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  1. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    J/80's are developing a fleet with 3 J/80's signed up and we're just over a month out for J/Fest!
  2. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    Registration is open and the entrants are starting to roll in - 13 so far - how about a J/100 class?
  3. Ballard Sailor

    Race to the Straits 2018

    I was told yesterday he was out of surgery, a long one, and doing well.
  4. Ballard Sailor

    Race to the Straits 2018

    I was told 6 protests from collisions saturday and one trip to the hospital after hitting a whale sunday. I missed all that stuff. but did manage to get to the finish on Sunday with a round of shrimp ready to bbq just in case but ended up with a bacon double cheeseburger at the sloop instead. Sore, tired monday - time to go racing shortly.
  5. Ballard Sailor

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Bat out of hell is fine, talked to him last night, narry a scratch on the boat but a good ding in the ego.
  6. Ballard Sailor

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    What's interesting is that if the Seattle Sailing Club boats were not out there the race fleet would be much smaller - of the 26 boats out yesterday 8 of them were from the Seattle Sailing club - 30% of the fleet. For PHRF they have a liveaboard racing against 3 race ready J/boats and 3 PHRF boats racing against a group of Melges and two cruising phrf boats racing against each other in class 7. I would venture to say that the PHRF scene for CYC racing might look a bit more active if they put them together in one or two classes rather than intermixing them with one design boats - boats that have simple sail plans that are easier to sail around a buoy course, by design they have an advantage. I raced in class 7 yesterday and had a great time, probably the most fun I have every had on a CYCS Wednesday night race. Why? One race not three.
  7. Ballard Sailor

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    The racing like CYC is doing promotes a one design setup rather than the handicap setup. Multiple starts and more importantly multiple rounding's are easier to do on some boats than others. Inherently those types succeed in buoy racing, and the ones that do not have a setup that succeeds at that type of racing tend to fall to the wayside or find races that they can succeed at, or have a chance to succeed at with their current setup. The other option is go one design - if everyone has the same type of boat each has the similar chance of succeeding in multiple start, multiple rounding races. Therefore, the PHRF system does not need to be fixed to get more boats out for PSSR, PSSR needs to be fixed to get more PHRF boats out. CYC's claim to fame, what they brag about, is that they start/run more races than any other yacht club in the country. Assuming that is their goal, to claim that fame they are going to have to have a lot of starts and rounding's to get there. No, having two systems is not a good idea, PHRF does a good job if yacht clubs will support it.
  8. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    J/70 #80 entered
  9. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    The final showbill with all the sponsors
  10. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    The new owner of the J/70 #80 says he plans on bringing his boat to J/Fest.
  11. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    #1110 is still in the dry yard for sale (new boat), #80 has a new owner and he might be interested. Mike (#16) is busy out of the country most of the time now and #17 is up in Edmonds and might be interested.
  12. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    4 boats now! - No - no J/70's entered yet and there really aren't that many in the PNW so I would be surprised if we got more than 3.
  13. Ballard Sailor

    Chicken Chute

    I've got a sissy chute on my Moore - I've used it a handful of times in 12 years, generally when it's blowing over 35 and each time I tell my crew to never put that sissy chute up again. Then I forget and do it again. Its a very nervous sail, both for the driver and its rattling self. Get a A sail or code zero, I think you may wipe out less.
  14. Ballard Sailor

    J/Fest Northwest

    J/FEST NORTHWEST 2018 June (22nd) 23rd - 24th Sail Northwest, your Northwest J/Boat dealer, invites you to join us for the comeback of the original J/FEST. For 26 years, we produced some of the best racing and after race socializing available on the planet and only took a break while Seattle sailors explored the NOOD experience - now we're back and ready for J/FEST! This is a two-day regatta (with a Friday night PHRF fun race) and is open to all J/Boats owners and crew. Starts will be provided for ONE DESIGN, PHRF AND CRUISING classes. The on the water activities are hosted by Sail Northwest and Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle. Shoreside activities will be in the Courtyard west of the main building on Friday night and at the CYC Seattle Shilshole clubhouse Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening's dinner and door prize extravaganza is always a sellout. So come on down and join us for what Northwest Yachting Magazine called “the most looked forward to regatta of the year,” J/FEST NW. Initial one design class commitments from the J/22, J/24, J/80, J/105, J/109 & PHRF commitments from the J/97e, J/122, J/29, J/27, J/30 and Cruising class commitments from J/35c, J/37, J/40, J/44. Come join the fun, every type of J/boat will be out sailing with us at the end of June! Registration is open and online at Please contact us with any questions about the weekends festivities, sponsorship and racing questions. Sail Northwest, 206-286-1004,
  15. Ballard Sailor

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Two Moore 24's just got 4th and 8th overall in a mostly upwind race around the San Juan Islands - 20+ on the nose Sunday....