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  1. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Ron's taking orders for new ones - $60k is the word on the street
  2. Round The County 2017

    I've always told Scott he can use whatever I write - up to him.
  3. Round The County 2017

    A quick little write up on the race for your reading pleasure - click here
  4. Round The County 2017

    6 Moore 24's - wow.
  5. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    It's blowing 35 knots in this picture, and we just rounded the leeward mark - you'll notice the chute still being stored.
  6. Rules Question - OCS

    It's a fun, low key island race. Don't take the instruction too seriously. Just looking for a definition of when a boat can be scored as OCS rather than DNS Sounds like if a boat crosses the start line between the prep (4 minute) and the start they are considered to be OCS, correct? FYI - I'm not saying I'm going to do this, I wanted to get a definition before I mentioned the discrepancy to the race chair - which I just did.
  7. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Light air flat water boat - that is good stuff! That's why you don't see them much on the east coast - too much light air & flat water for em.... I've personally brought 3 Moore 24's back from the East coast to our light air & flat waters....any more left I can bring back? https://ballardsailor.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/moore-fun-pssc/ If you can't find a Moore - get a J/27 or an Olson 25 if you want an interior. When Webb asked me if I thought a Moore 24 would be a good boat to sail around the world, I laughed a little to myself and then said Webb, if you can hang on the Moore will get you there, you sail on a Moore, not in a Moore.
  8. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Sarcoma has it right - racing never ends in the PNW Round the County is a can't miss race, really, you must do this. South Sound Series - all of em Center Sound Series - all of em Puget Sound Sailing Championships Grand Prix Tri Island Series Swiftsure International Yacht Race And then all the local races... Put your boat in this marina's temporary winter dry yard, 3 pick hoists to launch from. Then go back home after swiftsure...
  9. Rules Question - OCS

    Ok, so, O.C.S. On Course Side or Over early as we all seem to call it. By definition it is basically any portion of the boat or crew on course side of the starting line when the starting gun goes off. My question: at what point can a boat be on course side? Must it be in the minute before a start, in that last instance, or within the 5 minute preparatory? I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere online. If you go through the starting line, are early, is there a period of time that is too early to be considered OCS and rather will be scored a DNS? It seems a silly question until you know that a race I will be doing has a sailing instruction stating that over early boats need not come back as they will have X amount of time added to their finish. So by definition, how early can a boat start and still be considered OCS and not DNS?
  10. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    Big Boat Sailing in itself is not "Athletic" but racing Big Boats around buoys with multiple starts in one day does become very athletic, different racing types make things athletic or not, not the boat.
  11. From FP kids getting killed

    Obviously anyone dying do any recreational sport is horrible, kids or adults. but I for one don't blame US Sailing, in fact I don't really have much to say about them. We had to swim across the bay and back before we could sail by ourselves - the jackets we wore then had spots for water ballast. I'm not saying toughin up, but I am saying that accidents do happen and all of them can't be avoided and especially won't be avoided with the help from a governing body like US Sailing. Good thing this happened in Seattle and that kid is more than likely at Harborview hospital - there is no better place to be.
  12. Moore 24 Nationals - 2017

    Leslie just put up some great pictures that capture the weekend about exactly as it felt! http://www.rockskipper.com/Sailing-Galleries/2017-Moore-24-Nationals/Moore-24/
  13. Moore 24 Nationals - 2017

    Thank you Richmond Yacht Club for an amazing and windy Moore 24 Nationals. Well worth the 800 mile drive! Read about our adventure here - https://ballardsailor.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/moore-24-nationals-2017/ Well Done Gruntled - 6 time Moore 24 Naitonals winner! well deserved. And now get ready for the next adventure! Pack your bearings, strap the boat down and get yourselves to Seattle in October!
  14. Race To The Straits 2016! WOW!! Thanks STYC!!!

    Speaking for myself I love the challenge of dealing with the currents and wind and would hate to see the event changed to make it easier. To me, the idea of shorthanded sailing is to deal with adversity, both on and off the boat, and deal with it a way that isn't "normal" racing. If the winds had been as predicted Saturday there would have been no issues. Yet, also, if those with slower boats or outboards recognized the situation, the currents and the distances they would have correctly began dropping out Saturday about noon, and then learned the currents for Sunday while motoring up towards the port townsend canal. That is just prudent seamanship, which takes precedence over attempting to finish a race. Sundays race was a lesson for everyone that went out into the current at Marrowstone point. If your boat isn't faster than the current, anchor - you will be faster than the boats that don't anchor. Tuesday was anchoring when we arrived, we tried to get around twice but with the SW wind angle couldn't do it right on port tack, so we spun around and anchored - immediately we began beating everyone else in our class. Blue Lullaby was not anchored with us, just Tuesday. We anchored for about 20 minutes, the wind switched to the SE, just as the 93 raters arrived and we then pulled anchor and joined them rounding the point. It wasn't hard sailing, it was patient sailing. The fact that so few sailors were patient enough to make it happen says more about our modern world than the difficulty of the race. We were the only boat in our class to finish - it wasn't easy, took a lot of patience, many good tactical calls and 20 minutes of anchoring (the bbq'ed chicken didn't hurt either), we had another 50 minutes to spare on the time limit. Boats in my class that did not finish reported dropping out near keystone at 10:30am because they had played the current wrong. Don't change a thing, don't make the race easier. Bravo Zulu STYC.
  15. i want that

    84'er up in Anacortes Washington? Jim Betts place?