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  1. Ballard Sailor

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    J/88, 21.5 knots
  2. Ballard Sailor

    Why skippers fail in PHRF, it's not the boat

    Yes, that is the universally accepted policy of PHRF and many one design races. As well, it's good to understand that it's not a flyer if it's the right way to go.
  3. Ballard Sailor

    Manhattan Girls....

    Is that a they won picture or a thank you for coming across the country here are some little pint glasses picture?
  4. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Seattle 2019

    Sail Northwest, your northwest J/Boat dealer, invites you to join us for the 2nd year of the comeback of the original J/FEST. For 26 years, we produced some of the best racing and after race socializing available on the planet. New this year – Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle will be taking over management of the Regatta for 2019! This is a two-day regatta and is open to all J/Boats owners and crew. Starts will be provided for ONE DESIGN, PHRF AND CRUISING classes. The on the water activities are hosted by Sail Northwest and Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle. Shoreside activities will be at the CYC Seattle Shilshole clubhouse Saturday and Sunday. Registration is open and are coming in quickly - 5 J/80's and 1 J/97e registered in the first week of registration. Find out more information here -
  5. Ballard Sailor

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    after viewing the boat and talking with the designer my advice would be aluminum rig as carbon weighs almost the same and AG plus makes a good spar for the boat. Single rudder with standard J/Boat keel (lower center of gravity and lighter than IRC keel). tiller steering for feel and cockpit space. water ballast to assist crew weight on the rail. With twin rudders you'll need to sail it powered enough to get that high side rudder out of the water so why have the water ballast? If you sail it flat it'll have the drag of two rudders won't it?
  6. Ballard Sailor

    what are they?

    Definitely looks like Betts place so guessing a riptide 35 MKii but the front one looks like a massive sierra.
  7. Ballard Sailor

    what is it?

    gotta agree with alphafb552 - looks like a bente somewhere between the 24 and the 39
  8. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    Love it!
  9. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    Yeah, but that's not the point - IRC, ORC, PHRF, IOR, IMS, OD it's all racing no matter what type of course they use and to call the OD racing and the handicap casual is s disservice to the sailors and what I may be a label that keeps them from coming out. Casual to me is no flying sails and not really paying attention or caring if you finish. The question i have is if you are going to have the two different course types at the same event what are the labels you give those course types so each is considered a racer?
  10. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

  11. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    Right - agreed. So what do you change the name to?
  12. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    Huh, your the first I've heard feel this way. So you think racing a 2 tonner against say a Farr 30 or a flying tiger on a course with multiple roundings and short legs is a race that each boat can get around with the same ease?
  13. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    Labels are always important - no matter how much it's argued against. I want to go out racing, not a casual get together, but I don't want to do multiple starts, short leg, multiple rounding stuff - do I enter the Racing class or the Casual class? or do I just choose to not go out because I don't want to do either of those labels?
  14. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    But thank you for bringing up those two examples. The types of boats out on Monday night are generally a good cross section of the types of boats that are out racing generally. The types of boats out on Wednesday night are generally not a good cross section of the types of boats that are out racing but instead represents a specific type (generally). So if you wanted to branch out Wednesday night racing to include a broader cross-section of the types of boats that race what would you call the class that is not doing the multiple starts short leg square course buoy race in the sailing instructions, besides Casual Class, (didn't race week call it that as well?) so you could promote it and get people to enter it thinking they are going racing not doing a casual get together?
  15. Ballard Sailor

    Are they Racers?

    I think if you look back you'll notice CYCS using the term casual class. but that's another argument and not a one yacht club against another yacht club type thing.