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  1. Rushour on its roof.

    Mwah ha ha ha all the catwacker experts make me smile!!!!!
  2. FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    Floppy hats I found are fast!!!! And canned Rum and cola sport drinks on the upwind leg helps as well!!!
  3. Not seen everyday

    Yeah the tide goes left to right when facing east, but a few hours later it goes right to left!!! Seams to confuse a few!!!
  4. Brisbane to Keppel

    Fresh bunch Wednesday arvo as well!!!! Better to get the legalities up to speed before the big one next weekend, the French cup!
  5. Which is faster T7 or Fareast 23?

    Well have I got a deal for you! I will get you all the T7's you need, but will only charge you 30k US each!
  6. Which is faster T7 or Fareast 23?

    We have raced against the 28 a few times, once finishing between the 2 in a 20 odd mile race in approx 15 knotfs! And the lighter w/l race at airlie this year, even though we were in different div, on same course, we over took 2 of the 28's in one upwind leg in about 5-6 knots of wind if that helps! So will depend id say if the 23 is quicker than the 28!
  7. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    Generally light? Thompson 7, sexy and killer in the light! And at the moment, cheap!!!
  8. Please explain...

    You must be quite the fan, shame its a far east 23 in the distance!!! Oh and that's its keel to the right!
  9. A minimum .07 blood alcohol limit for all onboard by race end, let's see some excitement!!! If anything, a half cut skippers post race press conference would at least be worth watching!!! Oh and dub over the kiwi accents, its painful to listen to!!! ;-)
  10. Please explain...

  11. Black Jack

    You forgot "back to manual pumps", or was that intentional?
  12. Best Internet Video

  13. Black Jack

    Just pm Dougy, he is project manager!!!! Maxi peoples foiler!!!!!!!
  14. ASBA Nationals.

    What a farce!!! Who would of thought fine cotton would make a comback!!!!!