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  1. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    That's a very good point about the professional maintenance. I don't think my initials on the liferaft from me inspecting it myself is sufficient. And very good point on where a life jacket is worn. Hadn't considered that This may happen already, but how about blow up pfd suppliers offering free safety inspections, similar to the coast guard auxiliary inspection? Won't change what I do personally but could save/help just one fellow boater.
  2. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    My friend you make an incorrect assumption that I am upset - I'm actually amused and having fun and I don't think the thickness of my skin layer has anything to do with that amusement. I never stated that 50% of the properly maintained inflatable lifejackets failed. Maybe you would be correct in saying the ones that worked were maintained properly and that is why they worked, or maybe they were just new - who knows. what I said was 50% of em failed and later you will notice that I don't really care if they were maintained or not and I also have no expectation that people should maintain their personal safety equipment - not my problem. Do I think they should - of course I do, do I expect them to - No. What I observe is that by normal use by normal sailors they don't work every time they are needed to work. 1%, 10%, 20% failure doesn't matter - Why doesn't matter to me . So in true Scandinavian fashion I am confused why someone would put on something they want to save their life without the knowledge they need to have that equipment work and I don't look into it any deeper. Maintained or not that failure is inexcusable and pointing a finger at why it failed, saying it could have been avoided if X was done doesn't change the fact that it didn't work when needed. That's just an excuse for the failure You stated my math skills are fucked - I attest they are not - half of em didn't work - observed fact - black and white.
  3. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    You accused me of not knowing how to do math and told me because of that you don't believe that 50% of them failed, even though that was the case, the visual fact. Now if your question was about their maintenance - I've no frigging idea. I don't like inflatables because they are a false sense of security if not properly inspected and maintained, I don't use them and therefore wouldn't know how to properly inspect them, nor would I waist my time properly inspecting someone else's blow up pfd that didn't work because obviously it was either defective or wasn't maintained and it really doesn't matter to me which one as it didn't work when needed and if that was one of my crew members I would be responsible - easier for me to require a static pfd for the racing I do as they are more than adequate for their buoyancy. So if you are trying to tell me that if all those units had been properly maintained they all would have worked - Great. Yet real life use and real life average joe sailors are proving they do not maintain or do not know how to maintain them which in my mind makes them unsafe - if maintenance was why they didn't work... But again, my math skills matched the visual facts - no amount of bullying changes that. Why they failed to work is immaterial - they didn't work.
  4. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    As you say - go back and re-read your post. Clearly you didn't know what you wrote.
  5. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Modern politics and denial. Even if you see it with your own eyes someone can deny you saw it loudly enough with a personal put down and eventually bend the truth to what they want to believe. Believe what you want, the visible facts do not change.
  6. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    My guess, and this is just a guess, but the people taking a Safety at Sea Seminar are people that are generally more focused on safety at sea and are taking the time to prepare properly. If their equipment failed in the safety at sea class due to not being maintained that would certainly be embarrassing... different sub-section of people. No idea on the reasons they failed, I only know they did not work and it was good for the wearer to see that and learn how difficult it can be to manually inflate them.
  7. Ballard Sailor

    what is it?

  8. Ballard Sailor

    PFD Upgrade Time

    I've put on a couple, guess would call them classes, in local public pools and invite crews and fellow sailors to show up in the their full winter gear and jump in the pool with their PFD on to experience what it's like in a controlled environment. Both static and inflatable pfd's In my experience, my limited subsection of pfd's - 50% of the Auto-inflatable lifejackets inflated, some even dropped their canisters to the bottom of the pool. But - that said - the ones that inflated were very difficult for people to swim in and for them to get out of the pool with while inflated, many needed to deflate them to be able to pull themselves over the side of the pool. Another part of this class is for people to realize how heavy someone is once full soaked and how much lighter they can be if they open the velcro on their ankles to let the water out. Many found that they could not swim with their particular boots, etc... It was a good experience for everyone The 50% operation rate surprised me, and I'm sure most of that is because of lack of maintenance by the person wearing it, but as a boat owner I'm not going to take the time to inspect and maintain each crew members personal lifejacket. It's easier for me to have them put on a lifejacket that works 100% of the time even though it may not have the 20+lbs of buoyancy that a severely oxygenated water would require. I would love to see a 15lbs buoyancy PFD with a manual pull cord inflatable add on buoyancy with a harness attachment or designed for a harness to be worn under it - I've not seen that yet
  9. Ballard Sailor

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Word is twin rudder is an option....
  10. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    I know of 3 92's and 1 92S in the PNW - I'm sure there are others.
  11. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    2 weeks left to go and we have 39 boats and a few good one design classes coming together for the return of the original J/Fest - J/Fest Northwest! We're expecting the PHRF class to build up a little more with 3 J/35c's, a J/32, a J/120, a J/70 and a couple J/46's that said they will be there. Surprisingly not one J/35 has said they are coming....
  12. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    J/80's are developing a fleet with 3 J/80's signed up and we're just over a month out for J/Fest!
  13. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    Registration is open and the entrants are starting to roll in - 13 so far - how about a J/100 class?
  14. Ballard Sailor

    Race to the Straits 2018

    I was told yesterday he was out of surgery, a long one, and doing well.
  15. Ballard Sailor

    Race to the Straits 2018

    I was told 6 protests from collisions saturday and one trip to the hospital after hitting a whale sunday. I missed all that stuff. but did manage to get to the finish on Sunday with a round of shrimp ready to bbq just in case but ended up with a bacon double cheeseburger at the sloop instead. Sore, tired monday - time to go racing shortly.