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  1. Turkey Slapper

    elliot 780 - solo

    We have done 2 handed races in an E780, just have to go smaller jibs way earlier than when you have 6 bodies in the side, but was quick downwind, and that was a 7 foot draught boat! As for the minis, we had one that was going to set the world in fire here once in a major regatta before heading to mini transat events, couldn't beat the E7's around the track!!! Don't believe the hype!
  2. Turkey Slapper

    The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    LB you get me out of night shift week and I will bring it back!!! For a Fee!!!! ;-)
  3. Turkey Slapper

    ASBA Nationals.

    This is magic, for so long there has been issues but if you spoke up you were ushered out!!!! T8 you guys mentioned could very well be class, as the T7's sails were more a perimeter measurement than other measurements, they could be the same! Their cbh would be off the fastest one and they are all different in places! The T8's SMS rise came from towing it across the nullabor, that is all! Oh hang on, no it wasn', ask some questions of what happened there, its a cracker story! Its one of the nails needed to close the lid! Cbh has type divisions, open I believ and the faster trailables, T's and E's etc, different rules! And I as well haven't seen many open cbh div boats with cbh's issued, as measurements etc still have to be sent in as well! As for the "cheats" in SMS, I've approached the asba so many times to sort the issues out there, but they have done nothing! There is many results that should be changed up to national titles levels but they are too fucking scared to do it fearing fleet numbers will drop! Well, they can't go much lower! Someone asked above if the sms guys are alive, well if you have the slightest concern over their rating system they cry, I've been asked up here in Brisbane to not go to ams/SMS info nights as I might ask questions asked above and why things arnt done! Don' ask the asba why they never pass on any type of calculations that have been done that shows where the SMS system goes wrong, unless your part of the 'in' crowd!!! Please any of you sportboat guys out there, stay away from the cbh system, it works just fine for the boats it has been set up for! Oh for the record, there has been a CBH div added to this years nationals, but the national titles will onlky be run under SMS! Good luck guys
  4. Turkey Slapper

    The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Are the entries down because it isn't foreast to be a traditional blow home?
  5. Turkey Slapper

    ASBA Nationals.

    Should be rectified now approved measurers are to be used! Funny confidence hasn' returned!
  6. Turkey Slapper

    ASBA Nationals.

    Or how about, not let self interest types dictate which direction an association heads at the detriment of the entire fleet! Then you are stuck with a less than honourable attention whore promoting the dead horse with his ideals!
  7. Turkey Slapper

    ASBA Nationals.

    One design boats were never concerned about fitting the cbh guidelines. Which were based off the cat 5 regs of the day from memory, but a group of sailors assigned the M24's a CBH for I think the 2004 sportboat nationals (which incidently is still the same today) at Airlie Beach so would depend id say on what safety cat was sailed and weather the atysba (or what ever they are called) rules were abided by! Beats me why the asba never put the weights on the SMS guys to sort their shit, the fleets have gone, the issues have been there since I think the 2008 revals, but they won't listen! Hundreds of races of data, over years, and re calcs has been sent to them showing where the discrepancies are but due to a few issues within asba and the SMS ménage a trois mob its been let go too long! Just don't fuck the cbh fleets as well please! Those numbers have been sorted over thousands of races and still work well today!
  8. Turkey Slapper

    ASBA Nationals.

    Oh I've been asking that question for years, as have the owners, I have even asked for this series of events to be corrected in the results for the regattas competed in under the alleged number, and a bunch of other boats! Now there is a new wave of shify competitors who want their names in lights at the associations and fleets expense! Was a great concept!
  9. Turkey Slapper

    Selling Sportsboats

    And to think not long ago the sportboat anarchy forum was a hive of activity and showing the awesome racing and fleet numbers to not only Australia, but the world with it being the main platform for getting notices and all information about boats, events and anything really about sportboats, but like our national body, its nearly dead! The people still are around, lurking, and to scared to comment! Kind of fitting, when the majority of the then current fleet were battling fairness, and a new wave of different performing boats arrived they didn't give even one fuck about the majority of members boats that were becoming worthless! How the tide has turned!
  10. Turkey Slapper

    The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Is this race an Ocean race now?
  11. Just aim and shoot, its easy!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx0Z09ZBnUo
  12. Turkey Slapper

    Mast abeam!

    Thanks guys!
  13. Turkey Slapper

    Mast abeam!

    Did a quick Google search, closest reference I got was it wasnt in the 95 addtion!
  14. Turkey Slapper

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Curious, now after just reading the 40 pages of banter (except page 39) it seams yourself and the majority here have watched the incident once, if not the complete start footage numerous times, has no one noticed C has sails stacked both sides of the cockpit from the start?????? And BJ only the one on the centre line aft of the traveller? But the fan boys saw the non existent hunt!!! You must have better eyes than me!!!
  15. Turkey Slapper

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Lightning struck it?