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  1. OKsailor


    Let's dissect your post Leftshift... Well, this here is one smart guy (this is true I am actually pretty smart). He looked around at the changing climate around him, did his own thinking, decided it was all good (didn't say it was all good, but did insinuate it is normal to expect the climate to change and that climate change where I live has actually been beneficial) , exonerated CO2 ( I didn't exonerate CO2 but did mean man made CO2 has had no effect on climate change) and is off on his merry way to the next regatta (just like the rest of us except perhaps yourself who will ride a bike/walk/drive a Prius to your next sailing venue and sail a wooden yacht with a wooden mast and cotton sails, wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth at the evils the petrochemical industry has inflicted on this earth as yet another carbon fibre/fibreglass manufactured boat sweeps past you....destined to stay in your hometown because god forbid you should add to your carbon footprint by flying anywhere), because things will "probably change back". Let's bet the farm on that one hey, guys! ( it's a pretty safe bet...much safer than Al Gores predictions for example). Have an awesome carbon free day :-).....but wait what is that device you're using right now manufactured from?
  2. OKsailor


    Shortforbob as a student in the '80s/'90s I was totally against climate pollution and it's affect on the environment, But then I grew up and did my own thinking, looked at what was actually not happening around me and quickly came to the realisation the world wasn't going to end, that CO2 is not the cause of global warming and moved on. For sure atmospheric pollutants such as CFC's, NO and SO2 are bad, but by and large they are being brought under control. I can absolutely guarantee you that this global CO2 induced climate change hysteria is going to be laughed at in the next 10-20 years just as many of the items in the above list are laughed at now ( and just as the often heard statement "....97% of all scientists agree" is now). And you may think I'm uneducated and stupid for believing what I do but I'm just part of the ever increasing scientific community that are at last coming out, asking the hard questions and rubbishing this religion. It's easy to tax CO2...but try taxing water vapour. What should be focused on I think we all can agree is plastic pollution and general rubbish pollution globally. Now that is going to stuff this planet a lot more quickly than 0.12% of man made CO2 in the atmosphere. As sailors we spend a lot of time in nature and we should be the first to spot climate change. I freely admit where I sail in Wellington NZ that over the past 15 years I have noticed climate change in that summer temperatures are warmer, we get better summers and the predominant northerly wind has now changed to equal mixes of north and south. For me climate change has been great but the reality is climate is constantly changing and in another 15 years it'll probably be back to what it was. I do not accept CO2 has been responsible for this. So I'm not sorry to say I will keep using my petrol car to tow my finn to regattas around the country, I'll keep using resins, carbon fibre masts, laminate sails and increase my carbon footprint even more by flying to international regattas around the world just as all sailors on this website do. And I'll not wring my hands about it, give it a second thought nor apologise for it.
  3. OKsailor


    Totally agree on that!
  4. OKsailor


    Yo Solotool I said lucky in the respect of him not buying into CO2 induced climate change, I don't necessarily agree with everything he does but I do on this numbnuts. Perhaps you remember these predictions too...
  5. OKsailor


    The figures I quoted were from a climate scientist (an emiritus professor from Auckland University), he totally rubbishes global warming being attributable to CO2 emissions and given the ever increasing amount of scientists now coming out and agreeing with him (including those who once lead/co authored IPCC papers) I tend to agree with him. Computer models previously used to predict climate change temperatures/sea level rises are also coming under increasing scrutiny in the scientific community and have been found to be grossly inaccurate. I read your paper and it is interesting thank you, but note also it is based on computer models and does not distinguish CO2 level from their proposed CO2 effect ie. somehow they think man made CO2 at a level of 0.12% is responsible for 9-26% of global warming? Scientists quite rightly are beginning to question that premise. However time will tell but atm I believe the latest CO2 levels quoted by NOAA show over the past 4 years they have remained pretty static at 404-408 ppm so I'm not panicking....and remember that's parts per million.... All our yachts are constructed from resins/materials sourced from the petrochemical industry..hulls, sails, spars, wet weather gear....I for one do not lose any sleep over that....apparently Greta doesn't either...which makes her the biggest hypocrite of all given her hate of the petrochemical industry. Love him or loath him I believe US citizens are fortunate to have a president who doesn't buy into this religion at least. Here in NZ we unfortunately are suffering under our most pathetic Prime Minister in history who is trying to force us down a road to zero carbon emissions through taxes and banning of future fossil fuel exploration permits while chasing a future job at the UN....this mind you in a country which produces a fraction of CO2 produced by the rest of the world. We once had what was globally termed a rock star economy, our economy now is heading down the gurgler.
  6. OKsailor


    So 95% of all greenhouse gases are water vapour, 4% are CO2...of the CO2 3% of the 4% is man made.... giving a total man made CO2 content of 0.12%....I'm panicking, aren't you? Wow I can't wait to knock that down to 0% and see what a difference it makes as regards global warming due to CO2 level