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  1. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Can they be trusted? After the amount of shifty shit that went on with their SMS offshoot, I think not! And heaven forbid ask questions at one of their information seminars about above mentioned discrepancies!
  2. Has the protest been resolved yet? I still have my TAB receipt hanging on the fridge waiting for the Black Jack line honours win to cash in!
  3. Turkey Slapper

    Aussie Boat Ramp Mischief

    He does some funny shit! Annoying but funny!!!!
  4. Turkey Slapper

    15 minutes to raise the protest flag ruled valid

    On the chairs right! I belive the language and attitude was totally not becoming of a PC member towards the defendant! Which is why I find it weird that octosausagewallet bangs on so much about alledged abuse in the room, where in my limited dealings in this arena, its all been Very one-sided!
  5. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Great photo shopping skills there, covering all those "Red" pants!!!!!
  6. Turkey Slapper

    15 minutes to raise the protest flag ruled valid

    Omg this is going to be fun! Better take some "painkillers" next time we are on the same course again! Don't get me wrong, being from a Queensland club, and the last few visits to the room, and recent other events, I have no confidence in the alledgedly qualified protest comities any more, none! So another "interpretation" like yours your trying to receive (the time to raise a red flag not the fact you refused to give room) is not very hard to believe! Shit, port is the new starboard after all! (You didn't happen to call an overlap in a recent st Helena cup race did you?)
  7. Turkey Slapper

    15 minutes to raise the protest flag ruled valid

    Ignore the flag being raised, you broke the rule, you didn't do a circle or two, your the reason this self policing sport has gone to shit! I will give you credit but, you didn't bring lawyers in, or other shifty means like has happened 60km north! And you wonder why some like to just prove the point now!
  8. Turkey Slapper

    15 minutes to raise the protest flag ruled valid

    So Andy, you changed course in front of someone?
  9. Turkey Slapper

    15 minutes to raise the protest flag ruled valid

    Maybe SYC should re hear a few of the appeals from the gated community on the border between the sand people and hill dwellers, that would add an interesting spin to it!!!! Better still, bring it to Lota and get Matlock and judge Judy to hear it with an octopussy tea lady running the coffee Dennis Denuto style!!!! And not having confidence in the formal approach anymore might just be why it all gets sorted elsewhere now!
  10. Ha ha ha I've never been to a Tassie yacht house! I know there isn't one between customs house, and the scallop pie shop!
  11. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Ahhhhh interesting comment! Especially the "gunshot" reference! Its all starting to come together after the threat now! Mmmmmm And if these above mentioned protests were allowed to be heard, I'm sure there would of been interesting outcomes, but someone/s went to very high expense to make sure they didn't, and still waiting if this aledged personal vandetta was self funded, or just added to the overdraft, or maybe even added to their club account? And as another poster above mentioned being easily offended by the use of the word "Muppet", if I'm correct in reading into some of the posts here by you miss octo, but there was banter, or jokes for those hill people who don't stoop to sand people lower class of banter, made on the club in questions social media page, renaming a boat, and even the leader of the packs comments supporting of the name change and using the morbidly offensive word in the comments section! Am I following this correctly? Because "hypocrisy" keeps showing in my auto correct feature!
  12. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Ahhhhh, didn't a little while ago a member who moors his craft there get some installed?
  13. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Is that the TP?
  14. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    This is what is concerning!!!! There is much more respected people living on the same hill!!!!!
  15. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    I also heard that "Judge Judy" and "Matlock" from the recent Hill People defence team are actually on the AS's book as well!!! (Sand people didnt see that comming) Are they the new "Dennis Denuto" and taking care of all the property acquisitions for YA?