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  1. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Is there stickers?
  2. Turkey Slapper

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2020

    Scampi for the win!!!!
  3. Turkey Slapper

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Try urban dictionary! I find its a better option to find the meanings of so many words!
  4. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Not all members thanks! The sailing club will hopefully come back!
  5. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Interesting! So if its an insurance issue as its made out to be, any event will be under the same day pass thingy! Whether it be sailing, motorboating, cruising group, fishing group or car events, any club event! You conspiracy theorists are going way to far, its not a money grab!
  6. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    So if you just crew as a non boat owner, its cheaper each year to just pay the day pass and not join a club as a full member! Weird way to get memberships!
  7. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Because if the actual witnessed extras were added, the mid week social race existence could be in jepodary! And there lyes why lips are sealed!
  8. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Mmmmmm, yeah who knows! ;-)
  9. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    There is a lot that still care for our club, and hates its reputation getting worse by the day! And all from the last few years and you can count on one hand the major players! But you cant voice an opinion anymore! But a positive, its a good precedent that's now set! If you get in the shit, just say your an RQ member, your now above the law!!!!
  10. Turkey Slapper

    opinions on mainsail trim

    Just don't look up!
  11. Turkey Slapper

    wtf Australia what is yall doing??

    Its been doing this the last 40+ years I've been alive! Its just normal! But now everyone can share pics and use dramatic words to make it sound like its a new thing, its caused by something other than god! Oh that's right, the new god, or religion substitute now prayers and thoughts arnt working, "climate change"!
  12. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Can they be trusted? After the amount of shifty shit that went on with their SMS offshoot, I think not! And heaven forbid ask questions at one of their information seminars about above mentioned discrepancies!
  13. Has the protest been resolved yet? I still have my TAB receipt hanging on the fridge waiting for the Black Jack line honours win to cash in!
  14. Turkey Slapper

    Aussie Boat Ramp Mischief

    He does some funny shit! Annoying but funny!!!!
  15. Turkey Slapper

    15 minutes to raise the protest flag ruled valid

    On the chairs right! I belive the language and attitude was totally not becoming of a PC member towards the defendant! Which is why I find it weird that octosausagewallet bangs on so much about alledged abuse in the room, where in my limited dealings in this arena, its all been Very one-sided!