down into the engine bay to clear fumes. I found this out because some birds had made a next in the bottom of the dorade box far enough down in the hose that I couldn't reach it by hand, so I had to dismantle the whole thing. Of course, I then connected the dots and realized that I'd been running the engine and sailing the boat for months with the blocked vent hose because I remembered that there were always these pissed off birds following the boat everytime I took it out for at least the first couple of miles. LOL. Anyway, based on that previous experience is why I wasn't overly concerned about re-installing the gas A4, at least assuming the the re-build job had been done correctly.
  2. kadyca


    I was down at my sister's house in LA for Greek easter and tried to get in touch with the broker for the boat both by email and phone, and then after dropping my mom off at LAX, I actually drove up 101 pn my way back to SF rather than take the usual faster I5 route so I could swing by the boat yard and try to get a look at it and hear in person about the delam and if that diagram was just hull or hull and deck. I actually showed up at the broker's office, but nobody was there, and then I tried calling again, but couldn't get an answer. I hung around for an hour or so to see if anybody might show up or return my voice messages, but no bueno. If the broker won't respond to emails or voice mails, then something seems fishy. Or at least no one seems motivated to try and actually sell the boat. My thought was that if I could at least motor sail it back up to SF, then I could let the hull dry out in the heat at Napa Valley Marina or maybe at someplace out in the central valley. Then you could dig into it and see what's what. But can't do anything if they won't even respond to inquiries. Anybody else have any ideas?
  3. kadyca

    Minimal Nav Systems for Coastal

    saw some pretty good videos on the YT of putting together super cheap minimalist cruising nav set ups based on rasberry Pi & arduino. Might be worth looking up and doing some searching. cheers, pk
  4. Ummm, just buy an old fork lift motor for under $100. Lots of videos on YT to show you how. If you really want to go DIY, build your battery pack out of used 18650 Lithium Ion batteries salvaged from old laptop battery packs. You don't even have to do any soldering if you use assembly kits like Viruzend.
  5. Well, they are putting the boat up for sale in Mexico and moving on to other adventures. Their videos are still months behind. I think the most recent ones they posted are still from when they in SoCal last fall. They haven't been very transparent about what caused them to want to stop sailing, but my take from what I've gathered from their videos (which I only started watching when I saw they they were passing through SF on their way south) is that they are fairly typical of a couple who weren't sailors to start with, but somehow got excited about the whole tiny living thing and what would be better than living on sailboat, but in the process of sailing down the coast and getting to Mexico figured out that sailing really isn't their thing. Kudos to them though for at least making it that far. It's like they did the hard part but were too worn out by it to enjoy it once they finally got to the Sea of Cortez and could not get excited about continuing. They are a pretty young couple, so another part of it might be that Mexico just isn't exciting/social enough for them, as it seems like the majority of Mexico cruisers may be on the older/retired type? So who knows. I'll be curious to see what they do next. I could easily see them going the RV route or a THOW back in PNW where they are from, or maybe they buy a boat in the Med or fix up a hurricane damaged boat in the Caribbean. Regardless, I wish them well.
  6. kadyca

    The Zombie Fleet

    Does this qualify for the fleet? "22foot sail needs tender loving care has sails needs rudder sleeps 4"
  7. kadyca

    Boat Transport West Coast.

    Have you looked at Moger's? I was looking at bringing a Catalina 400 from LA up to SF Bay Area and talked to several yards that all spoke highly of Moger, said they've dealt with them frequently and do good work and are respected. Purchase of the boat fell through for unrelated reasons, so I didn't have to go through with the move, but I was planning on using them and the rates seemed quite reasonable for that kind of move. cheers, pk
  8. No, they paid to be designated as sailors even though they have no sailing experience and no intention of participating in the sailing program. The bribe is so that the coach will tell the recruiting/admissions office that the coach says the candidate is a sailing recruit.
  9. You don't have to buy a building to get your kid in. Remember, Kushner ONLY paid $2.5 Million to get Jared into Harvard, and even that was in annual installments of only $250,000. A lot of these people should have easily had the $2-5 Million (probably some inflation since Kushner bribed his way in) to get their kids in. Seeing as my dad was a high school english teacher, I guess I can take some pride that I earned my way in, and I was actually on the wrestling team at Yale for two years before I had to stop due to injuries. (now in my 50s, the damn knee still hurts) LOL
  10. Well, you snooze, you lose. Guy reposted it and dropped the price another 2K and somebody else picked it up before I could get back to him. Lots of other boats out there. Thanks again for the input. best regards, pk
  11. Thank you all for the excellent feedback and advice. Had to hold off on pulling the trigger on the purchase momentarily for issues unrelated to the boat/engine issue, but if its still around when I get back to it, I will take all of this information into consideration. Much appreciated.
  12. kadyca

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Note that I said target demographic, not market share. There's a big difference. You can have 50/50 market share, and yet the demographics of one half of that 50% may be much more desirable than the other. Unlike an idiot like you, those of us who are professionals in the mobile app development market know that users of iOS devices are much more monetizable than Android. Those are simply facts. If you want to go beyond your superficial understanding of the dynamics of the mobile market for app developers, than you should get a subscription to an impartial market research data source like AppAnnie. Until then, keep your ignorant ass observations to yourself.
  13. kadyca

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The question when making these kinds of decisions is what percentage of your target demographic exists on a particular OS platform. While Android has much larger volume, more than half of those are low end phones in developing markets that are probably not part of the SailGP target demographic.
  14. kadyca

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Maybe because sailing , and especially sailing racing, is all about the experience and feeling of the wind, waves, and motion of the boat and all of that is incredibly difficult if not impossible to convey via television, even with onboard cameras and video etc?
  15. Hello, Something I've occasionally wondered about and have occasionally researched but never found any particularly useful information on is if there is any type of service where I might be able to swap time with someone for a vacation in my loft in San Francisco for time on a cruising or charter boat someplace. I know there are house swapping options, but I'd rather spent a week or two cruising/chartering. If I'm not mistaken, it would seem that sometimes people have, for example, part-ownership in a charter boat that gives them a certain amount of time either on that particular boat or time that is exchangeable also for time on charter boats in other locations, too. But not everyone is always able to use all of their allotted time. So what I'm wondering is that since San Francisco is a fairly desirable vacation destination, if there might be a reasonably convenient way to figure out how to swap vacation time in my loft which is near downtown SF in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of SF (just blocks from the Embarcadero waterfront), for someone's charter time. Alternatively, if there are cruisers out there who would want to spend some time ashore in SF, then I could swap time with them for some boat time. Anybody know if there is a place where that sort of thing is regularly advertised or a service that could list something like that. Part of the trick for me is that my HOA rules do not allow short term rentals, so AirBnB or VRBO type stuff is not an option. However, if I were to do a swap and no funds were being exchanged, then that would not technically vilated the short term rental rules. Thanks in advance for any info. Also, feel free to PM me on the off chance that someone might be interested. cheers, pk